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Will Terrorist Attack Sway French Election?


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The French political election is boiling down to the cord. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Michael Shure, and also Amna Nawaz, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us just what you believe in the remark area listed below.

" Donald Trump has provided a tacit endorsement of Marine Le Pen in the French presidential political election, explaining the far-right leader as the "best" prospect in the first-round vote this Sunday.

The US president told the Associated Press that although he was not "clearly endorsing" the leader of the Front National, she was the "strongest on borders, and also she's the best on exactly what's been taking place in France."

" Whoever is the most difficult on radical Islamic terrorism, and also whoever is the most difficult at the borders, will succeed in the election," he said.

Usually, US presidents prevent conjecture on overseas elections. Yet Trump recommended his opinion was no different from other: "Everyone is making predictions on that is mosting likely to win. I'm no various than you."" *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Michael Shure, Amna NawazCast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Michael Shure, Amna Nawaz.


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  1. Posted by Luis R., at Reply

    Viva La Pen!

    • Posted by mikelon6343, at Reply

      i think you do, get over yourself. Getting the idiot you want shouldnt overshadow the safety of France.

    • Posted by Owl, at Reply

      1) It’s vive, not viva. French, not Spanish.
      2) It’s Le Pen, not La Pen.

    • Posted by Royce NumbaIX, at Reply

      Luis R. viva la pen frexit! just like brexit that guy on the left does not know a thing last time obama told the uk to stay in the eu we lol at him hes a joke and we voted brexit what a idiot he is come on france! and the tyt are so dumb when it comes to europe

    • Posted by BlunderCity, at Reply

      +Durodes Duvo
      _”What makes Le Pen a nut job?”_

      1- She want French job applicants to have priority over foreign job applicants and tax companies that employ foreigners: It’s obviously a dumb idea, what matters is that the best candidate is hired. That’s what maximises profits for the company, hence investment for future economic growth. But she’s too economically illiterate to understand how basic economics work.

      2- She wants to close the borders of the country which would be a huge hit to the economy and provide very little extra security. It’s obvious that the efficient thing to do is police the external borders of the European Union, not the borders of France.

      3- She wants to leave the euro despite the fact that this would be economic suicide and more than 70% of French people are opposed to it (and an incredible 30% of her own supporters). Yeah cos people aren’t crazy, they don’t wanna vote for their own financial ruin.

      4- Given the fact that investors would be fleeing the country the day she is elected, France wouldn’t be able to borrow on world markets, because of the capital controls that would have to be instituted. Her solution? Print money! Sure, that will work. The last time we did that was during the French Revolution 220 years ago and that led to hyperinflation.

      5- She thinks that mosques being full and some people having to pray outside is the same thing as Nazi occupation. Yeah, she really did say that!

      6- She thinks France was not responsible for the deportation of Jews to Nazi Germany because the real France was the government in exile of Charles de Gaulle in London, not the Vichy regime. Nice try!

      7- She’s surrounded by members of violent, anti-semintic far right groups, such as GUD. Not really any surprise since her party was founded to be the political arm of “Ordre Nouveau”, a violent neo-fascist group active in the 1970s.

      She’s a cuck, believe me!

  2. Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

    Damn im early better make a joke

    Moderate Rebels

    • Posted by Halo CE Magnum, at Reply

      I saw first responders using water to wash them off, (Sarin is incredibly soluble in water.) Besides maybe the First responders just didn’t have the equipment. And they were all like, “I don’t care if this kills me i’m going to save as many lives as i can.”
      So then ISIS just wheeled barrels of (I guess it would be Chlorine gas if its not Sarin) into the streets and then detonated them.
      Then wouldn’t there have been a whole bunch of Witnesses who would have said, “Yeah I saw those ISIS dudes with there Turbans wheeling in these Barrels that exploded, Also it totally wasn’t Sarin, all i had to do was put a wet cloth over my mouth to protect from the Chlorine And i was fine. Actually it’s really weird so many people died… Chlorine gas attacks are kind of common, why didn’t more people know what to do?”
      If you have a source for someone saying this i would love to hear it.

      Regardless though, you really can’t deny that the Syrian government has been Barrel bombing civilian populations to try and get terrorists (or rebels). I mean it really reminds me of Gaza and Israel that way the conflict is going over there.

    • Posted by Dead-Owl 911, at Reply

      Why would assad bomb his own territory when he’s winning the war? He’s a bad guy and I don’t doubt he’s done it in the past but this specific incident is fishy. Especially considering the us response where we bombed an airfield in response… and did minimum damage dispite our capabilities to do otherwise.

