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Will Trump Pardon Paul Manafort?


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Would he get away with it if he tried? Cenk Uygur, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Inform us what you assume in the comment area below. Join TYT:

" Appearing on CNN's State of the Union, previous UNITED STATE Attorney Preet Bharara stated that Special Advise Robert Mueller will be keeping an eager eye on just how Head of state Donald Trump reacts to the charges being passed on– as well as apprehensions expected to be made on Monday– prior to making his next relocation.

Consulting with host Jake Tapper, Bharara– who was rejected by Trump– claimed the Trump's history suggests he could lash back, and that could be telling.

" We know from background, at the very least from numerous months, that the president of the USA has strong responses to public events, even events that have actually been brought on by his own actions," Bharara discussed. "So after he fired Jim Comey, he took place television with [NBC's] Lester Holt and also claimed some points that were incriminating in connection with an obstruction investigation. He claimed he fired Comey with, being on his mind, facts related to a Russia examination."" *.
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  1. Posted by krissrock, at Reply

    it’s “if’s and’s or but’s”

  2. Posted by Hijiku Brynjar, at Reply

    So many “conservatives” posting here, how’s the weather in Russia?

  3. Posted by Tony Tony, at Reply

    So IF any POTUS uses his Constitutional authority, he should be impeached? Lol

  4. Posted by frank beans, at Reply

    it is a nothing burger wait and watch.

  5. Posted by Alexandre Miguel Pedro Gomes, at Reply

    One thing that seems to escape people’s attention is the fact that Russian collusion might still be happening. If the Russians are feeding dirt about congress republicans to Trump, then he might already have all of them under his thumb.
    Knowing how cheesy he can be, he will probably pick “King in the North I” as his king name.

  6. Posted by Nobody From Nowhere, at Reply

    I wonder what you gona do protest?

  7. Posted by playerx2006, at Reply

    Hillary don’t look so crooked now, does she.

  8. Posted by Kip Birgen, at Reply

    Trump won’t be able to pardon him. His charges are state charges

  9. Posted by Alvin Sawdust, at Reply

    Trump can only pardon Manafort after his guilty conviction. Manafort will sing like a canary before that happens.

  10. Posted by XmenMagnetoAcolytes, at Reply

    On Fox News they are now saying Manafort worked for Podesta not Trump LOL. so I am guessing he wont pardon Manafort bc of the newest dodge but he flips so much in his lies so still could be possible LMAO. He is saving it for himself.

  11. Posted by RMJ1984, at Reply

    Obviously Trump will be impeached if he Pardons anyone in this investigation or fires Mueller right right? sigh.. Its scary, its really scary.

  12. Posted by Robert Graham, at Reply


  13. Posted by Solidus, at Reply

    Preet Bharara should be the U.S. Attorney General for the next Democratic president.

  14. Posted by Kim Whitfield, at Reply

    This is the most treasonous crime in the history of the US – makes Benedict Arnold look patriotic.

  15. Posted by D.E. Sarcarean, at Reply

    Congress can not impeach a president for using a pardon. Its a constitutionally protected power.

  16. Posted by john carlson, at Reply

    Trump will resign by next year. He won’t make year 3 of his term. They will site heath reasons or some such nonsense. He will agree to leave and the deal will be no prosecution for the sake of the country. The reality show will be cancelled.

  17. Posted by Samwise Galenorn, at Reply

    Gerald Ford wasn’t impeached when he pardoned Richard Nixon.

  18. Posted by Moe 304, at Reply

    I’m British and think you Americans are retards ……letting the orange clown act a bigger idiot day by day