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Why Was Steve Bannon Fired From Trump’s National Security Council?


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Steve Bannon played it cool down like he wanted to be eliminated as well as it was a joint decision that he's entirely fine with. This is not likely. Cenk Uygur as well as John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us just what you assume in the comment area listed below.

" President Trump reshuffled his national protection company on Wednesday, removing his principal planner, Stephen K. Bannon, from a top policy-making committee and also restoring senior military and knowledge officials who had been reduced when he initially entered workplace.

The shift was coordinated by Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, that was touched as Mr. Trump's nationwide safety consultant after the resignation of Michael T. Flynn, who stepped down in February after being caught misleading Vice Head of state Mike Pence and also various other White Residence authorities concerning his calls with Russia's ambassador.

General McMaster inherited an organizational scheme for the National Safety Council that stirred objections as a result of Mr. Bannon's function. The original setup made Mr. Bannon, the former chairman of Breitbart Information, a participant of the principals board that usually consists of cabinet-level officials like the vice president, secretary of state as well as defense secretary. The original order additionally made the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Personnel and the supervisor of national knowledge just occasional participants as concerns demanded.

Doubters claimed Mr. Bannon's presence in a nationwide safety and security policy-making structure took the chance of politicizing diplomacy." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.
Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply


    • Posted by Michael Williams, at Reply

      I sincerely hope that is not the case. If it is, then I am sorry for you. I really am. That is an insidious form of neglect you are describing there.

    • Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

      +Michael Williams there motto is trigger or be triggered

    • Posted by Michael Williams, at Reply

      I find that unlikely, but, the fact that you are behaving like this on the internet, unsupervised, is a pretty damning indictment of your parents.

      If they really are neglecting you like this, you owe it to yourself to find some direction on your own. I would not presume to tell you what that direction should be, but you really should find something for your own sake.

      I say this as a parent. I obviously disagree with your politics, but no child should be neglected in this way.

    • Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

      +Michael Williams i just wanna dangle my meaty clackers over your face

  2. Posted by Saffron Blaze, at Reply

    He was booted because people figured out how unprepared he is to deal with intelligence.

    • Posted by John Keim, at Reply

      I think you pretty much hit the nail square on the head with your analysis.

    • Posted by dubbed redundant, at Reply

      I don’t think he was fired! he got his security clearance, found what he is looking for…now he’s gone!

    • Posted by dumpthe chump, at Reply

      McMaster told him to GTFO.

    • Posted by BA Cropper, at Reply

      dubbed redundant ..I believe what you believe is ON POINT!! Bannons agenda is not yet complete!

    • Posted by dumpthe chump, at Reply

      +kenne210 Unfortunately, yes.

  3. Posted by Tolu Elizabeth, at Reply

    Bannon shouldn’t have been any where near the white house in the first place.

    • Posted by Blond abernichtblöd, at Reply

      Sure Trump will fix all problems. He will make America great again!
      His first months were a total desaster – except his activities at the golf club.
      So we still are on the Trump train. Cause we want to be great again!
      And even if the opposite comes true – Trump will say we are great and we will believe him.

    • Posted by hux bells, at Reply

      Tolu Elizabeth Bannon was kicked out because he didn’t want to invade Syria. Watch what happens now

    • Posted by meowmeow, at Reply

      +hux bells Nope. He was calling jared a cuck behind his back.

    • Posted by NovaMan 350, at Reply

      Lu Sapphire and the Muffin Button Band If you have no humility — if you lack the capability to see both strengths and weaknesses and recognize them — then you will never allow yourself room to improve.

      Withou humility, you drive yourself to ignorant arrogance. You refuse to acknowledge​ your weaknesses, therefore not allowing yourself to improve.

      Trump has humility. He recognizes our countries weaknesses, and puts forth an effort to change it.

      While you Democrats roll in your own Filth, burn your cities down, pander to emotional knee-jerk responses and throw logic out the window in favor of feelings, there’s other people concerned with the stability and longevity of our nation. Emotionally charged opinions do not mean anything.

      We need to stop worrying about people in 3rd world shitholes, and stop worrying about how gays and trans aren’t accepted. We need to stop rioting over that absolute bullshit, while we have hundreds of thousands of American citizens who are on the streets. Hundreds of thousands of American veterans who, whether you like it or not, fought for your freedom to hate. Look at the big picture. Pull your heads out of your asses. Set your emotions aside. Try, for once, to think logically.

  4. Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

    Steve Banon isn’t a white supremacist. He’s openly said he enjoys idiots like you saying he’s a white supremacist because he’s not. He’s an economic nationalist, and the more dickheads like you mislabel him the more it helps him. Didn’t you fuckheads learn anything from the last election that just smearing people with “muh racism!” doesn’t work? The only people you’re stirring up is your own base, which further ensures the polarization of this country.

    • Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

      I’m done. I’m done trying to help liberals. He knows you just take the “white supremacist” bait and he exploits it, but like idiots that’s all your brain is hard-wired for. Lose all you want, I don’t care anymore.

    • Posted by Sumaya, at Reply

      AWWWW poor lil snowflake!!! He had enough! He doesn’t care anymore!

  5. Posted by John O'Malley, at Reply

    I am just glad that the real evil bastard of this administration has less power.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      I loathe that nazi slob Bannon with a passion and look forward to following this in more depth on twitter
      #FascistTrump #TinyFenceTinyHands

    • Posted by ngaiflex, at Reply

      Who Trump? he is still president.

    • Posted by dumpthe chump, at Reply

      Next step: out the White House Gate, handcuffs or not!!!! Resist!

  6. Posted by Don The Con, at Reply


    • Posted by dumpthe chump, at Reply

      Of course not to stoopid trumsters. That’s why they’re trumsters in the first place.

    • Posted by The Patriot Lenny, at Reply

      Open video. Pause video. Leave dislike and this comment. Exit video without watching

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Don The Con – It would be better if he was recalled by the Dark Lord, but we’ll take what we can get.

    • Posted by meowmeow, at Reply

      +The Patriot Lenny Typical cuck morons that don’t pay attention they just get worked up and put their fingers in their ears after being in their asses.

  7. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    steve Bannon being on the national security counsel is like a black panthers member being one of the KKK board members! what’s my point? Bannon never belonged on the council in the 1st place!

    • Posted by kourii, at Reply

      +Jamie Cox Haha I hear you dude, just checking. Always refreshing to see your sanity in the sea of Trump trolls btw.

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +kourii TY for the kind words!

    • Posted by weegieb, at Reply

      Ed Shultz Show was indicating that Bannon was only to be there a short time anyway. This was planed and expected. Correct??? Not sure.

    • Posted by dumpthe chump, at Reply

      Hell no. Have you ever heard any of this gaggle of goblins admit that they are not as perfect as their dear leader?

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +weegieb​ I heard that same thing and I doubt highly that his position was anything but permanent until the new National Security advisor stepped in and there was a budding of heads!

  8. Posted by Paul Semler, at Reply

    maybe kushner has a moral compass, maybe not lets wait and see.

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      He’s as money hungry as the rest of them, jews just hate white supremacists on general principles, that whole nazi thing you know.

    • Posted by professor moriarty, at Reply

      Paul Semler he donated to illegal apartheid settlements

  9. Posted by fuzzy bunny, at Reply

    a white supremacist blaming a black lady about getting fired, how original, that never happens

    • Posted by Susie Q, at Reply

      fuzzy bunny It’s Susan Rice or President Obama. T’dumb and his administration are losers!!

    • Posted by Anita Maxey, at Reply

      Amy Spencer typical troll. Okay if you honestly believe that. What’s more disturbing is that you received 80 likes off your assinine comment. Sorry to burst your white bubble but those of us you can read and know history knows that European have caused the most destruction on this earth since the 1500s but blacks are evil. Okay. Stfu you racist bigot clown.

  10. Posted by Roonskii, at Reply

    Let’s not forget he was put in this position because trump did not read the EO he signed. Hopefully it is because he lost his security clearance and is under FBI investigation. May he die sober in prison after claiming his aim was to take down the United States government at CPAC.

    • Posted by Jon Ericson, at Reply

      Yeah, I saw that statement. As Bill Maher said, “I don’t think you can call this conservative, I think the word you’re looking for it ‘terrorist’.”

  11. Posted by PartisanGamer, at Reply

    Daaaaaaaamn, there is more backstabbing, schemes and rolling heads in this administration than on Game of Thrones.

    • Posted by Vernon Ferrer, at Reply

      Bob Gardner sappoved

    • Posted by John Gaudet, at Reply

      a netflix series should be made after this administration lol

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      I know SNL can easily do a one hour Trump special. Look at all the material they have to work with!

    • Posted by noah schaefferkoetter, at Reply

      Cracked.com has a periodical series called “After the Trump” discussing the “current episode” of the Trump administration “shown” this week.

    • Posted by Matt, at Reply

      PartisanGamer and small penises…

  12. Posted by Knekten, at Reply

    Why was Steve Bannon on the national security council in the first place?

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Knekten: Because Trump is the world’s biggest azzhole.

