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Why Trump Won’t Win In 2020


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Trump is on the fast track to self destruction. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Donald Trump ran a corrupt campaign, and he’ll be a corrupt president. It’s one of those things that everyone seems to know and recognize, but still needs to be stated plainly, especially as the procedural pomp of a presidential transition threatens to overwhelm the fact that he’s bringing an unprecedentedly large array of ethical transgressions into the White House. And while the capacity for corruption in a Trump administration seems boundless, what’s particularly unnerving is the fact that Trump doesn’t really seem to care much that everyone knows he’s corrupt.

Under normal circumstances, political corruption is something an elected officials goes to great lengths to conceal. Evidence of it typically has to be carefully extricated from elaborate cover-ups. Not so with Donald Trump. Our newly elected president doesn’t even care to go through the motions of concealing his venality. He flaunts it. Just look at the way he ran his campaign.

According to the latest Federal Election Commission filings, Trump directed close to $3 million in campaign funds towards Trump-owned properties between Oct. 20 and Nov. 28. Tag Air, Inc., the Trump-owned company that operates his personal jet, raked in $2,055,786 in travel expenses. A small galaxy of Trump-branded properties — various hotels, golf resorts, and restaurants — collected an additional $777,672.83.”

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  1. Posted by First name Last name, at Reply

    If he’s running against Cory Booker he will.

    • Posted by J V ELL, at Reply

      better order up some kids + a wife for Booker asap

    • Posted by Jordan Johnson, at Reply

      Honestly…I think Bernie is going to die within the next 5-7 years

    • Posted by Josh Richardson, at Reply

      Kaine, Booker, Pelosi, Castro, Schumer would all be defeated by Trump.
      Gabbard, Grayson, Warren, Brown, would defeat Trump very handily.

  2. Posted by A Torres, at Reply

    All in for
    Tulsi Gabbard 2020🇺🇸
    Elizabeth Warren 2020🇺🇸
    First Lady presidents in the making✌️
    That actually deserve to be nominated not like corrupt Hillary Clinton
    Never to early to start supporting them

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      +United States GOP Yes, pleeeease do Warren. Can’t you just image Trump on
      TV calling her Fauxahontus every day?

    • Posted by Will G, at Reply

      A Torres don’t forget nina turner their is a group for that.

    • Posted by United States GOP, at Reply

      Trump would destroy her, she is such a ignoramus who had to lie about being
      Indian to get into Harvard

    • Posted by Zelios, at Reply

      A Torres too*

  3. Posted by Matt, at Reply

    Didn’t you guys say the same thing about 2016?

    • Posted by HeplMeh, at Reply

      I’m not a Democrat but I pay attention to all sides. From what I’ve seen
      is, the left is moving more Progressive with their upcoming leadership
      positions already. That alone signals that they do indeed see where their
      Voters want them to move. The Republicans and the right are moving more
      Nationalist because that’s where their voters want them to move.

      You have to look at things as a whole. At this moment the left has no idea
      if they will run another “Bernie” Progressive or another Top Tier
      Establishment Member.
      It’s clear as the day, the Country is on both sides leaving the middle and
      becoming more extreme. Trump and Bernie’s near success respectively prove
      this. Keeping that in mind both sides are taking a risk with “New Thinking”
      in Washington. It just so happens the right’s Candidate got elected first.
      So what’s gonna happen now is, both sides are going to see how the next few
      years go. That alone will determine who’s running in the next Election. If
      you see Trump succeed, they will run a Progressive. If Trump fails, they
      both will run someone Establishment to get back to the now “old middle”
      before both parties started to drift further apart.

      That’s my take anyhow.

    • Posted by LanceFlugerman, at Reply

      #LoserTYT said he would win and he would lose by a landslide, kinda
      covering all the bases because they are a giant fraud opinion pushing
      marketing organization. Their fans just love it too. Soon, Chunk will start
      selling tangy tangerine and survival shieldx2.

    • Posted by Nick Key, at Reply

      blistified you are pretty dumb. there is a difference between making videos
      on why Donald is a loser and making a prediction on the outcome for an
      election. on ABC news, he predicted Trump will win, but it has nothing to
      do with making logger loser Donald videos. I mean, isn’t that obvious?
      trump supporters can’t be that dumb, can they?

    • Posted by kisscactus, at Reply

      No, he didn’t. He predicted Trump would win when hardly anyone else was
      saying it.

  4. Posted by Nathan Baker, at Reply

    The Trumptards will be triggered by this video.

    • Posted by Ken Adams, at Reply

      Yep, right on the money.

    • Posted by 18Darkside, at Reply

      Nathan Baker Coming from people who are constantly triggered…..

