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Why We Must CONTINUE To Say Black Lives Matter


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THIS is why we must CONTINUE to say Black Lives Matter and also why Police reform is a must. Held by Francis Maxwell. See more TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Posted by Not Blazio, at Reply

    Funny how you post this but ignore the Cleveland killer just like you ignored the Sweden terrorist attack tyt.

    • Posted by tkh525, at Reply

      They talked about both those topics on live shows… But I guess simple people don’t realize that not everything gets reposted in shorter clips later in the day.

    • Posted by tek2095, at Reply

      Funny how you guys will try to divert attention away from the subject of these videos rather than addressing them, almost as if you have no actual arguments.

    • Posted by Joseph Stalin, at Reply

      tek2095 eewoohhh this is juice! so what is your argument??

    • Posted by tek2095, at Reply

      +Joseph Stalin I was merely pointing out that to the rest of us it looks like you’re trying to cop out and distract from addressing the points raised in the videos when you guys do stuff like this, nothing more.

    • Posted by Joseph Stalin, at Reply

      tek2095 i guess its hard to take any points seriously from a news outlet that continually pushes this racist narrative. you do no that statically speaking tyt is being dishonest right?

  2. Posted by AkilTheAwesome, at Reply

    Its sad that America has REGRESSED to the point that putting up a video that merely says Black Lives Matter is instantly disliked regardless of the contents.

    Edit: You guys realize that since BLM is a movement it is factually not an organization right? It’s literally the equivalent of a hashtag. I personally feel that is much of the problem with BLM. Without a centralized structure, anyone can do anything in the name of BLM. There is no membership. I personally think unfocused activism solves very little. It also leads to people being able to pervert the true intent of the movement.

    • Posted by Angelo Lee, at Reply

      Curtis Smale Lynchings really, when? Riots when? Cus it sounds like you assume all black riots are organized by blm. And Foh white people have killed more people throughout human history than any other racist, a fact which still holds true today.

    • Posted by Benji, at Reply

      +Angelo Lee that’s because niggles are too dumb to build weaponw

  3. Posted by mae comeaux, at Reply

    It’s crazy that people in the comments hate black folks so much that they will still justify the brutality no matter how clear the injustice is. (Ya racist btw)

    • Posted by Melvin's Channel, at Reply

      Ray Fire Go jump off a cliff son.

    • Posted by John Sanchez, at Reply

      Yeah, leftists hating on blacks is getting pathetic.

    • Posted by Benji, at Reply

      Yup I hate black criminals 🙂

  4. Posted by Randy Bongson, at Reply

    Just start saying “Black Lives Matter as Much as White Lives” so that the racists can understand. If they disagree then they are verifiably racist.

    • Posted by Randy Bongson, at Reply

      04mzwach name one city they’ve tried to burn down and proof that it was THE ENTIRE movement. I’ll wait.

    • Posted by 04mzwach, at Reply

      +Randy Bongson why would it have to be the entire movement?

    • Posted by Randy Bongson, at Reply

      04mzwach you are invoking the name “blm” as if to imply it’s the actions of the entire movement. We are not all as stupid as you. You are not clever, you cannot talk circles out of this, YOU ARE A RACIST.

    • Posted by 04mzwach, at Reply

      +Randy Bongson …Omg…you are hopeless.

  5. Posted by xxtoronto xo, at Reply

    Identifying racism doesn’t mean you are racist or race baiting, maybe some of you can’t handle the truth. Just because you don’t experience something doesn’t mean it is not happening or an epidemic.

    • Posted by Robert Leland, at Reply

      We are calling them out on trying to say it’s an epidemic, when it’s not, at all.

    • Posted by Blair Schirmerx, at Reply

      On systemic racism in the criminal justice system: *_The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness_*, by Michelle Alexander. Superb research.

