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Woman Orchestrated Boyfriend’s Suicide Now Sentenced


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Michelle Carter has been found guilty of homicide. Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, and Aida Rodriguez, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you why she's guilty. Inform us exactly what you assume in the comment section below.

" Putting a modern-day spin on the definition of manslaughter, a Massachusetts judge located Michelle Carter guilty in the fatality of an 18-year-old close friend she had instructed to kill himself in a series of text as well as mobile-telephone conversations.

The decision by Bristol Juvenile Judge Lawrence Moniz in the bench test might have future implications for criminal cases entailing on the internet speech and aided self-destruction.

The unique instance hinged on more than 1,000 Facebook and also text messages exchanged between Carter as well as her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, along with messages Carter sent out close friends later explaining her function.

Roy was located dead in the taxicab of his pickup in the parking lot of a Kmart on July 13, 2014, with a tube from a generator pumping in carbon monoxide gas."

Find out more below:

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Aida Rodriguez

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Aida Rodriguez


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  1. Posted by Brandon Montalvo, at Reply

    Hey eyebows are trash and she’s got a 5 head lmfaoooooooo

    • Posted by jonesy, at Reply

      +STAT 01 i agree shes stunning u blind bro

    • Posted by STAT 01, at Reply

      +jonesy lmao

    • Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

      Stunning? LMFAO.

    • Posted by Arthur Wellesley, at Reply

      The Courtney Love of 2017

  2. Posted by Spunky1991, at Reply

    Don’t know what he saw in her? She’s ugly as hell. Both inside & out.

    • Posted by Ms. Woodard, at Reply

      Spunky1991 she look like jonny depp😁

    • Posted by MrNateSPF, at Reply

      Ugly bitches make up for it in the dark… er, um… a friend told me.

    • Posted by NYCzora, at Reply

      According to the facts of the case, she and the boyfriend rarely ever met up in person, except for once or twice. It was a strange relationship.

    • Posted by Spunky1991, at Reply

      +NYCzora So can you even call them boyfriend and girlfriend?

  3. Posted by Emily, at Reply

    she needs to be in a mental institution not prison

    • Posted by Nuisance, at Reply

      Emily or die in prison

    • Posted by Enriquillo, at Reply

      @Keihzaru Way to make this about gender rather than the issue at hand. More importantly you’re wrong becuase this was ultimately his idea to begin w/ & had attempted suicide multiple times but backed out which is why he asked her numerous times for help in order to follow through which she initially declined but ultimately accepted becuase she believed to he helping him. Moreover, while different cases people felt sympathy for Dr. Kevorkian or as some in press called the suicide doctor & he was an old man.

    • Posted by drjeopyl, at Reply

      it’s another contestant in the oppression olympics!

    • Posted by Biggsy DaBoss, at Reply

      Which is fine to bring up an alleged singular incident to rebut a singular incident (assuming people actually do have sympathy for Kevorkian).

      You can apply statistical evidence to see if there is a gendered empathy gap. One aspect where there seems to be a gap, is in relation to the criminal justice system.

      Law Prof Sonja Starr looked at the numbers & came to the solid conclusion that women, on average, are less likely to be arrested, charged, convicted & upon conviction get lesser sentences compared to men.

      The gap is so wide, it actually eclipses the racial disparity in the criminal justice system by a factor of 6. So even looking at the numbers, even black women get treated more leniently than white men.

      All relevant factors were controlled. I can provide citations if you want to check the numbers yourself.

    • Posted by Keihzaru, at Reply

      Just think honesly for a second, if this had been a dude pushing his girlfriend into commiting suicide would anyone actually be thinking about “the poor guy’s mental health”?
      Dr. Kevorkian’s case is nothing like this as he assisted people in performing euthanasia when they felt like they wanted to die and where sufering from terminal diseases, and he championed the right to euthanasia. He didn’t psychologicaly manipulate and break his romantic partner into killing themselves. Completel different cases. Pretty bad argument too.

  4. Posted by faheeta, at Reply

    “She also suffered from psychological issues.” YA THINK?

    • Posted by daAnT1990, at Reply

      @Mira: on the contrary!
      Calling a person and their actions “evil” does not accomplish anything to prevent other people doing the same thing again.
      You have to examine a culprits motivation, the problem with this is that the possible consequences of the analysis are not taken

    • Posted by Mira, at Reply

      daAnT1990 What do you think the motivation for this girl is? And what about the Columbine shooters who blamed bullies only later to find out they were actually pretty popular?

