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Woman Nearly Destroys Ex-Boyfriend’s Life By Being Him


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A women nearly had her ex-boyfriend locked up, by impersonating him. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Brett Erlich, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“His arrest must have come as a surprise. The first one, anyhow.

Police told him that he stalked his ex-girlfriend Stephani Lawson, 25.

They told him he violated a restraining order she had taken out against him. They told him he threatened to kill her.

They told him he did all this via Facebook.

From September to December 2015, Tyler Parkervest was arrested four times, all stemming from these claims, the Orange County Register reported. He was charged with multiple felonies, according to a news release from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Which must have been confusing, given that Parkervest didn’t do any of it.

Then, it must have been frightening when his bail was raised to $200,000 last December and to pay it his grandparents had to offer their home in Irvine, Calif., as collateral.

Finally, police caught on.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich


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  1. Posted by A Youtube Hero, at Reply

    Ana please button up.

    • Posted by AlmostSober, at Reply

      No. Lady crush

    • Posted by Ali Pali, at Reply

      A Youtube Hero Why? did you buy the shirt for her?!

  2. Posted by AboveasBelow, at Reply

    Deport to Syria, there’s some boyfriends waiting for her.

    • Posted by Danielle Kenehan, at Reply

      +Kayel Eva you’re right about it not all being Isis, and the majority of
      Syrians don’t even slightly agree with Isis at all, but Isis do force
      marriage. they kidnap women and girls and force them into marriage, they
      rape them repeatedly and sell them at auctions to each other, and the
      children are raised to follow their ideology and learn to fight or breed.
      And if you’re not a Sunni, like if you follow shia Islam, you’re lucky if
      you’re given the choice to convert to Sunni, most of the time they just
      kill them instead. But they’re even twisting the most important extreme
      sides of the haddiths let alone the Qur’an!

    • Posted by Lovely Aisha, at Reply

      AboveasBelow You mean the American soldiers who are now tired of raping
      Syrian women and kids? I dont think shes needed there you dumb hoe

    • Posted by Gabe Newell, at Reply

      Danielle Kenehan exactly thank you

    • Posted by Kayel Eva, at Reply

      +Lovely Aisha wtf =_= why do women have to suffer for stupid men action
      they blame the women in the end the propaganda that hate a group of people
      always target women it’s just wonderful

  3. Posted by Thomas “TheGreatestLiberal” MacKelly, at Reply

    wow that takes a lot of determination.

    • Posted by Cardio Bunny, at Reply

      Thomas MacKelly lol yes

    • Posted by ChakatBlackstar, at Reply

      Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

    • Posted by Michael Moretti, at Reply

      Woman scorned … they have enough energy to fuel a dozen Death Stars.

    • Posted by skull yoshimcb2, at Reply


    • Posted by Mplay1983, at Reply

      Thomas MacKelly – He fucked in the butthole then dumped her.

  4. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    while this might be an extreme example, any guy here can tell you
    ex-girlfriends are vindictive and destructive, I’m afraid this is typical
    end-of-relationship behavior for a woman

    • Posted by ChocoCatChick, at Reply

      Just because you choose shitty partners, it doesn’t mean we are all the same

    • Posted by Arnold Strong Numero Uno, at Reply

      quaxk Or gay men

  5. Posted by MilitantAntiTheist, at Reply

    I’m surprised the alt right isn’t all over this story, not because they
    care but in order to use it as an excuse to be sexist misogynistic @$$holes
    while playing the victim card and whining about how the “regressive” media
    isn’t covering it any time a story they don’t like is reported on.

    • Posted by skull yoshimcb2, at Reply


    • Posted by Kamiyam a (Honeyboy), at Reply

      Oh the “alt-right” is busy right now. Trying to save you libtards from
      burning alive at your “artspaces” by informing the authorities about the
      lack of fire safety regulations at this places.

    • Posted by JMT, at Reply

      Kamiyam a Shoo shoo, back to your repetitive sensationalist garbage.

    • Posted by Noa Frauman, at Reply

      I’m a classic liberal atheist…..lemme guess MilitantAntiTheist….your
      Atheistplus (basically just A NOTHER FEMALE SUPREMACIST) who can’t stand
      the fact that people are going against the feminist narrative Women=good
      Men=bad and reporting facts not just feewings.

