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Woman Who Stabbed Boyfriend Has Too Much Potential For Jail


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A 24 year-old woman stabbed her boyfriend, but the court in her case assumes that's immaterial. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, provide you the judges reasoning. Tell us exactly what you assume in the remark area listed below.

" An Oxford University student that stabbed her sweetheart can be saved jail since she has 'phenomenal' talent and it would wreck her job.

Lavinia Woodward, 24, stabbed her boyfriend in the leg with a bread blade before throwing a laptop computer, a glass and a jam jar at him, during a row sustained by beverage as well as medicines.

Woodward, a pupil at Christ Church college at Oxford, fulfilled her sweetheart, that mosts likely to Cambridge University, on Tinder.

The hopeful heart surgeon pleaded guilty to illegal wounding at Oxford Crown Court, an offence that would usually lead to a custodial sentence.

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Yet Court Ian Pringle has actually delayed punishing for 4 months, as well as suggested that Woodward could not be imprisoned as a result of her potential."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by kishore swaminathan, at Reply

    If a guy did this anyone will be up in arms.

    • Posted by Joshua Zapata, at Reply

      Keith P sadly, it’s true.

    • Posted by Évelyne, at Reply

      men get away with crimes all the time. especially if they’re rich and white. if this lady was poor and black she’d be in jail right now lmao

    • Posted by kishore swaminathan, at Reply

      the op kingdom I completely agree

    • Posted by kishore swaminathan, at Reply

      Évelyne not especially… only if they are rich and white and lucky…. Women most if not always get less jail sentence than men for similar crime.

    • Posted by kishore swaminathan, at Reply

      Keith P I know power plays a major role… But women consistently get less jail sentence compared to men.

  2. Posted by Angel, at Reply

    Her boyfriend was obviously an emasculated beta. She is a tiny woman.

    • Posted by Byron Meir, at Reply

      +Angel And what would you have done Mr. Alpha?Since guys like you have it all figured out?

    • Posted by Byron Meir, at Reply

      +Mercy I have,It’s not pretty.

    • Posted by Nerd Strangler, at Reply

      TheUnKnownGamer Link me one video where a male cop struggles to restrain a small crackhead woman because of “teh Supar Strength!1!”. Ill gladly concede the point, if you can do that.

  3. Posted by The Creole Empire, at Reply

    White privilege on aisle one!

    • Posted by Omegapede Prime, at Reply

      +Emily Sarou, yeah. I suspect my comments get censored when panicked SJW’s repeatedly pound the spam button or report button while pumping their inhaler. It is probably a combination of factors, let’s just say she is part of a really cushy demographic, life on easy mode. The only way she could be any higher on the ladder is if she were Asian, and then they would probably put her boyfriend in Jail. lol.

    • Posted by auritone, at Reply

      In the context you used it. “White supremacy”. This is just to so I know exactly what you mean by it.

    • Posted by Peter Nouveaux, at Reply

      auritone white supremacy; is the idea that some one of lighter skin than the next person, is superior to that person ipso facto.
      Various figures throughout history have fortified this idea by no other means than their social and economic status in the world And not due to factual evidence .
      It supposes that the darker a person’s skin tone, the more inferior their intellectual, organisational, and progressive capacities are.
      As absurd as this idea is, it is accepted globally even if grudgingly.

  4. Posted by jeff milligan, at Reply

    It’s about GENDER, not race.

    • Posted by Tyler, at Reply

      +DC Wright Can you source this information, as nearly every stat I have read regarding UK incarceration rates has blacks making up a lesser proportion of the prison population, than the general population, or at most double it depending on the year? Basically, I have yet to find a stat that gets anywhere close to a population disproportion with a multiple of 7.

