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Why Tapas Are Great


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Tapas is exactly how the world needs to eat. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you why. View the complete blog post video game show below:

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  1. Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

    she probably got free tapas at a tourist resort and assume all of spain is like that.

    • Posted by stuart1234, at Reply

      woah omg i didnt know this, Cenk personally murdered members of Ana Kasparian’s family ?, that’s freaking intense why would Ana work for a man who personally killed members of her family !………

    • Posted by stuart1234, at Reply

      seriously who did Cenk kill and how did he do it because that’s horrible

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      stuart1234 – WHO said that Cenk murdered anybody? He just honors the memory of those who DID murder 2.5 million people by naming his show after them. Then has the nerve to pontificate about how such things as the Washington Redskins and Confederate flags are racist symbolism.

  2. Posted by escorpio118420, at Reply

    Any of you Turd swallowers care to explain why Young Turds have 3.5 million subscribers but struggle to get 150k views per video?

    • Posted by escorpio118420, at Reply

      My point is that the sub to view ratio is ridiculous. I challenge you to find another YouTube channel that claims millions of subs but can’t get 150k views. Try again.

    • Posted by Gonzalo Saldana, at Reply

      I started as a YouTube video then migrated to their pay platform so when I’m not watching them live I catch up on YouTube every so often; hence, possibly others do the same.

    • Posted by Mr.Orca32, at Reply

      “I deal red pills” dude stfu and tame your ego

    • Posted by Cavecat, at Reply

      “can’t get 150k views”
      In the the related videos on the right:
      /watch?v=vj-ztDB-WKY 500k views
      /watch?v=zciZe3Gpa24 1 mill views

    • Posted by Bex Ed, at Reply

      Because basically every channel has low reaction rate on social media. It’s not like everyone watches every video. I have 900 subs and get like 100 views per video. Mindblowing, not.

  3. Posted by Hillary Clinton paid shill #4269, at Reply

    This is CULTURAL APPROPRIATION. Completely unacceptable. I thought better of you, TYT. You’ve become the racists that you once fought against.

    • Posted by David Harrison, at Reply

      When did TYT ever “fight against” cultural appropriation? Whenever the topic comes up TYT is in favor of sharing other people’s cultures.

  4. Posted by Franeeky, at Reply

    Basque pintxos are much better than tapas

  5. Posted by Innovative Aquariums, at Reply

    This is members only? Lol oh god….I’ve been totally missing out…

  6. Posted by TheSpargmeister, at Reply

    My wife and I honeymooned in Spain. Tapas are the shiiiit!! Every drink we got was €2 or less, and they all came with a small plate of food.

  7. Posted by Dribrom Sunrock, at Reply

    Tapas is just snacks or a better word would be appetizers . Each region in Spain have there own style of tapas. Tapas is not a specific dish.

  8. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    Lol i had tapas earlier today, i can see why people like em

  9. Posted by Thy Eston, at Reply

    guarantee TYT is making money off this video lmao

  10. Posted by THE JACK HQ, at Reply

    Free Tapas 2020

  11. Posted by Ian Ford, at Reply

    Anything with anchovies, I’m out.

    • Posted by fgrBman999, at Reply

      You can get them with so many other toppings instead – olives, meatballs, roasted garlic, fish, sausage and peppers, cheese, pork, potatoes, mushrooms, etc. I’m not an anchovies person either but they’re honestly amazing.

    • Posted by LegendLength, at Reply

      Controversial bro!

  12. Posted by Sωєєт O-иιgяι, at Reply

    Anyone else misread as “why traps are great”?

    • Posted by Salazar Ravenclaw, at Reply

      so me

    • Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

      Only when they are from Trapistan.

  13. Posted by Keeper Nod, at Reply

    Cultural appropriation!

  14. Posted by Amity Bell, at Reply

    ya makin me hongry

  15. Posted by chasemebaby, at Reply

    Why are tapas considered great? (I fixed the title.)

  16. Posted by Albita Jofili, at Reply

    In some Mexican cantinas you have free food too. Sometimes it’s just shrimp soup or taquitos

  17. Posted by JC Swizzy, at Reply

    I studied abroad in Barcelona; Ana is not wrong 🤣

  18. Posted by grytlappar, at Reply

    Tiny delicious food on tiny plates to go with your vino—what’s not to like?