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Wolf-PAC Maryland Is Working Hard FOR YOU


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Wolf-PAC Maryland is striving FOR YOU. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, presents you to these effort Americans. Inform us exactly what you think in the comment section below. End up being a Wolf-PAC participant:

Read more concerning constitutional conventions below:

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  1. Posted by OneCrazySikhi_97, at Reply

    I’m proud of my state

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      OneCrazySikhi_97 What are you even doing here?

  2. Posted by OrionPax09, at Reply

    Here’s hoping that you succeed, preferably sooner rather than later. Because I’m not sure how much longer America can survive all of this pure, unadulterated greed. It’s a cancer that’s choking the life out of this country and its people.

    • Posted by Kasia Kasia, at Reply

      the cancer that unfortunately is affecting the world as well. Americans are so greedy that they are ready to destroy the world as well.

    • Posted by Kenneth Ek, at Reply

      OrionPax09 what you said is sad and disgusting, but COMPLETELY TRUE!!! Well said!

    • Posted by Ryan Wesemann, at Reply

      OrionPax09 well said.

      Of course it takes the origin of a Prime to point it out.

    • Posted by Martin Davis, at Reply

      No No Orion…its winning….that’s all winning….so…..much…..winning???

  3. Posted by pharoh2700, at Reply

    When will Alex Jones or Tomi Lahren talk about the white nationalist terrorist Mitchell Adkins that terrorized “liberal” students at KY college with a machete?

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      They covered Sweden in a ‘quick hits’ video, not that trolls like you watch them before drivelling redundant hick
      trash and lies. Gavin Long subscribed to hundreds of youtube channels and no proof he ever watched Tyrion troll.
      Old memes all.

    • Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump you’re fugly

  4. Posted by 8elhaj, at Reply

    Another white Christian racist killed many people of color, they called him “mentally unstable”. If it was a muslim, black or immigrant his mental health wouldnt be brought up and he will right away be labeled terrorist, thug….etc by the right wing nutcases. Classical proof of their projection.

    • Posted by Michael H, at Reply

      8elhaj Please tell me where Jesus commanded to kill other people and be racist? Oh you can’t? Then I guess he wasn’t a Christian. Think critically instead of letting your biases control your thoughts

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      It’s not Cenk’s fault trolls are broke and viewers aren’t apologising that he’s not an idiot who voted for an

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      Melanoma Trump then why are you here? why don’t you just let the trolls do what they want to? if you already think you know trolls live shity reailtes then why are you bothering them if you yourself doesn’t have a shitty reality to begin with?

    • Posted by HucklePeel, at Reply

      sikojensika really…hmm… now tell me my friend how many terrorist attacks happened last you because of Muslims out of 3.3million living in the US…Was it 3..2 and yet people like you think there are thousands attacks because the media covers it for like what…3 Straight days

  5. Posted by rencrow, at Reply

    Meanwhile white trumptards are busy jerking off Trump at one of his rallies.

    • Posted by Vanessthebest, at Reply

      No change there.

  6. Posted by Dylan Nolan, at Reply

    More wolf PAC content please.

    • Posted by Ryan Mironczuk, at Reply

      The assumptions made in that piece, relating to the independent ex. are simply inaccurate. Because the authors assumptions are inaccurate, it incorrectly leads him to the conclusion that this is all a scam, instead of the fact that employees are needed to run a 50 State PAC and to coordinate over 50,000 volunteers.

    • Posted by Ryan Mironczuk, at Reply

      The assumptions made in that piece, relating to the independent ex. are simply inaccurate. Because the authors assumptions are inaccurate, it incorrectly leads him to the conclusion that this is all a scam, instead of the fact that employees are needed to run a 50 State PAC and to coordinate over 50,000 volunteers.

    • Posted by Ryan Mironczuk, at Reply

      How ironic, you are accusing Wolf PAC of being a scam because they DONT bribe politicians. Strange…

    • Posted by Michael Abreu, at Reply

      +Darkside Media lmao. Bro, Wolf-PAC spends all its money on its employees and that’s bad…how? You don’t even have to donate, you can just go and lobby with them! Even if your argument was correct (it’s not), you can’t get scammed if you don’t give them money (which you don’t have to, volunteering would probably be better if you can only do one).

    • Posted by Melkor Ljaci, at Reply

      Matt Forney is an online right wing scam artist with books on how to make quick cash using a blog while presenting himself as journalist. (how fitting)

      His essays include – “Trolling for a living” (even more fitting)

      In the article he cites a source whos twitter account has been suspended and an amalgamation of FEC reports which dont prove your claim.

      The article in itself proves only that most of the expenditures go to payroll which I dont have a problem with.

      Overall a very weak sauce attempt for a hatchet job by a salty Trump supporter.

  7. Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

    The Austin Texas stabbing suspect is another Cenk and TYT fan. I’m calling it. Cenk inspires terrorism! Will Cenk disavow his racist terrorist fans?

    • Posted by HucklePeel, at Reply

      Darkside Media Now on addressing the previlaged white people…now what TYT actually says and says all the time it is because they have not experienced it they don’t know what it like…Now whether you agree that it’s harder to black in America that’s up to you…That does not make them racist for believing that is more difficult for them.

      They also have always talked about how hard it is for every demographic

      Now in regard they blame everything on white people…can you please give an example I haven’t ever found they saying that…they usually blame big business, corrupt politians and the media
      P.S. it is worth noting that I myself am black

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      HucklePeel damn son this guy is triggered

  8. Posted by Jonathan Randolph, at Reply

    Hailing from the great city of Baltimore, Go WolfPAC MD!

  9. Posted by Hi-Tec Jaymes, at Reply

    I really hope that my state (Maryland) gets it together, keep pushing Wolf-Pac !

    • Posted by Troy J, at Reply


      I hope you are supporting them where you can!

  10. Posted by Robert House, at Reply

    2:11 OG TYT shirt spotted.

  11. Posted by Alex Crawford, at Reply

    Don’t turn your back on the Wolf-PAC.

    • Posted by jakatom, at Reply

      Wolf-pac is a facade for Cenk’s luxurious expenses.

  12. Posted by chickendinner2012, at Reply

    Common Cause is dumping itself in a ditch and revealing its true corrupt form. Come on people keep up the pressure we will overcome these corporate lobbyist.

  13. Posted by Jared Knezevich, at Reply

    Get 33 states before 2020. Work your magic guys.

    • Posted by Anders Mostue, at Reply

      Jared Knezevich get all the 55 states. That will radically the law!

  14. Posted by william harmon, at Reply

    My home town Annapolis Maryland.

  15. Posted by Little Derpy, at Reply

    Lmao… noobs.

  16. Posted by Furoki fur, at Reply

    I like in maryland lel

  17. Posted by Constructive Critique, at Reply

    We gotta get Willie, a haircut, STAT!

  18. Posted by Ake Hilding, at Reply

    “No vote allowed” .. that should bother you, that should really really bother you.

  19. Posted by Kevin Griffey, at Reply

    Greenbelt, MD Here

  20. Posted by Troy J, at Reply

    I LOVE hearing about Wolf-PAC progress!!!!!