Woman Finds a Mouse in her Car – Freaks Out! | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Woman Finds a Mouse in her Car – Freaks Out!


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Watch this woman freak out after finding a MOUSE in her drink!


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  1. Posted by Cassandra Martinez, at Reply

    I love how she talks to the mouse :)

  2. Posted by tommydangerx, at Reply

    GEEEEZ lady… pull it together. It’s a tiny mouse!

    • Posted by fraziermay, at Reply

      Looked like a rat actually.

    • Posted by 8w9hf89hw, at Reply

      We evolved to be exposed to vermin from a young age. Our lack of exposure
      in our modern world is the reason for this reaction.

  3. Posted by Estrella Torres, at Reply


  4. Posted by Alexandra Musick, at Reply

    New pet! Such a cute baby rats!

  5. Posted by fraziermay, at Reply

    Poor lil’ thing❗️😬

  6. Posted by Mizz FlaireBeauty, at Reply

    ew and HAHAH she is TOTALLY ME 😂😂 😂😂

    • Posted by mrsjamat86, at Reply

      Mizz FlaireBeauty… you wanna see my husband go from a man to a woman in
      less than 3 sec, show him this mouse …I’m the one that has to take the
      pesky mouse out of the house lol.

  7. Posted by Qwertygrl JV, at Reply

    am i the only one who thinks mice are cute??

    • Posted by Knzksn, at Reply

      Qwertygrl JV ur not the only one, but rats are disgusting

    • Posted by AleiaAnimalLover368, at Reply

      Mice and rats are some of my favorite animals- they’re absolutely adorable

    • Posted by Michelle I, at Reply

      Qwertygrl JV Nope, I find mice and rats ADORABLE❣️❣️🐁🐀 I try to look for
      the cute in everything, though. 🕷🦂

  8. Posted by Cristina Damura, at Reply

    OMG!!! A mouse in a mug!!!!! 🐀🍵

  9. Posted by DiZzY thewolf, at Reply

    Honestly if it was in my drink I would freak out. But if it was just in the
    car I would be okay

  10. Posted by AleiaAnimalLover368, at Reply

    …This is why people should be exposed to animals from a young age, so
    they can get used to interacting with them and aren’t petrified when they
    meet one face-to-face. It’s just a tiny mouse, no need to freak out. It
    can’t hurt you and most of them aren’t actually dirty or diseased as people
    think. My parents let me interact with such animals when I was a child, and
    now mice and rodents are some of my favorite pets!

    • Posted by emilyshmelimy, at Reply

      AleiaAnimalLover368 My brother had pet rats when I was growing up and I
      still freak out when I see one. I just don’t like them.

    • Posted by AleiaAnimalLover368, at Reply

      I know some people are naturally scared of them, which is alright! I just
      mean I think a lot of people (especially adults) haven’t been introduced to
      animals when they’re young so they end up being scared.

    • Posted by Kaitlyn Poirier, at Reply

      AleiaAnimalLover368 I have been around animals of all kind my whole life.
      Dogs,cats,turtles,hamster,gerbils,mice,rats,horses,cows,chickens,birds and
      more. And I have always been since I was a little kid scared to death of
      mice and rats. Even when my brother had them as pets in our house. This
      girl got a lot closer then I would have. I would of had a panic attack.
      Sometimes it’s not lack of exposure it’s just a fear like some people are
      of heights.

  11. Posted by MsRespect247, at Reply

    “do you need me to do cpr, cause I sure ain’t gonna do that” lol

  12. Posted by Josh The GoAnimate Comedian 2014 - Josh_Animated, at Reply


  13. Posted by Katie Sullivan, at Reply

    tbh mice are so cute

  14. Posted by Abby Hernandez, at Reply

    This has to be fake.

  15. Posted by Beanie Boo Lover U.S.A., at Reply

    She totally put that in there… Poor thing…

  16. Posted by Crafty Creater (Darknightress17), at Reply

    awww that mouse is so cute :D

  17. Posted by Anonymoose, at Reply

    ROFL!! Talk about a basket case! Poor little mouse was probably petrified.

  18. Posted by Jitesh Singh, at Reply

    It’s not a mouse it’s only a cute little mouse. 😁😛

  19. Posted by 1WickedAngel1, at Reply

    Awe, that poor little guy was sooo friggin’ cute, with those big ole mousey
    ears lol. I would have kept him for a pet lol. I was over here screaming
    “take him out of the cup so he doesn’t drown” lol So even tho I feel that
    she overreacted I’m still just happy that she set him free. Now had it been
    a Spider ! I would have left my car in the middle of traffic lol I can’t
    ….. 🕸🕷 Oh hell no, it’s a wrap 😂😂😂

  20. Posted by MrBGS101, at Reply

    I smell a viral hit coming on.