    • Posted by DC Wright, at Reply

      Tyler http://www.prisonreformtrust.org.uk

      The relative odds of imprisonment were higher for BAME male offenders than for
      BAME female offenders (1.402 compared with 1.291, respectively). This means the
      odds of BAME male offenders being sentenced to prison were around 40% higher
      than for White male offenders, and for BAME female offenders the odds were around
      30% higher than for White female offenders

      Offenders under supervision or in custody.


      Rates of membership of the prison population varied greatly between ethnic groups: there were around 15 prisoners for every 10,000 people in England and Wales, similar to the White and Asian rates, but this includes only 6 prisoners for each 10,000 Chinese and Other population members, and 44 and 55 prisoners for each 10,000 Mixed and Black population members respectively. This seems to be driven by differences in prosecutions, remand and sentencing – no differences were seen in the proportion of custodial sentences served in prison – and these groups also had higher rates of probation service supervision. Mixed and Black prisoners were most likely to fight other prisoners and had the highest rates of prison discipline, while White prisoners generally were more likely to self-harm. Although there was no difference in rates of recall between ethnic groups, Black and White individuals convicted or cautioned were more likely to subsequently reoffend than Asian or Other individuals.

    • Posted by DC Wright, at Reply

      +Tyler​ It is possible that some of the studies lumped all “non-whites” together, but others did the numbers specifically based on Black males and females as opposed the various ethnicities etc .

  5. Posted by S.W.A.T., at Reply

    Sounds about white

    • Posted by Karl Ditz, at Reply

      she would even then be given less time than a poor black women

    • Posted by freedom1234573, at Reply

      S.W.A.T. damn, post of the day right here

    • Posted by wiseass 5000, at Reply

      +freedom1234573 sounds about tar baby

    • Posted by wiseass 5000, at Reply

      Yup…if it sounded about black. The boyfriend would be DEAD

  6. Posted by Adel Toutouh, at Reply

    If she was a man she would be in jail.

    • Posted by D Mc, at Reply

      R M That’s just bullshit.

    • Posted by R M, at Reply

      men can be physically abused by their wife or girlfriend too its not men are the abusers.

    • Posted by R M, at Reply

      why is that?

  7. Posted by The Laughing Man, at Reply

    Must be nice to be wealthy, poor people would be buried under the jail for this

    • Posted by Lemming Herder, at Reply

      The Laughing Man it had nothing to do with wealth, it’s female privilege.

    • Posted by Pat massey, at Reply

      The Laughing Man they also wouldn’t have potential.

  8. Posted by RESISTING1, at Reply

    White female privilege?

    • Posted by Herb615, at Reply

      It’s more of rich beautiful person privilege.

    • Posted by Adam Martinez, at Reply

      +Herb615 Class, beauty, white woman privilege. It’s a mixture of all of the above really.

    • Posted by Christopher Huerta, at Reply

      It may be a “don’t give your girlfriend bad acid” or “have a xanax ready if your girlfriend is doing to much coke” thing. lol Yeah I’m totally blaming the victim, but she seems pretty chill besides that one stabbing thing.

  9. Posted by Edsel Bester, at Reply

    A bread knife is not the same thing as a butter knife. A bread knife can do some serious damage.

    • Posted by Pat massey, at Reply

      I could kill a man with either knife just about as fast.

    • Posted by Alexander Blanton, at Reply

      @Tabs T Than a bread knife? You don’t actually know what a bread knife is do you…

    • Posted by Alexander Blanton, at Reply
    • Posted by Azureshock, at Reply

      A bread knife has more similarities with a short sword than with a butter knife.

    • Posted by Tabs T, at Reply

      And you don’t know what a spoon is do you?

  10. Posted by The Moral Crusader, at Reply

    Patriarchy at work again

    • Posted by Gene Starwind, at Reply

      yup, everything negative = patriarchy and women are never at fault for anything ever. their vaginas extrude sunshine and goodness 24/7.