    • Posted by Woody Grill, at Reply

      Mind your gender pronouns, Darkie.

    • Posted by Marcia Clark, at Reply

      I wake up nights in a cold sweat worrying about POTUS Trump not winning in
      2020. Just kidding. It’s you left loon losers who are suffering from
      sleepless nights, desperation and depression. Well, you delusional dumb
      fucks can always hope the Democrat party can somehow, despite the
      corruption and stupidity, rise from the ashes and come up with a winning
      strategy and candidate for 2020. I think you idiots should groom Keith XXX
      Ellison for the top spot on the ticket.

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply
  5. Posted by Sergei, at Reply

    Don’t say that just yet. Democrats will find the way to f#ck it up.

    • Posted by Thekillerpharaohgang, at Reply

      Jason Bequette I love this country. You must not because you rather ceos of
      oil companies get rich off our tax money, instead of giving back to the
      American citizens that build our country. If you don’t like helping the
      american people, maybe you should volunteer and go to Iraq, and afghanistan
      to make your oil company gods richer.

    • Posted by Thekillerpharaohgang, at Reply

      Jason Bequette I just follow common sense.

    • Posted by Thekillerpharaohgang, at Reply

      Jason Bequette Please sign up today.

    • Posted by Thekillerpharaohgang, at Reply

      Jason Bequette When you retire, give up your pension and social security
      check too.

    • Posted by Sergei, at Reply

      +Thekillerpharaohgang Dodd-Frank is a joke, it’s just a window-dressing.
      The biggest banks in US only got bigger. It doesn’t take systematic risk
      out of the system Glass-Steagall did.
      Unemployment is not 4.6 percent. This is a bogus number. You should listen
      Bernie Sanders talk about real unemployment. Obama administration doesn’t
      calculate part-time workers who want to work full time and people who are
      discouraged and stopped looking for work. Right now US has the lowest labor
      participation while Democrats have their heads stuck in the sand.
      Obama administration brought you Trump, Obama wasted 8 years in office when
      he started with filibuster proof majority. He pissed it all away on
      Romneycare and bailing out Wall Street.
      If Obama passed Medicare for all, put bankers who crashed the economy in
      jail and did free college for everybody, people would build him monuments
      in his image all over the country. You should watch Jimmy Dore interview
      with another journalist who called last 8 years of Obama – Seinfield
      presidency. It’s a show about nothing. Neoliberals, the Clintons and Obama
      brought you Trump. Enjoy now.

  6. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    “Our newly elected president doesn’t even care to go through the motions of
    concealing his venality. He flaunts it.” *they’re accusing him of being
    honest now*, you’ve really hit rock bottom TYT…

    • Posted by Will Riley, at Reply

      Yet here you are, faithfully commenting and hanging out on just about every
      TYT video. Herp derp?

    • Posted by quaxk, at Reply

      +Will Riley
      yeah, shitposting is fun! 🙂

    • Posted by L B, at Reply

      There’s a difference between being “honest” with facts versus being
      emotionally honest. Trump is simply emotionally honest and not the former.

    • Posted by Twilord, at Reply

      +quaxk You can support a traditional four/five person family, with the wife
      staying home, on salty tears then? Sounds like America needs more liberals
      then – you willing to contribute to society?

  7. Posted by Darksider, at Reply

    LOL TYT you are insuring he wins in 2020.

    • Posted by pholly jason, at Reply

      the gig is up u trumptard. Your fucked just like the rest of us.

    • Posted by Chris Grant, at Reply

      aseal4747 I was there doing a documentary with BBC World but doubt away if
      you wish to nitpick. But that wasn’t the point of what I was saying, which
      you obviously missed to make a point about individuals who care about
      others (is that solely a concern for liberals? if so, then I am a liberal).
      I was asking the person above a question: how they know what is ‘going on’
      any more than myself–or anyone else, for that matter. I was asking what
      sort of perspective or life experience they might have that would make them
      an Oracle for the mood of the country, or the world more generally.
      Have *you* been to Beijing? To its poorer sections? Were you in South
      Africa before the end of apartheid? Have you been through the favelas of
      Rio? Or native reservations in Northern Ontario? Please tell me where you
      get *your* perspective.

    • Posted by aseal4747, at Reply

      I think you miss the point that what is happening in other countries is not
      something we need to be concerned about unless it’s a threat to us. It’s
      not about caring about others, it’s about multiculturalism and taking in
      refugees and cheap workforce and ramming it down people throat, you could
      probably add the constant holier than thou attitude the government take
      with other countries which doesn’t benefit our own country.

