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Why You Rarely Hear About Net Neutrality On MSNBC


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NBC REALLY does not intend to discuss web nonpartisanship. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section listed below.

" Comcast Corporation has actually spent numerous bucks on Legislative lobbying on the issue of web neutrality the last a number of years, without its 3 news divisions– NBC News, CNBC and also MSNBC– disclosing their business's investing on the on the internet provision, inning accordance with an investigation by TYT National politics.

Comcast is among the most significant doubters of internet nonpartisanship in its current form, because the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) elected to reclassify broadband, from Net Expert (ISPs), as a telecom service in 2015. But you would not understand the media titan's concern in the direction of the prominent internet regulation if you followed their information departments over the last number of years. Nor would certainly you be mindful of Comcast's extravagant lobbyist spending on the on-line provision– prior to as well as after the election of Donald Trump to the White House– if you saw the protection of their news programs." *.

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Young Turk (n), 1. Youthful modern or insurgent member of an organization, motion, or political celebration. 2. A young adult that rebels versus authority or social assumptions.( American Heritage Thesaurus).

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  1. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    TYT seem to be the only people who truly are fighting for the American Constitution as a whole. Right wing cucks only seem to care about their guns. Just look at everyone who has made fun of Trump and how their freedom of speech has been trampled on like with Cathy Griffon. TYT are for freedom and justice!

    • Posted by Shade Bleu, at Reply

      Says the bot of Buffalo.

    • Posted by Ulrna, at Reply

      They fight for the establishment and status quo, Cenk requested that his viewers voted for Hillary. They also don’t criticise the black block, TYT is a joke.

  2. Posted by Andy Fruth, at Reply

    Because MSNBC is a right-wing, neoliberal propaganda machine. The alt-rightist preferred choice for low information, corporatist brainwashing

    • Posted by bongo155, at Reply

      MSNBC is socially left but economically extreme right wing. They’re allowed to be progressive on issues that won’t hinder the parent company raping the people for huge profits.

    • Posted by Andy Fruth, at Reply

      bongo155 Gaslighting is worse than just lying. Madcow, for example, is worse than crony globalist Bannon, who’s lying, racist agenda is easy to see thru

  3. Posted by davidgomez79, at Reply

    Cenk uses the internet for goat porn

    • Posted by mitos meios, at Reply

      goats are cute.

    • Posted by BatMashUps, at Reply

      +davidgomez79 – doesn’t everyone?

    • Posted by Julius Roh, at Reply

      The most frequently watched being about goat bukkake, featuring your mother.

  4. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Trumptads will gladly sell their internet history and internet speeds to mega corporations. They are brainwashed sheep.

    • Posted by Johnnyc drums, at Reply

      How does Cenk get away with claiming the internet is free?
      Do you believe that fairy tale?
      I don’t know about you, but I have to pay more for faster speed as it is now. How is it going to make my situation worse?
      Maybe I’ll end up paying less because I take up less bandwidth than exceptionally high data heavy Netflix down loaders.
      The data heavy users want to hog all the space and pretend everything is equal across the board.
      Nothing to see here folks, move along.
      They are paying the same but grabbing a bigger piece of the pie.
      Actually it’s more like this; they pay for one piece of pie, eat the whole pie and grab a spare one on the way out the door.

  5. Posted by Raiku Anime II, at Reply

    What a surprise! A Liberal “woman” (Rachel Maddow) that looks like a man. Never seen that before…

    • Posted by Marcos Moreno, at Reply

      VampireKing666 What a surprise, trumptards don’t know what they are talking about or even what they’re doing here in the first place!

    • Posted by FreyjaTheWarrior, at Reply

      She’s more of a man than you’ll ever be at any rate.

    • Posted by VampireKing666, at Reply

      +Marcos Moreno ‘Top 5 Games for Jerking Off’ plus you’re a ‘Sonic’ lover? The verdict is you’re an omega cuck.

