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WHY Saudi Arabia Is Our Friend And Iran Is Our Enemy


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The main factors from the US federal government are lies. Jimmy Dore, and also Steve Oh talk about on the most up to date episode of Aggressive Progressives. See the full Hostile Progressives episode here:

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Jimmy Dore & Steve Oh chat Steve's journey to Oslo & Berlin, US relations with Saudi Arabia & Iran, Stewart Jones, and also Rand Paul on benefiting off terrorism.

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  1. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    I can’t believe that orange clown actually said that Iran was the biggest funder of terror on the planet.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Saudis are Sunni. Persians are Shia.

    • Posted by Crucifier in Chief, at Reply

      My superior psychic power informed me that both parties are equally evil terrorist sponsors. Trump groupies kill because they are greedy and destructive. Hillary groupies killed because they think they’re better than us. Equal evil. Lock them up.

  2. Posted by Scott Hernandez, at Reply

    “We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran.” – Wes Clark. It’s the last country on the governments wish list.

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

      The US never attacked Lebanon.

  3. Posted by Larry Dunn, at Reply

    Once again your wrong, Iran is our enemy because they like others ie. Syria, Iraq, Lybia, Venezuela sold oil in something other than the American dollar.
    Saudi Arabia only trades oil in the dollar and keeps it solvent therefore ally.
    Saudis bails on the dollar it goes under. as in worthless. Wheelbarrow full won’t get you a piece of gum scenario.

    • Posted by Will Edwards, at Reply

      John Smedley this is what will lead to WW3, its a beautiful time we’re living in.

    • Posted by Larry Dunn, at Reply

      Will Edwards
      I don’t know what weapons WW3 will be fought with but WW4 will be fought with sticks n stones.

    • Posted by Will Edwards, at Reply

      Larry Dunn there will be no WW4 because during WW3 all weapons will be used, the messiah will return to save his people and the kingdom of heaven will be established here on earth

    • Posted by Josh K, at Reply

      Will Edwards islam needs to be eradicated

    • Posted by John Smedley, at Reply

      Josh – no, it doesn’t. The problem isn’t Islam – its the psychopathic leaders of the world that use their props to keep the masses scared and under control. The USSR worked during the Cold War, but then we needed something new and poof – Islamic terrorist … which, oh by the way, the US funded and developed and to this day they are arming and working with them.

  4. Posted by Rick Sanchez, at Reply

    I only remember Cenk yelling “WE’RE AGAINST SAUDI ARABIA YOU DUMBASS!”

    • Posted by TerryMacka McKenzie, at Reply

      Alex Jones sucks Wahhabi salami.

  5. Posted by EchoVids2u, at Reply

    22 people dead in Manchester: World on DEFCON 1
    90 people dead in Afghanistan embassy bombing: World is silent

    6 people dead in London: World on DEFCON 1
    12 people dead in Afghanistan funeral bombing: World is silent.

    • Posted by NO ISLAMONAZIS, at Reply

      EchoVids2u- That’s because you are talking about the house of kill>>> islamic countries!
      We in the west are not the house of kill yet as Islam is a minority, but you are correct in saying that higher KILL numbers will come as the Muslims population gets bigger.

    • Posted by Kari F, at Reply

      Unfotunately, that is the way of the world! Things are so much more shocking to us when things happens to an ally that is so much like ourselves. If three people are mudered in my town, it is much more dramatic to me, than if three people are murdered in China or Mongolia. That’s human psychology, even for us who believe that all lives have equal value.

    • Posted by Cesar Delgado, at Reply

      Newsflash, the western media reports more about atrocities happening in the western world.

      Soon you will tell me that the middle eastern media reports more about atrocities that happens in the middle east than in South America or Africa..

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      In a nutshell….we don’t care……we care about our own people. Do the middle eastern scum countries care about their people? – Of course they don’t: So why should we??

  6. Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

    Why are Trumptards disliking this video: because they are apologists for radical Islam now that Trump cucked to the Saudi king

    • Posted by EatCrow, at Reply

      Who’s responsible for the Armenian genocide?

    • Posted by David Holcomb, at Reply

      Who was in power ?

    • Posted by David Holcomb, at Reply

      And wtf?

  7. Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

    Trump supporters: We hate Muslims!

    *trump sells weapons to Saudi Arabia*

    Trump supporters: Go Trump!

    • Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

      Remember when Trump supporters claimed we should be concerned that Muslims are murdering gays in Muslim countries? Guess which country that’s happening most often in?

