Winter Olympics 2018 Fails: See You On The Hill! (February 2018) | FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Winter Olympics 2018 Fails: See You On The Hill! (February 2018) | FailArmy


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The Wintertime Olympics are after us, and also we thought we would certainly share some funny winter season cannot commemorate. Appreciate some humorous snowboarding stops working, snowboarding stops working, and also far more! Would certainly you ever before try the skeletal system? Appears like you're established to fall short with that said event! Let us understand in the remarks listed below!!


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Video clips:

Man Faceplants While Snowboarding Downhill
Skier Faceplants While Trying to Backflip
Snowboarder Can't Grind on Rail
Woman Faceplants in Snow
Youngster Cannot Land Small Ski Jump
Man Attempting Heli-Skiing Immediately Hits Rocks and Sheds Ski
Parent Trips and also Falls While Teaching Kid How You Can Ski
Individual Cannot Flaunt While Winter sports
Person Attempts to Ride Sled Down Slide
Lady Flies off Tall Slide
Skier Jumps and also Faceplants Snow
Swan Dive Snow Wipeout
Pet Dog Tackles Lady in Snow
Woman Falls right into Snow in Bikini
Skiers Faceplants Snow
Bulldog Falls in Snow
Individuals "Swim" in Snow
Pet Sinks into Deep Snow
Woman Tosses Snow in Face
Snow Tuber Flies into Shrub
Skier Collisions right into Snow Bank
Skydiver Faceplants into Snow
Snowboarder Faceplants Into Snow Ramp
Snow Tubing Into Creek
Skier Mistakenly Dives into Snow
Snow Canoe Downhill into Lake
Lady Dives into Layers of Snow
Snowboard Jumper Crashes in Snow
Individual in Underclothing Dives into Snow
Snow Roofing Loss
Girl Studies Snow Pile
Skier Collisions on Big Air Dive
Skier Falls on to Back
Skier Flies uncontrollable
Skier Attempts To Do Backflip for the First Time
Skier Tries to Turn
Crinkling Professional Athlete Knocked Down By Curling Stone
Man Fails Backflip on Ice Rink
Guy Flies off Ramp on Sled
Hockey Gamer Jumps through Glass
Hockey Player Trips Over Chair
Homemade Sled Tips over at Finish Line
Ice Skater Slips and Landed On Rink

Winter Season Olympics 2018 Stops Working: See You On Capital! (February 2018)|FailArmy

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  1. Posted by Adam Hanic, at Reply


  2. Posted by MR. ZEUS YT, at Reply

    1 St view
    Yessss finally I got it πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜βœŒοΈπŸ‘

    • Posted by Samu Tulla, at Reply

      MR. ZEUS YT no you DIDN,T

    • Posted by Gabriel Brearley, at Reply

      You fucken wish mate

  3. Posted by LOGISCHER, at Reply


  4. Posted by Hey There, at Reply

    You all right buddy?

    Yep, I’m good πŸ‘πŸΌ

    • Posted by Guti by LuCrew, at Reply

      Hello πŸ˜‚I’m laughing

    • Posted by Opica Sunka, at Reply

      Kind of stupid , easy to bite your tongue

    • Posted by Kazik Palec, at Reply

      yeah. Im also wondering, why they are asking if everything is fine 0,5 second after the accident or even during it. tell us, murica!

  5. Posted by Tom H, at Reply

    3:20 “I present you the backbreaker”
    3:27 “meh. I can do a better one”

  6. Posted by KUBINIO, at Reply

    who before 1k viewers?

  7. Posted by Karma Karma, at Reply

    Who else wants to going snowboarding or skiing now?

    • Posted by Mr .Waffles, at Reply

      Karma Karma I eat eggs.

    • Posted by paul paul, at Reply

      yeah, but not with you. sorry.

    • Posted by Kandyman9999, at Reply

      Karma Karma now? I always want to

  8. Posted by Detector do Vlad, at Reply

    compilade of BRAZIL

    • Posted by Rush 2112, at Reply

      Detector do Vlad e aΓ­ pessoal? Vlad na Γ‘rea!