  6. Posted by Dean Lahiri Ramirez, at Reply

    And I thought my ex was crazy….
    And she has a daughter!?!?!? Poor girl; hopefully she’ll grow up normal.

    • Posted by 明莺黄, at Reply

      Dean Lahiri Ramirez yeah dude I so hope the guy gets custody over the kid
      or is it his kid at all?

    • Posted by KushLeague, at Reply

      Hopefully she grows up without a mother.

  7. Posted by CerBoris, at Reply

    She should get as punishment whatever the boyfriend was up for.

    • Posted by T Nelson, at Reply

      Far outshining islam in barbarity at the time is a stretch. Islam used
      hammuarabi’s code the longest. Both Islam and Christian nations were
      barbaric at those times. However modern day is much different.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Danielle Kenehan – that goes for you too then, does it not?

    • Posted by mikezeitgeist2, at Reply

      Ya, or al east half. One year is ridiculously short.

  8. Posted by SeKToR, at Reply

    And you wonder why the MRA exists.

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      SeKToR Amen

    • Posted by Kemono Autumnfall, at Reply

      SeKToR and you wonder why feminism is considered a joke.

    • Posted by The Nerdy Turd, at Reply


  9. Posted by Darryl Makekau, at Reply

    Maybe next time the authorities should investigate BEFORE arresting

    • Posted by namekman01, at Reply

      the thing is arresting before investigating could prevent the crime.

      on one had the person getting arrested would risk loosing their job,
      relationships, etc, on the other a murder could be prevented.

      does that make sense?

    • Posted by schreineinAV, at Reply

      Ummmm….. No! That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever! Would you like that
      happening to you? Jail an innocent person who committed no crime and who
      posed no threat (real or imagined) in order to prevent a crime? Have you
      any idea how insane you sound?

      Oh how busy the police, courts and jails would be in your world if you
      think it’s acceptable for people to be imprisoned for imaginary crimes!

    • Posted by Mephistahpheles, at Reply

      Maybe next time they’ll just shoot the suspect and save themselves a whole
      bunch of inconvenience.

  10. Posted by CandyLaStar, at Reply

    mhmmm she sounds like a keeper ;)

    • Posted by Zelda Williams, at Reply

      Lolololololzzz..😂😂 Yup and a looker too.

    • Posted by skull yoshimcb2, at Reply


    • Posted by Jenson Philip, at Reply

      a keeper in jail that is

  11. Posted by C Wilson, at Reply

    Hey conservative bitchtards; I thought TYT were anti-male beta cucks who
    didn’t report on the crimes of minorities and women? You stupid assholes.

    • Posted by nethoser, at Reply

      +Jordan Ricketts lol triggered much you little cuck?

    • Posted by Jordan Ricketts, at Reply

      +nethoser Really? Not going to talk about how this video is basically “I’m
      not racist, i have one black friend?” just “Lol triggered cuck triggered
      lol.” surprised you didn’t go full cancer and spam XDDDDDDDDDD.

    • Posted by Robert Flury, at Reply

      It’s Trumps America, of Courrrrrse we’re going to start brown nosing up the
      new bosses butt, just enough to be safe. We’ll still be ideological
      regressive though and full ahead with the race baiting and identity

  12. Posted by 1140Cecile, at Reply

    But…but a woman would NEVER make a false rape claim to screw up some
    guy’s life.

    • Posted by xebek, at Reply

      +CivilVigil The problem is that he hasn’t demonstrated that anybody like
      that exists. It’s a straw man argument. If anybody ever claimed that nobody
      has ever fabricated a rape claim, that person can be ignored as
      unreasonable. Making that sarcastic remark is the charge that someone has
      actually claimed that with sincerity and it’s somehow relevant to this
      story and/or channel.

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      Said nobody ever…

    • Posted by JMah88, at Reply

      ChakatBlackstar so 2 to 10% !!!!!!!!! Doesn’t bother you up to one in ten
      doesn’t bother you wtf

    • Posted by Like Does It Really Matter, at Reply

      this isnt a rape claim

  13. Posted by Dave Orr, at Reply

    I may be subject to a lot of harassment from saying this, but I honestly
    think that the woman who did this bullshit should have been put away for a
    much longer time than one year, and should be forced to pay off the bail
    money that the dead grandmother had to put up to get him released! She
    should probably be admitted to a psych ward for mental health treatment if
    she truly believed what she was doing was justified!