    • Posted by abdi's channel, at Reply

      Knekten exactly

    • Posted by Mike K, at Reply

      Knekten He was on the council to keep an eye on Flynn

    • Posted by dumpthe chump, at Reply

      To keep the Russian connection hidden.

  13. Posted by Dennis Duncan, at Reply

    Did Steve Bannon go to his dermatologist and tell him to replace his skin with KFC original recipe?

    • Posted by f you, at Reply


    • Posted by Dennis Duncan, at Reply

      Kenmanhl Damn, he really does lol

    • Posted by clownage123, at Reply

      DRV13 the guys a someone? get real. Doubt hes even human. The way he acts he can only be described low life scum.

    • Posted by Tretre38, at Reply

      Dennis Duncan 😂😂😂

  14. Posted by Richard Kuduk, at Reply

    If you read the fine print you find out that Bannon still has the highest security clearance possible and he is still able to attend meetings. In the memo they added DNI director Dan Coats and the Chairmen of the Joint chiefs of staff General Dunfort back on the NSC. They removed Chief strategist(Bannon) from the NSC. In the memo it states that Counselors to the president (Bannon and Conway) and Assistants/Advisers to the president (Miller, Kushner, and Ivanka) may attend the National Security Council at the pleasure of the President. Bannon holds two titles, Chief strategist and Counselor to the president. So this is a non story. Don’t forget to read in between the lines.

    • Posted by Sandra Nelson, at Reply

      Exactly! We have to pay attention to what is really being said, instead of latching on to one or two points in a story. Yes he doesn’t get the shiny title. But he isn’t being kept out of the meetings. He is still going to have his grubby mitts all over everything.

    • Posted by Patricia Belgrave, at Reply

      Richard Kuduk Thanks for educating the uninformed.

    • Posted by Grand Wonder, at Reply

      Richard, you got a point! As long as the real criminal kingpin —Trump is still in charge nothing really changes! It’s business as usual — crimes, corruptions, thefts of the American public, nepotism, incest, treasons, lies, and all sorts of mayhems and criminal activities would still go on inside the Trump administration!

    • Posted by Edna Pike, at Reply

      I agree. Bannon’s not going anywhere. He just stepping out of the spot light. He will still have the presidents ear, lurking in the shadows.

  15. Posted by Arathorn Dezeus, at Reply

    hahahahaha all the trumpcucks crying in the comments

    • Posted by Donovan Fawbush, at Reply

      Mandy Schmidt Take away the zombie vote and have a different story.

    • Posted by Bob The Pumpkin, at Reply

      +Mandy Schmidt popular vote is mob rule lol.

    • Posted by meowmeow, at Reply

      +Bob The Pumpkin Then why is the Presidential election the only election that doesn’t use the popular vote? Why don’t we pick governors and senators etc this way?

  16. Posted by Sean Tisdale, at Reply

    Bannon will have a stroke or heart attack in the next few years. Can’t drink for 40 years with out consequences.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Meanwhile our #BLOATUS keeps getting more and more enormous since being elected, despite having claimed to be the fittest President ever. Here’s hoping he’s kept up with Obamacare payments.

    • Posted by Ken Able, at Reply

      Sean Tisdale

      Let’s Hope So

    • Posted by blachubear, at Reply

      I say it will happened at the end of the summer or around the Thanksgiving holidays.

    • Posted by dumpthe chump, at Reply

      Fingers crossed.

  17. Posted by g diamond, at Reply

    will somebody please get that pack of sick lying dogs out of the white house!!!!!!!/????? and bannon a nasty stankin  bastard is the mf. who started  the fake news bullshit about HILLARY  and trump supporters are still going on and on with that stupid bullshit when trump and his cabinet is what ‘s FAKE !!!!!!!

    • Posted by JJ D, at Reply

      g diamond. Scary.

    • Posted by hagnuj, at Reply

      JJ D I wonder who will play Trump in the movie about all this.

  18. Posted by josh portie, at Reply

    As much as i despise Bannon this was no victory. So we get more of the traditional war criminals in with Trumps private crazy. This is like cheering that vader killed the emporer and theres no Luke Skywalker. Or a rapist beating up a murderer.

    • Posted by darkcoeficient, at Reply

      josh portie the real analyst is always some commenter.

    • Posted by metafa84, at Reply

      josh portie Go home and take care of your cat. But only when she is in the kitchen.

  19. Posted by Max B, at Reply

    wow…..trump blamed obama now bannon blaming susan rice….white people can’t take any responsibility 😂😂😂

    • Posted by NelC, at Reply

      Trump’s orange, nothing to do with us whites. 😉

    • Posted by Max B, at Reply

      +NelC agent orange…..