    • Posted by Don The Con, at Reply

      Halo CE Magnum ISIS and “moderate rebels” have been using chemical weapons throughout this war. Chlorine gas and all sorts. But it doesn’t fit the “dae freedomers(read: jihadists) fighting da evil bad man(secularist assad)” narrative so it gets fiercely underreported


  3. Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

    TYT is garbage, they want men to share locker rooms with girls… showering and changing clothes along side each other… shame. #LoserCenk #BaconGrease Armenian genocide denying scumbag.

    • Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

      Try to stay on topic, moron.

    • Posted by Erik Haegert, at Reply

      why not?

    • Posted by Erik Haegert, at Reply

      isnt the genocide a consequence of your inferiority?

    • Posted by J.A.M James, at Reply

      They deny Pizza gate, never are open to debate, and are extremely bias! #TRUMP2020 #LoserCenk Tyt is trash!

  4. Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

    Hey cenk looks like you gained a few

    • Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump i think you make up 30% of tyt’s total comments just by yourself go clean your vag it has a fishy odor coming off of it through my phone and into my winner nostrils #november8th

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      Meaty Clackers she does comment on every troll comment lmao

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      Bacon Grease

    • Posted by david toh, at Reply

      Tyrion L, dont assume ze’s gender.

  5. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    In France, where I have lived for most of my life, people really like Le Pen. I must say that TYT are not being honest in this video.

    • Posted by Greeny202a, at Reply

      Jacob Hansen The progressive movement itself is not honest. TYT has always been a bunch of lying scumbags, the question is are they being lying scumbags to grab viewers to their insanity or are they actually extremist apologists? If the latter is true they should have to face the authorities.

    • Posted by Yzabel Braun, at Reply

      Dead-Owl 911 EU citizenship does not exist.

    • Posted by Dead-Owl 911, at Reply

      +Yzabel Braun I know but I was trying to find a way to describe the freedom of movement the eu provides.

  6. Posted by EMPEROR OF THE SJWs, at Reply


    • Posted by Mario Quade, at Reply

      +Cosmodin What’s sensible about wanting the far-left to win an election? Why is it any better than the extreme on the other side?

    • Posted by guillaume Acts 17:11, at Reply

      Sexist, Patriarchal white male!!!!!

    • Posted by Cosmodin, at Reply

      +Mario Quade Mélenchon is not “far left”. He’s the only progressive candidate who has a real shot to the second round of the election.

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      “be nice to muslims or they will kill you”
      Japan and South Korea do not have that many terrorist attacks… not many muslims

    • Posted by Maxi rède, at Reply

      Actually, in the second round polls, Macron is ahead of Le Pen 30 points, Fillon is up 10 points and Melenchon 20 points.
      #Macron2017 #LaFranceEnMarche

  7. Posted by Sean Slowik, at Reply

    I hope Melenchon makes it into the second round as it would be nice for France to have a truly left-wing option for their presidency, America never got that chance.

    • Posted by sculas12, at Reply

      Halo CE Magnum Industries don’t need billionaires and ridiculous dividend profits to be innovative. A plethora of nationalized French industries have produced the finest technologies. The Minitel, the Ariane program, Air France and airbus with the Concorde and airbus planes etc etc

    • Posted by Halo CE Magnum, at Reply

      But all the companies you just mentioned made lots of money off of their innovation. That’s why they chose to innovate in France and not like, Cuba or Vietnam.
      Also Airbus was not nationalized, it is a multi national company. As far as i am aware neither was Minitel. And Air France has lost money every year since 2011. And the Ariane Rocket although innovative is not really a profit center for France. (still an amazing piece of tech though.)

      What is the point of making something cool if all the money you made by creating that thing is just going to be taken from you. It’s your invention, or business so why should you have to pay 100% of the ridiculous amount money you make off of it? Why not just leave France’s taxes behind and go elsewhere?
      I mean look at the USA, Silicon Valley is absolutely massive and the tech industry there is huge. It’s big because people know that when they work hard and come up with cool ideas they can get rich, without that incentive i doubt they would be doing that.

      I am still back to the same question, what is going to prevent all the millionaires and billionaires from leaving, and when they do how will the government deal with the shortfall in tax-revenue.

    • Posted by Ben Shapiro, at Reply


  8. Posted by Darksider, at Reply

    Le pen is mightier than the sword!