    • Posted by zencat55, at Reply

      In a very twisted way she thought she was helping him. Just sick. The Columbine shooters didn’t blame bullies, that was an invention of the press. They blamed the world for their unhappiness.

  5. Posted by CT CP, at Reply

    how much you wanna bet if the genders were reversed they would be outraged

    • Posted by Olivia Andersen, at Reply

      CT CP
      But… people *are* outraged by this case!? What

    • Posted by Chris P. Bacon, at Reply

      +Olivia Andersen yup thats what i said lol

    • Posted by Dahlia Legacy, at Reply

      What she did was reckless endangerment. -_- I’m not saying that what she did wasn’t wrong, but she didn’t hold the gun or knife that killed him. This is the same case basically as Megan Meier, but the mom there didn’t even serve time for what she did.

  6. Posted by Jason Jones, at Reply

    I disagree she was “helping him” in her own mind. She wanted the attention from having a suicidal boyfriend. She’s sick in the head.

    • Posted by Jason Jones, at Reply

      InfectedByEli I know this because I have eyes, ears, and a brain. The real question is, do you?

    • Posted by Jason Jones, at Reply

      The General Yes, she knew what she did was wrong and that she could go to jail for it. She said so herself in a message to her friend.

    • Posted by Yiṣḥāq David, at Reply

      @Jason Jones I totally agree. Thats what I was thinking too.

  7. Posted by AllurebyRL Jones, at Reply

    Sorry but if she has taunted him to kill himself on and on and on and she knows he’s mentally ill, even if she’s not there in person, she may as well have put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. She deserves what she gets. She knew what she was doing.

    • Posted by threeof wands, at Reply

      Bah. She wasn’t even there. If she was truly his girlfriend she could have strangled him during sex.

    • Posted by Number Five, at Reply

      If he’s mentally ill…then she’s mentally ill as well.

    • Posted by Nijastan K., at Reply

      Words are words. At the end of the day, it was upon him to make the choice, no one forced him to. Free speech is guaranteed by the constitution and the ACLU denounced the conviction. Massachusetts is going to face a huge lawsuit and that judge will probably be fired

    • Posted by Lisa Huffaker, at Reply

      Kerin Myers I think that’s because as a country, (US) we are completely ignorant of mental health issues. Lot’s of people don’t feel comfortable sharing their issues because of this archaic stigmatization that is so prevalent in our society. We often see friends on FB asking for prayer or positive vibes for a family member who is in the hospital, but not once do we see these request for those who are seeking treatment in a mental health facility, who likely there because of a life threatening illness. Depression. That is typically only shared with a very small number of people. There is so much isolation around depression, we just don’t support those who suffer from it. There is still this sense of shame around mental health, that must be eliminated. Because of this stigma of shame most people are not well informed, until it hits closer to home. We have this “stigma” because of this profound ignorance. We don’t treat the illness properly because of this ignorance. We are quick to throw them in jail. That’s been the way we have treated substance abuse for years and we are further away than ever from solving the problem because of it. It seems like this girl should be sentenced, but she,as well as society, would be better served if she served it in a qualified mental health facility. I am so sorry you have had to face some of these challenges. I have been depressed, but never to the point of being suicidal so I have small glimpses of how painful it must be. I also lost my nephew to suicide. We had had many long talks together and I so wish I could have him back for one more. I have watched the devastation experienced by his parents and brothers. My sister probably hurts more today than she did then. The shock has worn off and she is just beginning to wrap her mind around the reality. Every day is a reminder that he is not coming back. Although you may have painful days ahead, don’t give up. Continue to fight the fight. Seek help, even if you’ ve done that before do it again. There are people that can help you, but you just might not have found the right one yet. Peace be with you!

  8. Posted by Eva Rene, at Reply

    Are you kidding me! You don’t think she should go to jail. She encouraged this young man to take his own life. Even though it was ruled a suicide. She could’ve very well tried to talk him out of it while trying to get authorities to him to maybe prevent this tragedy. Yes she needs to be accountable for her part in this. Try telling this young mans parents you feel this “poor mentally impaired ” young woman is innocent!

    • Posted by Andrew G, at Reply

      Mean words either are criminal or they are not. Until now, in the US, they have never been criminal. Scary day.

    • Posted by Gretchen Kindsvatter, at Reply

      Slight difference in this case between sitting in comfortable anonymity saying ‘mean words’ and actively participating in a suicide at the time it is taking place by instructing him to get back in the truck and do it.