    • Posted by NO ISLAMONAZIS, at Reply

      James Salvatore-i replied to this comment in past thread

    • Posted by Stephen Colbert, at Reply

      If you noticed Trump is only banning non Wahhabi.
      He is most likely aiding the Wahhabi empire just like our last 3 presidents.
      This is a war on our own government also you stooge.
      They are creating a Wahhabi global caliphate.
      The NWO all the politicians talk about is Islamic.

  8. Posted by Rotem Yagel, at Reply

    iran founded hizbolla and hamas , both terror group that target and murder civilian

    • Posted by umar khaleel, at Reply

      I guess the Israeli people nowadays take news from parrots. they are devoid of any real facts but only assumptions. Assad is the Leader of syria i am a sunni and i love him too.. if IDF is legit army then so is Hezbollah & Hamas comsidering they won a democratic election in the state of palestine. secondly sunnis are not too happy about israel snatching their homes and giving it to settlers i guess they will have their revenge first. 😂😂😂 you cant argue your way with an educated arab.

    • Posted by Almelijy housam, at Reply

      umar khaleel 😍😍😍😍

  9. Posted by Muchos Hornos, at Reply

    Please don’t call Iran’s elections “democratic”, because they are not.

    • Posted by Muchos Hornos, at Reply

      kasra khatir There’s no way Iran elections are democratic, with supreme leader and guardian council having supervision on all aspects of elections, you just can’t call em democratic.

    • Posted by kasra khatir, at Reply

      +Muchos Hornos If it wasn’t Raisi would be President now

    • Posted by Muchos Hornos, at Reply

      kasra khatir Dude google this: what’s democracy?

    • Posted by kasra khatir, at Reply

      Simplest answer: Majority wins

    • Posted by Muchos Hornos, at Reply

      kasra khatir except it’s not that simple 🙂 the majority has to be minority’s representitive, and in democracies there’s no single force (supreme leader) that can control and influence the outcome. In Iran the majority is definitely not minority’s representative and we have that single power (supreme leader) who does control every aspects of elections. So no Iran elections are not by any means democratic.

  10. Posted by 1royathrone1, at Reply

    Saudi Arabia spreads Wahhabism through out the Middle East. They feed these radical Muslims with the ideology of terrorism. They fund Al Qaeda and pay them to carry out terrorist attacks on Yemen and its people. They also fund ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

    • Posted by TerryMacka McKenzie, at Reply

      Saudi Arabians CELEBRATE when there are terrorist attacks like the recent ones in London. The only politician IN THE WORLD who has proposed a plan to STOP dealing weapons to Saudi Arabia is Jeremy Corbyn.

  11. Posted by Moe Y, at Reply

    Saudi Arabia created Isis.

    • Posted by k m, at Reply

      Mats Jönsson al Qaeda, al nusra, Isis they all stem from the same puritanical wahabi selafi sect of Islam. But yes al Qaeda are the people we view as moderate opposition now in Syria. And we view the people fighting them as our enemy

    • Posted by Mats Jönsson, at Reply

      So, the Al – Qaeda terrorists are viewed as “moderate opposition”?
      Is that really how far gone the islamic world is?
      ISIS and Al-Qaeda are also fighting over who should have the monopoly on global jihad.

      As far as I know Bin Laden was stripped of his Saudi citizenship and rejected by his family.
      He didn´t spend much of his adult life in Saudi Arabia.

    • Posted by Mats Jönsson, at Reply

      Looks like the “trucks of peace” strikes again. This time in London.

  12. Posted by reza nobacht, at Reply

    Hi… I am an Iranian. We like the American people just as any other nation. But we don’t like the U.S government which is acting like an old-time empire, trying to own the world and re-draw the map of the world and its resources to its benefit. The story of the U.S-backed coup in the 50s is just an example of of what the U.S. corporacracy does all over the world. What you probably don’t know is that the CIA directed the coup from the U.S. embassy building in Iran and that is why after the 1979 Revolution, the students captured the U.S. embassy; because they did not want the CIA to use the embassy again to carry out another coup against their revolution. The embassy incident is one of the main stories the U.S. government feeds to American people to make them believe that Iran is their enemy. Now you know the reason. Be the judge for yourself!

    • Posted by pete smith, at Reply

      reza nobacht.
      Interesting. Should see a documentary by Chomsky how the media tells half truths. Fascinating. Also, Christopher Hitchens wrote a book about it too. It’s great reading because most people don’t realised they have been played like fools by Rupert Murdoch, CNN, NBC on so on.
      Trump has opened their eyes to the Lies by being a dump arse Lying President.