    • Posted by asdfasdf, at Reply

      Liberals are so cancer. Look how the migrant plans working out for Europe. I guess 55% of europeans wanting to ban all Muslims from muslim majority countries are now racist and only 12% are not racist.

    • Posted by Kyle Schoeppner, at Reply

      And Rothschild Rockefeller sors etc. Arent nazi. Literally Rockefeller bragged about his family being anti-semetic. The amount of ignorance and flase info the left belvies in is mind blowing.

    • Posted by Kyle Schoeppner, at Reply

      Yes because having Muslim immigrants has had a positive impact on Europe. Yep yep yep.

    • Posted by BlackLabelSlushie, at Reply

      Complete lie…

  9. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    i really hope the french people vote for Emmanuel Macron because he’s actually sane and a rational human being, Marine le Pen is crazy and just as bad as her father, she just puts on a nicer face for the public, some of the time.

    • Posted by He who entertains, at Reply

      rouge1ful Macron? Wasn’t that the guy who said the french people should get used to terror attacks yesterday? Don’t get your hopes up after that statement…

    • Posted by BlunderCity, at Reply

      _”a corporate puppet”_

      How is encouraging entrepreneurship being a corporate puppet? It’s pretty much the opposite, he champions small businesses and that’s exactly what we need.

      _”propped by Hollande”_

      Oh really? That despite the fact that he stabbed him, resigned from his government and publicly opposed him? You seem to know nothing about French politics.

      “die from Islam”

      Whatever makes you hard dude, that’s not my problem.

  10. Posted by RORAMVS3, at Reply

    I love how the republican trolls, keep bringing this incident up for TYT not reporting it at the very second it happen. Then when they do report it, they find something else to complain about.

    Right-Wing Republicucks are a cancer to mankind.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      I am Screen capturing your Muslim terrorist threats and will be reporting you to the NSA/FBI and Mossad
      Americans and Israel will defeat you Cross Dressing child rapist muslim terrorist thugs
      Trump will send Navy Seals to drag you off to GITMO
      Women and Jews are Superior to you
      your hero SHITLER was a Rapist PIG
      i will be posting your terrorist threats in a video i am working on

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      isis and alqueada is main stream islam
      why do you have sex with sheep?

    • Posted by Ben Shapiro, at Reply

      Kill yourself.

  11. Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

    Make France Great Again

    • Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

      Idarkphoenixl, Everyone to the left of Pailn is a far left to you people. See? I can do that too.

    • Posted by slothkingn1, at Reply

      Perhaps because Bernie is actually not that far left. It’s a matter of perspective and the overton window but traditionally he’d be seen as a run of the mill democrat.

    • Posted by Look A G, at Reply

      Melanoma Trump this is the perfect slogan

    • Posted by CountDruckula, at Reply

      @IdarkphoenixI va te faire foutre

    • Posted by Jim Lovell, at Reply

      Go Le Pen!!!!!!

  12. Posted by Augusto Pinochet, at Reply

    Literally blaming french conservative for ISIS attacks. Cenk has hit a new low.

    • Posted by sylezjusz, at Reply

      @Mobeen Ismail no one sane will think that Islamist terrorist represents you or majority of other Muslims. Islamist is someone trying to impose his views on others, not to be confused with regular Muslims who want to live in peace. I’m fully aware that it is mostly Muslims who fight ISIS on the front lines in Iraq and Syria. My comment was about trying to legitimise terrorists by saying they were radicalised by rightwingers and not because they firmly believe that all infidels need to die.

    • Posted by Patternicity, at Reply

      except he didn’t

  13. Posted by Michael Madsen, at Reply

    Will TYT ever admit that there is a specific problem within the Muslim community?

    • Posted by Patternicity, at Reply

      sovereign citizens killing cops are not lone wolf incidents. also a lot of terrorist attack are lone wolves. like the truck ones, or orlando.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      +Patternicity Black kill cops more and those trucks and Orlando shooting are affiliated with ISIS.

    • Posted by shinobi lb, at Reply

      with Chunk the turd eater running TYT, that will never happen…since all people working for him are cucks

  14. Posted by Political Ren, at Reply

    “Isis loves when you vote right wingers” lol that’s a stretch cenk

    • Posted by Political Ren, at Reply

      MrCrazyLeprechaun and obama didn’t love dropping drone strikes on people?

    • Posted by Derek C, at Reply

      Obama isn’t left wing

    • Posted by MrCrazyLeprechaun, at Reply

      Course he did. But Trump raised the bar by over 400% so that arguments got no legs to stand on.