  6. Posted by Nero Cloud, at Reply

    White Live Matter Cops Kill More Whites Then Blacks

    • Posted by B. Chan, at Reply

      +Nero Cloud HA! you sound like a defenseless racist to me lolololololololol hahahahahahahahahahaha biiiiiiiiiiiitch

    • Posted by pricelessbox8, at Reply

      Nero Cloud stop practicing white supremacy

    • Posted by addo1001, at Reply

      you are the type who thinks of himslef that he is a genius and fantasizes about dropping out of highschool.

      you are not smart, you are not special… im sorry but someone had to destroy fantasy

    • Posted by Nero Cloud, at Reply

      addo1001 don’t care if im not smart a genius would be stupid and being special is a joke

    • Posted by addo1001, at Reply

      you know i really do believe you…that you dropped out of highschool…its evident

  7. Posted by YADE MAN, at Reply

    Everytime there’s a video about BLM someone always say all lives matter. like BLM means only black lives matter, Smh. when someone says save the rainforest, why don’t people say All trees matter? Or save the black rhinos, why don’t people say all animals matter? You know what BLM stands for and that’s why some people have have a problem with it.

    The people who don’t like BLM just don’t like black people.

    • Posted by Jeremy jones, at Reply

      YADE MAN Lol, you can’t scroll up. So an internet troll saying something to your wife is representative of white racism? lol.

    • Posted by Jeremy jones, at Reply

      YADE MAN How did I sellout? Because I didn’t buy into bullshit? You realize that if those interviewers really did that you can sue their company?

    • Posted by Jeremy jones, at Reply

      YADE MAN Yes and no. I’m not celebrating any race, I’m just pointing out legitimate criticism about the black community and it just happens that I’m also white and that whites have treated me better than blacks.

    • Posted by YADE MAN, at Reply

      +Jeremy jones But you emphasize on the criticism you have for black but don’t emphasize on the criticism of the white race. You yet to knowledge the horrendous impact the white race had on blacks.

  8. Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

    We get it TYT you still hate white people.

    • Posted by The Prodigal Son, at Reply

      We get it entitled white trash, you’re afraid of becoming a minority.

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      +The Prodigal Son It’s a shame I’m not white isn’t it?. . . Thank you for proving my point moron. . . The entire ideology is driven by hatred of white people.

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      +soultec11 Even better, get on the youtube search bar type in “black lives matterr calls for” . . . and the top auto completes are

      “death of cops”, “killing”, “race war”, “killing white”, ” violence”, ” death of whites” and you will be greeted with literally HUNDREDS of examples, video evidence that you can witness for yourself instead of the usual “well that’s fake!” of them chanting or specific speakers calling for those things.

      I also LOVE how you prove PERFECTLY how BLM is a violent hate group with how your very first comment you want to see your opponents beaten up. . .

  9. Posted by Bsilbs 1996, at Reply

    So many people in these comments keep saying “all lives matter.” That’s missing the point. Yes, all lives do matter but the overwhelming majority of police harassment victims are African American. The movement is just trying to shed some light on this injustice that plagues their communities.

    • Posted by The Prodigal Son, at Reply

      Racist Denial Bingo is all I see in this comment section, these sister fuckers love being triggered, and TYT knows it.

    • Posted by Jason-Garth Hue, at Reply

      Awesome response, well said! Could I copy this?

    • Posted by Ass Möde, at Reply

      Daniel Scott The movement itself makes a racial divide, by outright saying black people are victims. And BLM supporters often see this as black vs cop issue or cop vs white cop/people. Black people aren’t the only victims of police brutality, all races are. Black people, I believe, are victims at higher rates because black communities commit more crime and have a larger uneducated population, which I think is a different issue. Why can’t all races come together and fight the police state without checking everyone’s privilege

  10. Posted by Nicole Hamilton, at Reply

    I see so many negative comments about this video by non-blacks. It is so exhausting trying to explain to people who just aren’t able to empathize with what’s going on, if you haven’t been affected by it you can’t or don’t want to understand. We just simply want our lives to matter just like everyone else’s. Clearly we are treated very differently in the justice system and this is nothing new.

    • Posted by C.M. H., at Reply

      Benji, You are part of the reason that BLM exists

    • Posted by Benji, at Reply

      +C.M. H. And why is that?

    • Posted by Milan Thapa, at Reply

      It is very easy to pervert what BLM stands for by conservatives. They arent going to look deeper than that.

  11. Posted by FastDamone, at Reply

    For those who claim ‘ALL lives matter’ then you’re in support of allowing Syrian refugees into the country, against the immigrant deportations that separates families, against the bombing in the middle east that kills civilians, and against police brutality that mostly affects black people, right??

    • Posted by AviatorLover1, at Reply

      It doesn’t “mostly affect black people”. It’s a lie.

    • Posted by aj ja, at Reply

      +AviatorLover1 Yeah disproportionately is probably the better choice.