    • Posted by Number Five, at Reply

      I can’t tell his parents that she’s innocent..but I can tell them that their son is a big time p*ssy…..assuming he’s not mental. If he’s mental..she’s mental too.

  9. Posted by That Guy, at Reply

    She had an attention disorder. She didn’t get enough attention so she made up that she had an eating disorder. When she didn’t get the enough from that, she encourage her boyfriend to kill himself so she could get people to grieve and mourn with her.

    • Posted by Erato IsYourMuse, at Reply

      +Michelle Cuevas All my opinions are speculative. I dont believe her diagnosis, is she ever had one, was made completely public. They just talk about certain mental instabilities she had.

    • Posted by Fiercely Me, at Reply

      That Guy nail meet hammer. claps slowly.

    • Posted by Fiercely Me, at Reply

      That Guy you and i should be friends.

    • Posted by domi, at Reply

      Oh what a poor thing^^

  10. Posted by Kaname Tōsen, at Reply

    I’m saving all the negative comments of you “trolls” telling me to kill myself so if anything happens you all get 20 YEARS in prison.

    • Posted by Gabriel Cook, at Reply

      Kaname Tōsen

      Please don’t listen to the trolls.

    • Posted by MaxIsJoe, at Reply

      Kaname Tōsen kill your self lol, try sending me to jail now!

  11. Posted by Sean Hayes, at Reply

    Why all the uncertainty? I can diagnose her in 16 seconds… it’s “EverybodyLookAtMe” syndrome. She wanted to be the girl who’s bf killed himself & everybody feels bad for.

    • Posted by Private Account, at Reply

      I love all these amateur psychologists who think they understand the human brain. None of you have all the facts, so stop speculating. It’s irresponsible and moronic.

    • Posted by Lisa Kazmier, at Reply

      And yet she is irresponsible and moronic, so what’s the problem?

    • Posted by David Carozza, at Reply

      Lisa Kazmier The problem that I’ve been trying to say is that this case sets a bad legal precedent where we can start calling mean words weapons

    • Posted by Private Account, at Reply

      I disagree. If you call for the assassination of a political figure, that type of speech isn’t protected because it’s a call to violence. Encouraging someone to commit suicide is no different.

  12. Posted by Jason Jones, at Reply

    Did you guys not see the messages she texted her friends and what she said to them after he had killed himself? She knew what she was doing! She admitted it and was proud of it. She said, “If the cops ever see my messages to him, I’ll be in big trouble. …I’ll go to jail.” She knew exactly what she was doing. Please do more research on this story. I think some of your opinions might change.

    • Posted by Kerin Myers, at Reply

      +Mortal Peace That’s irrelevant. Men are getting locked up TOO much. The solution is to stop punishing them with jail so often, not start locking women up as frequently.

      Jail makes disturbed people more disturbed

    • Posted by Jason Jones, at Reply

      Kerin Myers Agreed, but I think she needs both. What she knowingly did is disgusting and she needs to serve time and think about what she’s done to, not just him, but all his friends and his entire family. They have to live in this nightmare the rest of their lives, so she deserves a little nightmare of her own. That’s why they should tag team it while she’s in jail.

    • Posted by Mortal Peace, at Reply

      +Kerin Myers
      Ah so you are one of these jail abolitionists I hear about. Prisons are a form of justice my friend whether you like it or not. Rapists can also be called mentally disturbed but punishment according to the law must be handed down unto them in the name of justice. Rehabilitation can occur in jails… and when necessary people can be provided with physiatrist or whatever to further help them.

      I never once made the argument you accuse me of making that I want more women locked up. I’m saying that this is an example of where this particular woman should be locked up as it would be had a man done the same thing.

    • Posted by Jason Jones, at Reply

      Mortal Peace Yeah, I’m not sure how they came to that assumption. Kerin, you’re supposed to process information, not come to irrational conclusions based on what you WANT to hear.

    • Posted by Mortal Peace, at Reply

      +Jason Jones
      We are very much in agreement.

  13. Posted by Random Person, at Reply

    Involuntary manslaughter ? She literally told him to kill himself, told him how to do it, and at some point ordered him to do it. Sounds involuntary ?

    • Posted by A Random Gamer Who Likes Games, at Reply

      I know someone is gonna have a problem with this – but it’s because she’s a relatively attractive female.

    • Posted by Erato IsYourMuse, at Reply

      +A Random Gamer Who Likes Games I don’t disagree with you, there is definately a gender bias regarding sentencing in the justice system. I would go even farther and say it’s also because it is a white, attractive female.

