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With Trump Taking A Backseat These Countries Are Taking The LEAD On Fighting Climate Change


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With Trump taking a backseat these countries are taking the LEAD on fighting climate change. Hosted by Francis Maxwell. See a lot more TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Posted by Sofia Rodriguez Engelbrecht, at Reply

    er… Canada’s climate leadership is mostly talk, Trudeau is approving tar sands and pipelines left and right..

    • Posted by FIRE8IRD780, at Reply

      Don’t worry Trudeau will be out by next election hopefully. He already pissed off a lot of people

    • Posted by The Zero Zero, at Reply

      Obviously cause investing so much into oil crashed our economy we should keep investing into it.

    • Posted by Inderjit Singh, at Reply

      +FIRE8IRD780 damn man. Calm down, eat a sneakers

    • Posted by stickjohnny, at Reply

      +FIRE8IRD780 I have my doubts that he will be out, but im certain that he won’t have a majority.

  2. Posted by Luis San, at Reply

    Secular talk talk quickly reported on the Manchester incident and posted it. Why are u guys slow to report this sort of news? Noticed it during the Sweden incident too. Hope u guys don’t have an agenda

    • Posted by Luis San, at Reply

      Gabthelazy yup I’m sure they did. Same thing with the egypt incident. They did a show on live but didn’t post it on their channel.

    • Posted by Luis San, at Reply

      I’m not American or in America. This is the one of the biggest news in the world at the moment. I just find it weird that they didn’t prioritize reporting on it and posting it immediately.

    • Posted by Kat Sam, at Reply

      They don’t want to admit that islamic terror and the islamification of the west is a problem

    • Posted by Jim Graham, at Reply

      Because, it’s not. You are still more likely to be killed by ROCKS FALLING FROM SPACE than by a foreign born terrorist and still thousands of times more likely to die by being hit by a car or shot by a neighbour than being killed by a radicalised US national. You want to live in fear, go ahead, but please have some sense of proportion about it…

  3. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Im glad the rest of the world is moving forward even though republicans plot to destroy humanity.

  4. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    the trump voter has failed America.

    • Posted by Jak Sanchez, at Reply

      How is protecting our planet failing America?

    • Posted by GEMain, at Reply

      Jak Sanchez …whut

    • Posted by The Zero Zero, at Reply

      How does losing your hand include losing your fingers?

  5. Posted by TheGreatMoonFrog, at Reply

    Yah Canada! We are the best! No-one cares about the environment like us! *throws blanket on top of the tar sands*

    • Posted by Chris Johannsen, at Reply

      Also ignore that Trudeau approved the pipeline that will send oil right through the heart of Vancouver, and the “west coast oil tanker ban” that is so lax that it doesn’t actually ban any oil tankers (every single tanker is below the banned weight).

    • Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

      TheGreatMoonFrog Can’t wait to see you freeze to death in the winter because you can’t afford the heating bill due to carbon taxes

  6. Posted by Hotcakes, at Reply

    The Republican Party is one of the most dangerous organizations on this planet. Putting profit above the survival of the species.

    • Posted by zarplex2003, at Reply

      Did you seriously just use the “I know you are, but what am I” attack? Oh, my GOD.

    • Posted by Jak Sanchez, at Reply

      Again, you’re talking to yourself. You should stop that.
      You’ll never grow up if you continue your childish behavior.

    • Posted by Connor RB, at Reply

      zarplex2003 you “Feel the Bern” people got BURNED. How does the burn feel of losing ?

    • Posted by THEJAYMAN212, at Reply

      They got burned by there own party to hahahaha

  7. Posted by Karan Trivedi, at Reply

    Didnt trudeau just talk about enabling a pipeline in alberta recently ??

    • Posted by Dlas S, at Reply

      Karan Trivedi Was already in the works before he took office, Obama stopped the process from going through, but 45 gave it a green light. Don’t worry, Canadians know about the giant environmental​ eyesore we got in Alberta.

    • Posted by Karan Trivedi, at Reply

      Well I ope he blocks it and follows through on progressive policies. I voted NDP and not trudeau cause I wanted movement on climate, He has been ok so far.

  8. Posted by Goddess Miranda.Cosgrove, at Reply

    isn’t transgenderism against science?