    • Posted by AviatorLover1, at Reply

      Another lie. It doesn’t affect blacks disproportionately at all. Blacks make up 53% of violent criminals and 25% of police killings. Blacks are underrepresented in police brutality.

    • Posted by aj ja, at Reply

      Those “Stats” you quoted are in regards to crimes by blacks not acts of brutality committed by police or scale thereof, so instead of insulting me get your argument straight as you now appear to be an idiot.
      Kind regards

  12. Posted by Michael Belzowski, at Reply

    Just as manny redneck and burnouts get arrested and fucked up by cops. Tyt race baiting
    once again

    • Posted by Michael Belzowski, at Reply

      The Ragin’ Jamaican agreed. I was just stating that tyt always play the race card and spin their reports in fucked up ways. I don’t support or respect what I saw this cop do. Tyt have a bias liberal point they try to get across. They run with stories they get from leftist political groups and regurgitate fake stories about Russia, trump, they won’t go into the currupt and illegal dealings of Obama, Hillary Clinton and how she fucked over and stole billions from Haiti because they voted for her, so much for being anti establishment. Their hypocrites.

    • Posted by Black Confucius, at Reply

      +Michael Belzowski maybe they should speak out against the police instead of attacking the people who are attempting to change things. Ultimately these types of conversations can lead to enlightenment, change and unification. But first people need to understand the root of the problem and the root of the problem is racism, classism and people with a badge feeling above the law they were sworn to up hold. All I can really say is If you truly believe that white people are being brutalized by the police on a comparable level maybe try to get involved and stop seeing BLM as an enemy and see them as a potential ally in the war against human rights violations.

    • Posted by Michael Belzowski, at Reply

      Black Confucius i get what your saying but I don’t have a problem with groups like BLM sticking up for their community. I don’t think that whites get targeted more than others. White people commit crime everyday and get fucked up like this too. I don’t respect the way tyt spins their rhetoric, they are hardcore hypocritacl propaganda.

    • Posted by C.M. H., at Reply

      TYT have such videos but this his doesn’t fit with the definition of racebaiting.

    • Posted by Michael Belzowski, at Reply

      C.M. H. The cop that did this was way out of line and should loose his job and be arrested. At the same time tyt should be reporting on the atrocities committed in Muslim countries all around the Middle East. But they barely touch on the subject

  13. Posted by AlSween, at Reply

    If ppl don’t understand why it is called Black Lives Matter at this point they just trolling or stupid. Don’t wast time with trying to explain b/c they don’t want to understand or they hate black ppl… period.

    • Posted by bru numzy, at Reply

      in what context ?

    • Posted by AlSween, at Reply

      +bru numzy Ur logic makes no sense b/c u r doing the opposite.
      Ur choosing to troll by making up a false claim that I hate whites and cops. Where is ur evidence of such? This is not “the same standard”. If u think that then u must be remedial in comprehension. I said that if u or anyone else can not grasp why “Black Lives Matter” is called such then to not waste time explaining. It’s like if u r told that 2 + 2 = 4 and u continue to disagree then I am forced to let u be stupid. U however have said an outright lie and put a smiley face on the end. That is nowhere near the same thing. Are u stupid or are u a troll b/c with the evidence u have provided there are only 2 options.

    • Posted by AlSween, at Reply

      Point proven. U don’t want to understand so that is a waste of time. Did I ever say anybody hated blacks and I choose to not explain or understand? No, I said the opposite. I said that if YOU (meaning those who are argumentative against this simple message of BLM) refuse to understand what has been explained for several years now, then u have an active desire TO NOT want to understand or you are trolling. Not that you hate blacks. Read it… repeat it… understand it. This is not discrete math. It is very simple to grasp what I said. False equivalency is what u just did.

    • Posted by Pantaleon Pizzaparte, at Reply

      BLM is wrong all the way down. The reality is that the big story over the past couple of years should be that of white non hispanic males aged 45-54 who are experiencing a decrease in life expectancy, increase in deaths from suicide and substance abuse. This is a reversal in quality of life unknown of in developed nations and instead of talking about that (the lives of these white people) we are constantly going on about police brutality despite the fact that those numbers have been on a trend downwards over the same span of time that white deaths have been going through the roof. So, in fact, on the problem of which racialized lives are under risk, technically BLM is dead wrong, and that’s according to stats. The reality is that videos of police brutality against black people fits a certain narrative, while that of white men, who are supposedly the representatives of the cis, normative, colonial, whatever lefty term you want patriarchy, do not fit any of the identity politics paradigms.