      And when was this documentary made ? Because I watch video of people living
      in China and Beijing has nothing to do with the rest of your examples, and
      all cities have poorer areas.

      And why should the “mood of the world” matter ? this is about the west,
      every nationalist political parties in the west are gaining ground if not
      straight-out elected, parties that had no chance of being elected 8 years
      ago, and this is how we know what the mood of the country or the west is.+Chris

  8. Posted by ODIEkriss, at Reply

    Its ok Alex Jones and his youtube followers are already justifying this.

    • Posted by Epicskillz56, at Reply

      >implying Mike Pence, a Christian, isn’t going to be the vice-prez

    • Posted by Epicskillz56, at Reply

      lol “alpha”, you must be a little kid

    • Posted by Matt Gray, at Reply

      Yeah were the children mocking the one’s calling others beta and “cucks” go
      get caught in the next mass shooting, stupid american goof;)

  9. Posted by Gus Hersey, at Reply

    You mean ” Why trump wont last 1 full term of presidency”

    • Posted by Gales99, at Reply

      Gus Hersey

    • Posted by MissArtSucker, at Reply

      Gus Hersey that’s the right question to be asking!👍



    • Posted by Zelios, at Reply

      Gus Hersey we’ll see about that buddy

  10. Posted by zero, at Reply

    liberal said trump wouldnt win now look what happen. Explains why liberals
    didnt vote. they got too cocky

    • Posted by donavon pip, at Reply

      So, liberals didn’t vote because they were cocky?
      That’s the dumbest claim I’ve heard today congrats…

    • Posted by Gauze Awe, at Reply

      zero Hillary Clinton and her supporters are NOT liberals.

    • Posted by Adolf Hitler, at Reply

      +donavon pip Lol, you are acting like the 95million who didn’t vote don’t

      Liberals were very arrogant, yes many stayed at home because they didn’t
      like Hillary but a lot also thought it would be a waste of time because
      they thought hillary would win anyway.

      You probably just called it the dumbest claim because you are upset someone
      called you cocky.

    • Posted by B33SON, at Reply

      Your first mistake is grouping all of us as “Liberals”. There are
      neo-liberals like Hillary and Progressives like myself. Many Progressives
      didn’t vote for Hillary not because we were “cocky” and thought she would
      win, but because we didn’t want her to win and continue neo-liberal’s
      control over the DNC/Dems and the left. Neo-Liberals are basically
      Conservatives or crony-capitalists who believe in abortion and gay
      marriage. Other than that, they are controlled by Wall Street and Big Oil
      just like the establishment GOP. Progressives only partially agree with

  11. Posted by CAX 117, at Reply

    Nominate Bernie Sanders or another progressive, and Trump will lose.
    Nominate Cory Booker or another Establishment tool, and Trump will win.
    It’s easy.

    • Posted by Tokenetta, at Reply

      XxGR3YW01FxX He didn’t stab anyone in the back.

    • Posted by sharon anderson, at Reply

      or worse yet run clinton again.

    • Posted by Adolf Hitler, at Reply

      +TheRepublicOfUngeria You act like progressives hold some sort of majority.
      You act like conservatives are such a minority.

  12. Posted by Sun worshipping Black buffalo, at Reply

    Won’t win? There probably won’t even be an election by then and if there is
    rigged. We might as well make him a crown now.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Pay attention, #LoserDonald is a con man, a fascist and self confessed
      abuser of women.

    • Posted by Sun worshipping Black buffalo, at Reply

      +quaxk Everybody is such a rocket scientist these days. No need to discuss
      anything. Since you know so much. What graduate program has the highest
      rate of cheating?

    • Posted by Sun worshipping Black buffalo, at Reply

      +Sun worshipping Black buffalo It’s probably law now but it was business.

    • Posted by quaxk, at Reply

      +Sun worshipping Black buffalo
      that was a very confusing comment, what are you trying to say?

  13. Posted by Sunny Mehta, at Reply

    If there is a 2020

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      My sentiments exactly.

    • Posted by Raze Fan, at Reply

      He hasn’t nene inaugurated yet and he’s already gotten china to threaten

    • Posted by tahir630247365, at Reply

      China are assholes anyway.

  14. Posted by Thomas “TheGreatestLiberal” MacKelly, at Reply

    The trump voter is an embarrassment to America.

    • Posted by Isaac Eagen, at Reply

      Nez Did you not understand what I meant when I mentioned about the people
      that he appointed are not to be lobbied around? Lobbyist’s are the reason
      why we have corrupt politicians and by having his appointees not being
      lobbied around fits perfectly well with “Draining the Swamp”. You think the
      wall is going to built? You probably thought brexit wasn’t going to go
      through or that Donald Trump wasn’t going to win the presidency …..Oh
      wait, those did happen! The wall will go up my dear little Miss Cuck, we
      don’t know when but it will be there.