  15. Posted by Dan B, at Reply

    Frankly I want Le Pen to win
    US is different to Europe
    Europe taking in all these refugees and migrants has been so bad

    • Posted by Phila, at Reply

      Dan B then stop blaming brown people without understanding the nuances. That’s racist. And what I said was racist? It was factual. What’s racists is what you said about people of color.

    • Posted by Phila, at Reply

      Dan B did you forget about the amount of terrorism that is committed in the name of Christianity by white supremacist regularly? You’re so misinformed. Go back listening to Alex jones

    • Posted by Dan B, at Reply

      Phila we don’t have crazy Christians in Europe
      Most of us are atheist

  16. Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

    “A vote for the right wing helps terrorism” You know what also helps terrorists, Cenk? Letting them into the country. So by your logic, a vote for the left wing helps terrorism because they want to bring in more refugee’s as part of the “multiculti diversity is our strength” utopia.

    • Posted by Ti esrever dna ti pilf nwod gniht ym tup, at Reply

      +Heisenberg it’s not so much a border security problem as an insane leftist ideology problem. they want to reintegrate the isis fighters into european society. those men would not have gone to fight for isis if they were integrated in the first place and it’s less likely they’ll integrate after going to chop off heads and rape sex slaves. the european left are nuts.

    • Posted by MoppyPuppy, at Reply

      Also did you notice what Cenk was tacitly admitting?
      The Muslims of Europe will be more likely to join ISIS, a possibility that Cenk holds exclusively on the Muslim community.
      Don’t have to worry about any other community *_joining ISIS_* if their political party of choice loses.

    • Posted by Peter Lorimer, at Reply

      As far as I am aware not a single one of the parents, or grandparents of the people who have committed these outrageous acts of terrorism in France, the United kingdom or any other part of Europe or indeed in the USA has been charged with, much less convicted of indoctrinating their children /grandchildren into committing any act of terrorism. In fact quite the opposite would appear to be true. Most all of the people who have sired or given birth to these terrorists have been reported to be law abiding types. Of course if you know different then I’ll stand corrected. Oh and please refrain from the verbal abuse. It’s not smart, it’s not clever and does little for the conversation. Thank you bye.

  17. Posted by Malik Jones, at Reply


    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      Le Pen is a French Patriot
      hitler was a Demonic child rapist pig
      American troops Crushed your Rapist hero SHITLER
      it was Jewish Warrior Babe who made hitler Bow to her feet and beg for its life

    • Posted by sculas12, at Reply

      We won’t let her.

    • Posted by Martin Speed, at Reply

      +freedombase The logical thing to do is elect a patriot who denies a French role in the holocaust.

    • Posted by TheRefractingOne, at Reply

      If Le Pen loses, we’re blaming it on institutionalized sexism in French politics and Patriarchy.

    • Posted by Maxi rède, at Reply

      +Malik Jones
      Are you even French? If not please bugger off we don’t want another Petain.

  18. Posted by Playster, at Reply

    I don’t get how everyone called Le Pen “far right”. She wants higher minimum wage, wants to lower retirement age and increase welfare spending. That seems very lefty to me

    • Posted by sculas12, at Reply

      The Front National was never left. It has set up make believe popular economic policies wrapped with “patriotism”. They were pro Regan and they had similar economic policies that neoliberals a few years ago. They are inconsistent and just try to surf the political wave.

    • Posted by Harmony Alexandria, at Reply

      Most ultra-nationalistic parties in Europe are a combination of far right and far left ideologies, comes with being populist, it’s all about taking care of *their* people, while exculding or going after *other*, be they migrants or bankers/business/the establishment.

      The leading “left” wing canidate is what Americans would consider a corporate democrat, he’s for immigration and protecting minorities, but economically, he’s a conservative(by french standards).

    • Posted by Tomasz Miecznikowski, at Reply

      They’re far right because most nationalistic parties are economically populistic (at least until they get to power). Only in US of A far right is economically “libertarian” (which btw in rest of the world means “anarchist” ie. the far left). Besides, fascists always hide behind left-leaning economic promises to lure in working class. Ofcourse fascists loose all the pretenses of economic populism as soon as they are in power.

    • Posted by NYC DEPLORABLE, at Reply

      Playster I guess I’d consider my self far right in the European sense because I support those things. I’m American though. our far right is cultural populism and economic neoliberalism. I prefer cultural populism and economic nationalism. closest thing to that before trump was ross perot and his movement