    • Posted by Alison Marques, at Reply

      Detector do Vlad ZΓ© droginha

  9. Posted by Nick Wompton, at Reply

    0:35, No words can describe that laugh

    • Posted by Hjormel, at Reply


    • Posted by MrFaj0n, at Reply

      need a long version of that

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      That was a deep laugh. From the inner most point of that guy lol

    • Posted by Snapchat Story, at Reply

      Wow! This Olympic ringtone is beautiful 😍

    • Posted by Urban Kitsune, at Reply


  10. Posted by [Μ²Μ…YΜ²Μ…ΟƒΜ²Μ…Ο…Μ²Μ…Ρ‚Μ²Μ…Ο…Μ²Μ…bΜ²Μ…Ρ”Μ²Μ…r], at Reply

    hy-i am fromRussia

  11. Posted by mojoblues66, at Reply

    Surprisingly few dumbasses holding their smartphones vertically in this episode

  12. Posted by Mauri Vargas, at Reply


  13. Posted by Paul Cumming, at Reply

    0:24 was the biggest win of the year!

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      1,000,000%!!! He couldn’t do that again if he tried haha

    • Posted by Dale Foster, at Reply

      so why is it a fail!

    • Posted by Andrea Nebbia, at Reply

      Paul Cumming ii

    • Posted by Andrew Morton, at Reply

      My eyes nearly went through my screen when I seen that

    • Posted by Alex Jerome, at Reply

      my thoughts exactly. technically landed a frontflip

  14. Posted by Gringo Dingo, at Reply

    Not OS, Not 2018 clips.
    FailArmy is now the buzzfeed of fails.

    • Posted by tigerlilly721, at Reply

      Who said that all the clips are from 2018? The theme is Winter Olympics 2018, not that the clips are neccessarily from 2018. Read the description.

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      I AM OFFENDED!!!! BUZZFEED!? You are rude and hurtful, sir.

    • Posted by tigerlilly721, at Reply

      Barn Van die Bos whats wrong with you? No need to instult me. Shame on you.

    • Posted by tigerlilly721, at Reply

      Btw, what do you think ‘The Winter Olympics are upon us, and we thought we’d share some hilarious winter fails to celebrate’ means. When did they say explicit, that these videos are from the winter olympics 2018? Can you tell me that? Or are you only capable to insult people?

  15. Posted by Marlen Fo, at Reply

    I love this channel!

    • Posted by andrii r, at Reply

      Marlen Fo i love you too

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      Thank fam! Love you too!

  16. Posted by Joanna Wee, at Reply

    I sure it’s painful

  17. Posted by PeanuutKun, at Reply

    1:30 really?

    • Posted by Kylie Marie, at Reply

      PeanuutKun my fav clip….I can just imagine Alex dieing

    • Posted by maxman1244, at Reply

      how that conversation went
      alex: hey peter its alex
      peter: oh hey alex, hows your first big boy hill going?
      alex: i immediately hit rocks and lost a ski at the bottom…

    • Posted by Cole Tykolis, at Reply

      Does anyone know what kind of skis he has?

  18. Posted by Nicolay Elvebredd Pedersen, at Reply

    0:23 that was epic

  19. Posted by lowlize, at Reply

    3:41 How is this a fail exactly?

    • Posted by WascallyWabbit, at Reply

      lowlize how are they going to get back?

    • Posted by lowlize, at Reply

      The other side seems close enough

  20. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    What’s the worst winter olympic sport?

    • Posted by darklordzagato, at Reply

      Ice Dipping, followed by Face Planting and Slush Diving.

    • Posted by mackleboi, at Reply

      FailArmy I would say curling but u said Worst Olyimpc SPORT

    • Posted by Rangerman Ftw, at Reply


    • Posted by jumpdukejump, at Reply

      do the clips with music already have them or did you add them if so why dont you list the songs so people can find them thx

    • Posted by SteelWingsStudios, at Reply

      Peelyyy 8 swimming is summer Olympics not winter