  13. Posted by Jimmy Svensson, at Reply

    USA have always been on the side of Dictators

    • Posted by El Perro Loco, at Reply

      Jimmy Svensson Or any one who complies with the Americans.

  14. Posted by John Doe, at Reply

    Not complicated. US-Saudi relations means that the US can influence the price of oil via the Petrodollar. Dumbshits will talk about the US not being dependent on foreign oil as if that mattered.

    The US-Iran relations have everything to do with the US being butthurt about losing what they rightfully stole (yes, really), much like with Cuba. Both countries are located in what the US considers its turf (Western Hemisphere, Middle East), yet neither will dance its tune. I suppose Vietnam doesn’t get the same treatment because SE Asia isn’t considered US turf.

    • Posted by The Javanese Wisdom, at Reply

      they are going in the philiphine now…XD

    • Posted by John Doe, at Reply

      You mean “again”. I remember the Marcos’ and Subic Bay. Maybe they want basing rights again to control the oil routes into China, as part of their self-professed “containment” policy.

  15. Posted by Ironmantis25, at Reply

    Trump praises Saudi Arabia for their lack of protests.

    • Posted by Ibrahim G, at Reply

      Victoria Seeley never happened

    • Posted by Pete Lind, at Reply

      Saudis beheads christians and right wing evangelist fundamentalist republicans are still BFF with them .

    • Posted by Tasin Al-Hassan, at Reply

      +Pete Lind Saudis will behead anyone with illegal drug possession,treason,rapes and murders.Regardless of faith.But then again,the country itself is a punching bag for western media.

    • Posted by nafaidni, at Reply

      Tasin Al-Hassan Beheading people for marijuana possession is barbaric.

  16. Posted by lokalkakan, at Reply

    i would prefer Iran, the people are way more liberal then saudis

  17. Posted by Ramsay Bolton, at Reply


    • Posted by Elend Marcus, at Reply

      Ramsay Bolton Didn’t you get eat by your own dogs?

    • Posted by Drew Taylor, at Reply

      He never said they were. Are you deaf or were you just not paying attention? The whole point of this was that we, the US, are *allies* with Saudi Arabia contrary to what are two countries espouse as our ideal and methods of governance. If we weren’t beholden to corruption, we would be allies with Iran, a democracy and non-Wahhabist state that doesn’t fuel and fund terrorism worldwide. Either clean out your ears or use the CC option in the lower right so you can pay attention next time.

    • Posted by Scott Verge, at Reply

      Ramsay Bolton you completely missed the point of the video.

      We shouldn’t be allies with Saudi Arabia.

  18. Posted by Daniel Moreno, at Reply

    “Saudi Arabia is dependent on oil for everything and the Saudi royal family gets to keep all of it. They don’t really share it with the rest of the population so the people are pissed. The Saudi royal family has done nothing to earn that wealth. They don’t really do anything and basically corpulent disgusting people who have all this money and power.”
    -Steve Oh
    Saudi Arabian royal family, board of directors of Walmart, shareholders of Starbucks they’re all the same kind of malignant parasites that tirelessly extract wealth from the workers. I don’t understand why you think they’re these horrible people for exploiting the masses when this happens all around you at home and you’re just completely fine with it. You end it by accusing Wahhabism of creating all this turmoil in the Middle East when you should be pointing the finger at the actual culprits, the ones who you so slyly portrayed as the victims of terrorism, the western imperialist countries, yourselves.

    • Posted by Al Osama Hadid Destroyer of evil, at Reply

      Daniel Moreno this is a little different. I don’t think the shareholders of Walmart are purchasing tanks missiles and helicopters to use against Target, I don’t think Starbucks ceos are funding radical baristas to do terrorism against Dunkin Donuts and Shipleys, are they selfish? Yes, absolutely, but this is different

    • Posted by Ibrahim G, at Reply

      Daniel Moreno iran is a member of opec and they have a serious problem with the increase of poverty

    • Posted by Scott Verge, at Reply

      Al Osama Hadid Destroyer of evil. Yet. Walmart isn’t purchasing weapons for war yet.

      Give it time.

    • Posted by Al Osama Hadid Destroyer of evil, at Reply

      When Target launches a chemical attack against WalMart stores because Walmarts ad campaign that subliminally hypnotizes viewers into buying more cheap goods made from child labor violates the Target NAP so Walmart responds with a nuclear strike on Targets headquarters with nukes it bought from Mcdonalds (inserts ancap smiley)