    • Posted by Kyle Ruth, at Reply

      Goddess Miranda.Cosgrove No. transgenderism has a scientific basis, as their brains are different.

    • Posted by speedysavant, at Reply


    • Posted by righthandstep5, at Reply

      Goddess Miranda.Cosgrove not even close.

  9. Posted by pazwaz oneill, at Reply

    If I remember correctly Trudeau is major pro pipelines and fracking.

    • Posted by tonywhee, at Reply

      Don’t forget the oilsands

    • Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

      yeah the oil sands are real mess,

    • Posted by pahul gill, at Reply

      Trudeau wanted the Dakota Access Pipeline to create TEN THOUSANDS of JOBS and it will create HUGE PROFIT when importing Oil to the US & will not have to pay the tax. The Oil Sands Pipeline in Alberta is no different!

    • Posted by Sofia Rodriguez Engelbrecht, at Reply

      are you paid by KM or energy partners? Permanent jobs created would have been 42.

  10. Posted by mmaNorway1, at Reply

    Did they just skip the UK terror attack ?

    • Posted by 006 D, at Reply

      it was their first story today…try to watch live goof…

  11. Posted by Ms June98, at Reply

    I feel great being Canadian right now
    I’m proud of my home 😊

    • Posted by Ms June98, at Reply


    • Posted by Dizzy Djinn, at Reply

      Ms June98 compared to most places, Canada is a paradise. It won’t stay that way if the current authoritarian political trajectory continues.

      Trudeau isn’t helping matters. He’s so out of touch (or perhaps just cowardly) on important issues like Islamism and the downside of multiculturalism that he’s enabling the spread of values that could end up undermining the society you’re proud of.

    • Posted by Ms June98, at Reply

      Dizzy Djinn totally, but minor politicians (especially the ones in Québec if you want my opinion) are, and it’s actually a pretty hot debate.

      Trudeau has done a lot of things, yeah, but some of them were because the horrible gouvernement we had right before started them and they were too much money there that we were going to lose, which would have increased the economical crisis

  12. Posted by Sébastien Dupuis, at Reply

    Im so tired of people believing Trudeau is a progressive savior. He’s a globalist, neoliberalist, corporatist and typical lying politician who only cares about himself and his rich buddies. He just approved a few pipelines, flip flopped on changing the electoral system, in the process of deregulating the airports and railways and trying to push for the TPP. Can TYT please stop showcasing him as this perfect pretty boy liberal?

    • Posted by Markstubation01, at Reply

      Sébastien Dupuis Trudeau is bad, but Trump is worse

    • Posted by Liz Abella, at Reply

      Sébastien Dupuis
      please do not compare our PM with this agent orange thats too low

    • Posted by TheThruster24, at Reply

      I’m so tired of butt hurt conservatives that vote against their own best interest, sure Trudeau is far from perfect, but after a decade with the Harper dictatorship, he’s magical.

    • Posted by Sébastien Dupuis, at Reply

      TheThruster24 Im not even conservative, I am a strong NDP supporter. But we need to stop being blind to what the liberals are doing. Economically there is not much difference with the conservatives.

    • Posted by Sébastien Dupuis, at Reply

      Liz Abella Why not? Doesnt it enrage you that their economic policies are similar?

  13. Posted by voidmind, at Reply

    Dude, if you followed Canadian politics you’d know that Trudeau is in the pocket of oil companies.

    • Posted by clanker, at Reply

      The entire country is. You’re a fool if you think any politician will take on the oil sands.

    • Posted by Aimee Miami, at Reply

      It’s more that Canada is largely a commodity based economy and especially Alberta’s economy is dependent on the price of oil and oil production.

    • Posted by voidmind, at Reply

      You’re a tool of your own cynicism if you think Elizabeth May and the greens wouldn’t be different.

  14. Posted by Wolfgang Kenshin, at Reply

    Wake up. America! We’re all in the same boat! America first? How about “Earth first?”

    • Posted by CommanderM117, at Reply


  15. Posted by Nicholas Raynes, at Reply

    The U.S. taking action makes all the difference though. What would happen if every major city in the U.S. went aggresively towards renewable energy?