    • Posted by W Meito, at Reply

      ChocoCatChick I guess a lot of men do that. But what worries me is the
      dogmatic belief that women are always right being touted by 3rd wave
      feminists. If women are always right, then this man should have gone to
      prison. I wish 3rd wave feminism was more objective about this.

    • Posted by momogurl, at Reply

      Dave Orr you are absolutely right one year in jail was not nearly enough
      for the disgusting thing she did because she had an attitude or was upset
      and is crazy

    • Posted by marqasia solomon, at Reply

      Agree 1 year is way to short I doubt he was facing a year

    • Posted by Paul Ryder, at Reply

      Um… look up “delusional disorder.” Look up treatment success rate for
      this. People who kill due to delusional disorder, and who get a “guilty
      except insane” verdict are kept under supervision until they are judged no
      longer dangerous. I have never heard of a GEI verdict for this kind of
      thing, but it is sometimes needed. Gender isn’t an issue here. Danger to
      society is.

  14. Posted by Ahmru Ghanim, at Reply

    If a man rapes a woman: 65 years in prison and large fines ranging from
    $200- $70,000

    If a woman rapes a man and threatens to frame him for raping her if he does
    not comply (Which had happened to a friend of mine): Most of the time

    Rape is one of worst things you can do but its fucked up how many women can
    easily get away with rape. Its extremly easy aswell for a woman to frame a
    man for raping her because it would be more plausibe. Smh.

    • Posted by Deus Dex, at Reply

      +Ahmru Ghanim Many first world countries don’t even legally consider female
      on male rape or forceful envelopment to be a crime. And of course when such
      laws are warranted feminist activists campaign against it.
      But remember feminism is just about equality.

    • Posted by Fredrik HL, at Reply

      Ahmru Ghanim Or you know they get off.

    • Posted by Jolly Cocks, at Reply

      Ahmru Ghanim women don’t face consequences. Ever.

    • Posted by Vollkorn Vampir, at Reply

      Ahmru Ghanim
      To be fair, horseshoes tend to be more difficult to play than ski ball.

    • Posted by The Nerdy Turd, at Reply


  15. Posted by Nick Balis, at Reply

    How many feminists on YT will talk about this story?

    • Posted by Nick Balis, at Reply

      +charler cat Ummmm, Ana did this story.

      I means how many bedroom feminists will do this story.

    • Posted by charler cat, at Reply

      Nick Balis and what are bedroom feminists

  16. Posted by Jf H, at Reply

    Innocent until proven guilty. Unless a woman accuses a man.

    • Posted by charler cat, at Reply

      Jf H yeah, that poor Brock Turner is a perfect example :-‘(

    • Posted by Courtney Valdez, at Reply

      Yeah, because he literally said, Brock Turner is innocent. Dumbass.

    • Posted by The Nerdy Turd, at Reply

      Until SJWs answer for Debra Lefave stfu about Brock Turner

    • Posted by Hubris, at Reply

      Jf H Well, they *did* catch her.

  17. Posted by Slippin' Jimmy, at Reply

    1 year in jail when she tried to put him away for 10 years or more…worst
    patriarchy ever

    • Posted by Robert Leland, at Reply

      This is 100% proof, if your are gonna commit crime have a vagina, because
      you will get a lighter punishment…

    • Posted by Peter Starzomczyk, at Reply

      yea totally should of got more then just 1 year.

  18. Posted by jeff milligan, at Reply

    But no need for MRA’s I guess eh TYT?

    • Posted by himode, at Reply

      Richard isdorky actually its the guys WITH gfs and wives that complain the
      most. the guys who just sleep around have the most fun.

    • Posted by jeff milligan, at Reply

      The legal system would never imprison a woman based solely on a crazy mans
      false accusations.

    • Posted by Richard isdorky, at Reply

      +jeff milligan Not to put to fine a point on it but a search of your
      proposed key words.
      “women falsely imprisoned testimony crazed boyfriend.”
      Does not result in the 0.
      Your claim of “Never.” would require.
      Because it’s stupid.