    • Posted by ctguitarguy, at Reply

      Particularly when it involves someone, the recipient, not being of sound mind.

  14. Posted by Xenite227, at Reply

    She’s a sociopath, obvious as hell.

    • Posted by Alex, at Reply

      No she’s not. Most obviously because that is not an actual diagnosis, at least not outside of the US (where everything seem to go) but what is mentioned in the beginning is important. He had threatened her to kill himself before, in other words he had subjected her to serious abuse while this might be revenge it could also be self defense from her side. If she makes him do it he can’t keep threatening her. Which is a very common way for abusive men to make sure the woman doesn’t leave them.

    • Posted by Kitty Buttcheeks Clone, at Reply

      Xenite227 She’s a psychopath not a sociopath. She seems a bit too stupid to be a sociopath.

    • Posted by esmith5121, at Reply

      True. Sociopaths are more socialized and stealthy. Psychopaths are the dumber ones, the sociopaths are the smarter ones. Often both self-defeat.

    • Posted by Kitty Buttcheeks Clone, at Reply

      +esmith5121 Exactly, the only reason Ik of sociopaths are because of watching BBC Sherlock after he called himself one. Then I started looking up on the differences between the two, lol I learn something new everyday.

  15. Posted by Inna Davenport, at Reply

    this is not fenimist. stop blaming all females for this. the girl was crazy.

    • Posted by X-man, at Reply

      Inna Davenport this is misandry. PERIOD.

    • Posted by RiffSkozz Fanzzz, at Reply

      Inna, this is feminism because this is what they really want to do men they do not like, including gay and bi men who don’t follow their ideology

    • Posted by Enrique Godinez, at Reply

      Found the troll.

  16. Posted by arizonatsunami, at Reply

    She needs two prison cells. One for her, and one for her forehead.

    • Posted by Mel Lio, at Reply

      Yeah, she reminds me of Stewie

    • Posted by SHAWNA499, at Reply


    • Posted by 007gwizz, at Reply

      arizonatsunami Her forehead did nothing wrong. It was also being manipulated, it wanted nothing to do with her.

  17. Posted by Rodney Wells, at Reply

    TYT, I love you guys but come onnnn. As a male, this video feels like satire. If this were a male that did this instead of a cute girl, the entire cast would be disgusted and shame the hell out of him. Disgusting.

    • Posted by Reptillianbobcat, at Reply

      Rodney Wells I like how they don’t even take a second to talk about how male suicide rates have skyrocketed the last few years, but hey, why not bring up philando castille instead😂 TYT is such a joke nowadays

    • Posted by jewishpride, at Reply

      Bro she ugly!!!, get your eyes checked

  18. Posted by DogeatDog, at Reply

    i see what you did there.
    ‘young girl’ vs ’18 year old man’
    sub conscious bias.

    • Posted by Gaetano Dragonetti, at Reply

      DogeatDog I noticed too. I am starting to get disappointed at TYT. Not that I ever thought they were super awesome or perfect. But yeah, I saw what they did there. Also, if it was the guy encouraging the girl to commit suicide Ana would be furious and ranting nonstop.

    • Posted by DogeatDog, at Reply

      Gaetano Dragonetti, Yep when things happen to men all of a sudden people dont want to jump to conclusions. But when it is men doing things, they are instantly judged and guilty.

    • Posted by clariola, at Reply

      DogeatDog I noticed this too. They were both teenage kids. They call her a woman in the title. which isn’t really true either.

    • Posted by JOOGAL1111, at Reply

      You don’t consider an 18 year old a woman? I’ll accept young woman but girl…..eh no

  19. Posted by Cy B, at Reply

    I’m sorry I had to give you a thumb down for the first time. 👎 I just watched the whole full story on 48 hours with his family and people who was involved in this case giving the story. This blonde-headed white young girl encourage him weeks and numerous times up to day of his death. At one point the day of his suicide he had got out of the car because he had second thoughts and was scared, and this monster ordered him back in. She stayed on the phone for 45 minutes while he gas and choke then she called her friend who testified against her how she encouraged him to kill his self. Plus she put on a at to his family when she knew he was dead. So she gets no sympathy for me. I’m glad she got caught before there was more bodies like Jeffrey Dahmer. But don’t make her look innocent or do more research on the story before telling it because she’s no angel.

    • Posted by Gabriel Cook, at Reply

      Cy B

      Two words: Proof reading.

    • Posted by Cy B, at Reply

      Gabriel Cook, just in case you didn’t get the first three words message (🖕U 🐕)