    • Posted by CommanderM117, at Reply


  16. Posted by Nathalia Santos, at Reply

    Here for Trudeau <3

    • Posted by Nathalia Santos, at Reply

      The Libtard Cuckservative I am not biting that bait… Just by your name It is clear you are a troll

    • Posted by Colin Murphy, at Reply

      Do you honestly think Trudeau is a progressive?

    • Posted by Nathalia Santos, at Reply

      Colin Murphy Yes I do. Maybe for a canadian point of view he is not that progressive, but comparing world policies, I think he is, especially compared with the last prime minister.

    • Posted by Colin Murphy, at Reply

      Sorry to break the news to you but he isn’t. He is to the left of Harper but not a progressive: he is “neoliberal”…. Similar to the relationship between Bush and Obama, just that the Canadian spectrum is slightly to the left of the Americans. If you want to vote for real progressives IE social democrats, vote NDP or in Quebec you can for for Quebec Solidaire.

  17. Posted by Gury Nils, at Reply

    This is what makes right wingers the more dangerous than terrorist.
    they are terrorist without even knowing it.

    • Posted by Jimmy Owens, at Reply

      Gury Nils nah I’m pretty sure they are aware but don’t care

  18. Posted by In response 33, at Reply

    And yet Trudeau still approved keystone xl, all talk

    • Posted by GreatCanadianGuy, at Reply

      He’s definitely made a few concessions that I’m not happy with, but I wouldn’t say he’s “all talk”. From this progressive’s standpoint, PM Trudeau has been doing a fine job in terms of IR, social policy (which is always slower to change than we’d like it to be), immigration, and reversing the damage done by the last government’s hideous policies on scientific research, spending, and reporting. Specifically, I’m pleased with his handling of CCP reform, tax-code redefinition, revising the role of the PM’s cabinet, instituting the “dying with dignity” law, and his efforts to bring Canada towards a leading role in combating climate change. Of course, he’s failed to follow through on some promises, and made some decisions that I’m not too pleased with, but it’s still unfair to dismiss Trudeau as “all talk”.

    • Posted by shadekiller19, at Reply

      Yeah, he is a big step up!

  19. Posted by Raghuvansh Ramesh, at Reply

    Trump will care about climate change only when his favorite resort becomes an underwater attraction.

    • Posted by Minnie Hopo, at Reply

      He will blame it on the Mexicans.

    • Posted by upstartmike, at Reply

      Or blame it on Obama.

  20. Posted by Shavauna Ronan, at Reply

    In Canada, we love Trudeau. The only people who don’t are the ones who think Trump is a great leader. That in itself speaks volumes.
    I am very proud to be a Canadian and live in a country where we are accepting of people from all parts of the world and very much care about climate change. We are a progressive country.

    • Posted by Inami B., at Reply

      I’m Canadian and I don’t like Trudeau. It’s great that he’s encouraging renewable energies abroad but at home he’s been approving pipelines left and right and railroading native Canadian communities by approving projects that would affect them without their consent. He sold weapons to Saudi Arabia, still hasn’t changed Harper’s cuts to healthcare funding and lied about electoral reform. Thera are a lot of reasons to dislike Trudeau outside of being a conservative

    • Posted by Starky513, at Reply

      It wasn’t weapons. It was APC Armoured UNARMED vehicles built at general dynamics in London Ontario. So in fact YOU are the one spreading misinformation.

    • Posted by Starky513, at Reply

      AND while we are on the topic, it was an arms deal created under the last government and signed off by the new one. Also a deal in which I fully support.

    • Posted by Will Mayo, at Reply

      I was going to vote for Trudeau but then I heard him say “listening to scientists with regards to climate change is extreme”

      To this day, I have not seen Trudeau prove me wrong once. He is approving pipelines like there is no tomorrow, and then says they are based on science but does not refer to a single scientist who actually agrees with these claims.

      You can also find plenty of footage of him saying “this will be last election with a first-past-the-post electoral system if I am elected”… then he does a complete 180 after the election. Not only that, he attempts to deceive the public with bogus surveys about electoral reform that don’t even ask the right questions… he uses bogus methodology to make it seem like support for electoral reform has waned. He’s a disingenuous corporate hack.

      FYI I voted GREEN instead of liberal and I would have voted Green (Jill Stein and Ajamu) if I was a US citizen, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night voting for corporate shills that are devoid of ethics and morals like Trudeau/Hillary