    • Posted by Camille Lake, at Reply

      Are you getting paid, by the word or the general stupidity of the sentence? Because this little “performance” of yours, is really starting to come off as fake.

  6. Posted by B J, at Reply

    If Rachel Maddow grew her hair out she’d look sexy.

    • Posted by Camille Lake, at Reply

      Because he’s paid to think she’s disgusting. That’s why?

    • Posted by Ernie Z, at Reply

      B J whaaaat?:)) Rachel Maddows appearance combined with her voice makes me going away from her

  7. Posted by ceci clarke, at Reply

    John Oliver did a really great piece on net neutrality as well.

    • Posted by vandorb12, at Reply

      ceci clarke That one piece really got a lot of the momentum Title II needed. A bit of humor goes a long way!

  8. Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

    TYT = Fake News Fake Subs Fake Likes and one big fake nose.

    • Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

      Edward Moran show proof. you have 5 minutes.

    • Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

      TYTs entire backlog of videos.

  9. Posted by Arnold Strong Numero Uno, at Reply

    The Most Trusted Name In News is not MSNBC.

    • Posted by crazybutcrazy 1919, at Reply

      Arnold Strong Numero Uno The more the better.

  10. Posted by Conor McGoat, at Reply

    Cenk looks extra oily today. Ana must have fed him loads of his favorite bacon grease.

    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      Conor McGoat You Steven Crowder Bots are mentally ill.

    • Posted by Jack Ban, at Reply

      Conor McGoat, what the hell does that have to do with the subject of this video?

    • Posted by TheMadMattster, at Reply

      even though i realize this is some right wing troll comment and is bullshit, it was kinda funny actually lol

  11. Posted by Max Coller, at Reply

    I used to like Rachel Maddow but her show is basically unwatchable these days. It’s pretty much ‘The Russia Show’ for ~45 mins.

    • Posted by TheTooginator, at Reply

      Max Coller In Europe, schools teach children how to identify trolls. One easy way is when someone says “I used to watch The ______ News Show but now I hate it because of ______”. During the 2008 and 2012 elections, trolls frequently wrote “I used to be a Democrat, but Obama is so bad, I have become a hard-core Republican”. This is called “the bandwagon effect” – an attempt to make it look like “MANY reasonable people” are so angry about something, they change their opinion 180 degrees. This NEVER happens in reality.

      In REALITY, Americans are watching Rachel Maddow in record numbers because they LIKE her reports about Russia.

    • Posted by TheTooginator, at Reply

      Peter Mogensen Bingo! You are exactly right. The Russia story is very complicated and takes a long time to explain the background – which Rachel Maddow does extremely well.

      Net neutrality is a very important issue, but it’s a moot point if America loses its democracy.

      Cenk is right that net neutrality needs more air time, but I don’t see TYT exploring how TYT’s “Bernie or Bust” position helped elect Trump, or how many Russian-generated fake news stories TYT ran as “real news”. I hope TYT didn’t do that, but I doubt it.

    • Posted by Peter Mogensen, at Reply

      > Net neutrality is a very important issue, but it’s a moot point if America loses its democracy.

      Well… it’s tied together… however… Loss of Net Neutrality in the US will not mean Europe also looses it. (although it becomes more likely).
      You could end up in a scenario where European business benefits from a free Internet in Europe.

      However, … if the US becomes a full fledged Russian style oligarchy (in which net neutrality is a factor) the future also looks bleak for Europe.

      Bascially … Americans need to get their act together and return to what used to make the US an example for the free world in terms of democracy and freedom. This goes for the authoritarian freedom-of-speech hating SJW left as well as the fact-free corrupt religious right.
      Right now the US is no example for anyone.

  12. Posted by genYprogressive83, at Reply

    Comcast wants to gut Net Neutrality. You are never going to hear Rachael Maddow AKA…. The girl that cried Russia. Ever talk about Net Neutrality.

    • Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

      genYprogressive83 Because MSNBC is owned by Comcast and wants to get rid of net neutrality

  13. Posted by Max Fischer, at Reply

    TYT = paid for by the people, representing the people. the least corrupt news org in America

    • Posted by TheMadMattster, at Reply

      this is no longer the case as of 2015 i believe. They did have a partnership for a little while but no longer. They’d be a lot bigger if they were funded by a foreign government. I doubt they’d criticize Saudi Arabia at all, or have auxiliary or related channels like Secular Talk who do this often if Qatar were still in the picture or as much as you say. They were part of Al Gore’s network for awhile though but that is no longer the case as well.

    • Posted by Bubba Mike, at Reply

      Max Fischer you moron, they’re funded by Qatar

    • Posted by Lonely Wolf, at Reply

      no! you are all wrong! TYT is funded by the Cobras! and skeletor !

    • Posted by Woo Cheol Shin, at Reply

      I guess that means either you’re an idiot or you’re not “people”.

  14. Posted by Dale H, at Reply

    these trolls tryin to tear down tyt so that only alex jones and the rest of the actual *FAKE NEWS* are the only one that remain. we’re on to you.

    • Posted by George kush, at Reply

      Zero time for fun Armenian genocide lol

    • Posted by George kush, at Reply

      Zero time for fun there brainwashing us to kill Armenians

    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      Zero time for fun They have talked about. If you watch the post show you will see how emotional Ana was because people like you send her family death threats and stalk them.

  15. Posted by justmemadison, at Reply

    Reading the comments is unbelievable. It’s either bots or this country has some of the dumbest assholes in the world. The pettiness — adults acting like grade school children calling people names and making derogatory comments about their looks. It’s hard to imagine anything dumber. It’s pathetic — people are proud to be juvenile and mean. Not sure what they gain from it or who they think they’re impressing; it’s just embarrassing.

    • Posted by Natasha Cook, at Reply

      justmemadison I couldn’t like this comment enough. bless u.

    • Posted by Aaron Humphreys, at Reply

      I suspect bots are pretty common, but brigading is even more common. Ever notice that certain topics quadruple (or more) the number of comments? Ever see one of of the comments sections where every single top comment is from a conservative?

      Now how would that happen on a progressive channel? They come here in droves from a separate site that aggregates which liberal sites are talking about which topics. They then flood the comments to try and make it seem like people are opposed to that topic. Can you imagine being that insecure?

    • Posted by Aes Sedai, at Reply

      Maturity is at a premium these days.

    • Posted by Aes Sedai, at Reply

      Aaron Humphreys, exactly.

    • Posted by Saraza, at Reply

      Their ideals so fragile they crumple with a gust of wind. So they attack with name calling and a ‘fake news’ label for they can’t construct any argument beyond talking points, false equivalences, alternative facts, hate, and a #MAGA.

      Must be hard when you have to attack any other news organization that’s not in line with your views because it could possible sway you or others into considering other perspectives.

  16. Posted by snow fox, at Reply

    It’s sad that we have to fight for Net Neutrality every year they really need to put a lock on it and tell the ISP’s to suck it up and to shut up.

    • Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

      snow fox No they need to tell Verizon and Comcast to shut up as they are the only ones pushing for it

  17. Posted by justmemadison, at Reply

    This is an important issue for everyone in this country…around the world actually. People need to pay attention and contact their state representatives as well as the FCC. Be mad at Cenk and hate TYT on other video’s…this is important.

  18. Posted by Woo Cheol Shin, at Reply

    Poor Trumptards… they don’t even realize that loss of net neutrality would end up in slow-down silencing of their beloved Breitbart and Alex Jones by the big money MSM mega-corporations.

    • Posted by TheMadMattster, at Reply

      its ironic because Jones was pro net neutrality back in 2012 but a few years later he flips and becomes Trump’s ball washing boy.

  19. Posted by Adrian Brown, at Reply

    Internet Elitism