  14. Posted by Darksider, at Reply

    A black man murders and another black man on Easter, posts it on Facebook. Yet you want to talk about BLM!? Are you serious? If TyT actually cared about black people they would talk about the black on black crime epidemic. TyT is racist towards white people and black people. Disgusting!

    • Posted by Natasha V, at Reply

      Where have they alluded to white people being inferior to other races?

    • Posted by Darksider, at Reply

      +Willie Gandy You may not like the group but the study 100% legit and uses cold hard numbers and facts. The black community in America has a lot of problems and police brutality is not one of them. This attitude of sticking your heads in the sand and saying that nothing is wrong is only making things worse. If you honestly think the crime rate amoung whites and asians are anywhere near the black crime rate then your insane and have had too much TyT Kool aid. Cenk is a liar.

    • Posted by adrian anane, at Reply

      Lol let me get this straight, when its black people its an epidemic when its white its a fallacy? You people always pick and choose the stats you want to convey your flawed arguments

  15. Posted by Henry G, at Reply

    why do some white people think black lives matter or being against police BRUTALITY means anti-white?

    • Posted by xenoblad, at Reply

      abprepboy33 It’s pretty hard to murder a cop and not be convicted of a crime. The reverse is rarely punished. The law would come down on me hard if I face stomped a cop. These guys in the video will likely keep their jobs.
      The racial emphasis of BLM is a matter of accountability, not just the numbers.

    • Posted by Your Daddy, at Reply

      +abprepboy33 well been many cases of white men raping woman and getting off no jail time probation. Cops get the benefit of the doubt lol thx to cameras you whites can see how these thugs work. Case of a officer raping a man with a broomstick. Lol stories are out there your just to stupid to know the world around you. White privilege=white ignorance. Was also a story of a cop who raped multiple woman. Where do you live? From what i heard you must live on another planet or your just not very perceptive of reality.

    • Posted by Mills RomE, at Reply

      Because all races have been in that same situation, not just blacks

    • Posted by Your Daddy, at Reply

      +Mills RomE yes all races have been in the situation buuuut blacks get it more than others. Lol america right now are anti muslim anti mexican trust itll come back around after things cool down. I love how ppl like you downplay our struggle. Other races have had it bad nothing like how blacks have suffered its no comparison.

  16. Posted by Morrius07, at Reply

    I completely disagree. As a black man, I believe All Lives Matter would be a much better alternative.

    • Posted by dariusbrule48, at Reply

      Morrius07 that’s corny

    • Posted by Morrius07, at Reply

      Yes, why focus on one cancer? My grandfather died of testicular cancer but why don’t we get rallies and pretty pink ribbons asking to find a cure for it? by singling out one issue it ignores the other issues.

    • Posted by PHILL SHIVELY, at Reply

      Sure Do

    • Posted by Ethan Clark, at Reply

      Why should there be a Breast Cancer awareness march why not just a cancer march where breast cancer is addressed.

  17. Posted by Julio Barbosa, at Reply

    You guys don’t get it. Green lives matter. It’s not about race, rather the size of your bank account.

    • Posted by Julio Barbosa, at Reply

      +Mike Vincent I Google their names because I’ve never heard of them. So, I’m oblivious to your question.

    • Posted by Mike Vincent, at Reply

      If you don’t know;

      Tim Scott is a prominent black politician who voiced last year that he’s been harassed several times by police even as a politician. He’s in the upper class.

      Dr. Henry Louis Gates is Obama’s best friend who was harassed and abused by police in his own house in Cambridge, MA. Obama brought him and the officer to the white house and asked for an apology from the officer and the officer refused not to.

      This is NOT about police brutality. It’s about terrorism. White police officers going around attacking non-white people.

    • Posted by Mike Vincent, at Reply

      Dr. Henry Louis Gates was harassed in his own house! He wasn’t on the street corner with his pants sagging. This is a world renowned prominent figure and a friend of the president of the united states. If a person that high on the chain of command is not safe from being targeted then it has nothing to do with money.

      The fact that you don’t know either Tim Scott or Dr. Henry Louis Gates tells me you shouldn’t be having this conversation at all.