    • Posted by Isaac Eagen, at Reply

      Wall isn’t going*

    • Posted by Nez, at Reply

      +Isaac Eagen Sigh, imagine being so pathetic & brainwashed you actually
      think a serial liar is going to follow through with anything he’s said when
      he’s already gone against 75% of what he said he’s going to do. Can’t
      imagine. BTW Cuck is only an insult to people who think Cuck is an insult.

    • Posted by Nez, at Reply

      +Isaac Eagen Yeah, Brexit happened. Then Trump happened. I never
      underestimate how stupid racists can be. For literally no reason other than
      being racist.

    • Posted by Cobra Snake, at Reply

      Thomas MacKelly Well in 2017 CLINTON supporters will remember they voted
      for the end of America. Once Clinton is exposed never again will liberals
      vote without an education.

  15. Posted by Michael Moretti, at Reply

    “Why Trump won’t win in 2020” … brought to you by the people who were
    100% convinced that Trump could not possibly win in 2016…

    • Posted by GoldenClassyGent, at Reply

      Michael Moretti Funny, you’re in denial.

    • Posted by Beachdudeca, at Reply

      not really , think about what he needs to really do ,
      He needs to deal with Immigration , Jobs. Health Care
      Immigration can be dealt with pretty easily by both executive order , and
      by whats already approved by law
      jobs , markets are nearly at 20,000 , a lot of jobs are coming to the US ,
      and corp profits
      He gets to keep this base , plus if he can deliver jobs then it means 4
      more years

    • Posted by Adolf Hitler, at Reply

      +Y Sekander Yeah cenk said he will win when trump was 30 electoral votes
      away from winning.

    • Posted by uncle official, at Reply

      cenk said trump will win

  16. Posted by darkspire91, at Reply

    This is gonna be a fun 8 years.

    • Posted by A Torres, at Reply

      I give the chump a few months before pence kicks him to the curve

    • Posted by No Sense Nonsense, at Reply

      darkspire91 He will lose sorrY

    • Posted by Manc26, at Reply

      Youre so scared

    • Posted by B33SON, at Reply

      You mean a fun 4 years… or maybe even just 6 months. 😛

    • Posted by Cobra Snake, at Reply

      Solid 8 years. Trump will go down as the most underestimated man in
      history. 2017 be my witness. Silly
      Liberal fruitcakes.

  17. Posted by Preem, at Reply

    Lmao Yeah ok Cenk . Your predictions on Trump have always been true ;)

    • Posted by Toni Casimiro, at Reply

      he said trump wouldn’t win the election.

    • Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

      As a matter of fact, they have.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9QpqFiFGno #Clown

    • Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

      No he didn’t

    • Posted by #LOSER-CENK-SUCKS-GOLDMAN-SACHS, at Reply

      No need for your Soros funded links. I followed the whole election,and he
      won the popular vote. You lie.

  18. Posted by Francis Muir, at Reply

    Just based on the title, this video will be 12 minutes of Cenk deluding
    himself into a cosy existence of Loser Trump fantasies. I’ll report back in

    • Posted by Francis Muir, at Reply

      (7:40) Yeah. Cenk has no idea what is about to come (as none of do,
      honestly), and he is using his own prejudgments of Trump to reinforce his
      world view, so he can feel secure. He still doesn’t realize that Trump
      didn’t care about bankrupting businesses. His name is famous. He “made a
      name for himself”; get it? He is freaking president elect!

      (8:40) Who is arrogant? LOL Remember when you were so sure of yourself
      about LOSER TRUMP? Hahaha

      (11:59) “Systemic corruption, confidence, hubris…” hahaha that means
      fascism not immediate failure! The failure is for the country, dumby! That
      combination means a militarized police force nation-wide unleashed on the
      citizens to enforce things like the war on drugs, homosexuality,
      ethnicities of choice, etc.

      Total underestimation of what the American people are entertained by in a
      president. We all laughed at George W. even though we hated that he was the
      most powerful man on Earth. Many will laugh at President Trump as they have
      been for well over a year now. I know seeing “President Trump” in print
      makes you cringe; it does me.

    • Posted by Francis Muir, at Reply

      Who decided to continually hammer home the propaganda line of “Loser
      Trump”, then? I don’t really care what he formally predicted. We all know
      most people look at titles, watch a few minutes and move on. Not a lot of
      people are watching all these videos. They’re seeing TYT’s stupid hashtags
      and moving on.