    • Posted by Gene Starwind, at Reply

      men rarely report domestic violence

  11. Posted by Cenk Of Course!, at Reply


    • Posted by Doge 2016, at Reply


    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      Cenk Of Course! Of coooouuuurrrrse

    • Posted by chocolateking1, at Reply

      The face dude wtf lol

    • Posted by Money guy, at Reply

      no pls

    • Posted by J Seegerts, at Reply

      that face and that line is why i dislike cenk, just stfu plz

  12. Posted by Jonathan Palmquist, at Reply

    She and Brock Turner should get married, they’re perfect for each other! Imagine the potential in that power couple!

    • Posted by Milton Perez, at Reply

      Jonathan Palmquist the Influenza kid for best man?

    • Posted by rencrow, at Reply

      Every white supremacist’s model couple.

    • Posted by Skank Hunt, at Reply

      rencrow lol I don’t think white supremacist want white peoples raping or stabbing whites. If the judges hooked up and one was a man and one was a woman, maybe. I’m sure they’d like David duke and Paula deen more

    • Posted by Laura J, at Reply

      Andrew Wallingford i noticed. I think she should have gone to jail, the career of the person should not even be taken into account

    • Posted by Andrew Wallingford, at Reply

      Laura We have a really bad habit to prejudge people based on their success, background and appearance. They represent what most of us would like to be. Even I catch myself feeling sorry for Turner sometimes because FROM HIS PERSPECTIVE, watching his life collapse after being a top athlete attending one of he most prestigious universities in the United States.

  13. Posted by Amo Bassi, at Reply

    It was a bread knife, not a dull butter knife! Those things are serrated and pretty sharp!

    EVERYBODY has some degree of potential. Just because you’re pretty, white and rich doesn’t make you above the law. The judge is probably friends with daddy at the Country Club…

    • Posted by blupheonix44, at Reply

      Amo Bassi um… Yes it does..

    • Posted by Alexander Blanton, at Reply

      Thank you Amo! Was about to make this comment. There IS a difference between a bread knife and a butter knife. A DAMN big difference if you’re on the receiving end of a stab…

    • Posted by Alexander Blanton, at Reply

      @mario miranda As the comment states, a bread knife and butter knife are quite different. The former is quite sharp, serrated, and capable of producing a nasty torn stab wound, the latter a small cut and a bruise. I encourage you to google bread knife, you’ll find it’s quite different than a butter knife.

  14. Posted by TheTheddi, at Reply

    It´s not her privilege of being white or female, but her privilege of being rich! Someone who does drugs and goes to Oxford likely comes from a rich family.

    The same logic was applied to Brock Turner when he raped that girl, and it´s really sick. That´s an open display of a two tier justice system. Those who are rich and thus have higher potential get less punishment for crimes.

    • Posted by allthings509, at Reply

      Freemasons get away with anything, The judge is in the same club.

    • Posted by HowAbout No, at Reply

      Shameon Onyou like myra hindley

    • Posted by Gene Starwind, at Reply

      You are nuts if you think the vagina didnt play a large role in this

    • Posted by konohahurricane07, at Reply

      I’m pretty sure a black guy in the same position would’ve been treated harshly. Michael Vick was incredibly rich and famous and look how long he went away for animal abuse.

  15. Posted by Ronald, at Reply

    Stop saying that it is female privilege. This is white female privilege. If this individual was black, she would be labelled as “an angry ratchet black woman” and put behind bars.

    • Posted by Raphael Ristie, at Reply

      Ronald you just had to made this racial didn’t you

    • Posted by the war whore, at Reply

      a bit broad and unfair dont you think. if one characterised every white as angry thugs by the world body count in the past century, would that be fair. The truth is, this case in particular isnt about race, its abt privilege. lets forget the black and white stuff for a bit. i mean, to say someone who stabbed another person, that they are free to go because they have a bright future is ludacris

    • Posted by Political Twinkie, at Reply

      Sabia,   In the 21st century with a diversity of color, some people still want to neuter the truth.

  16. Posted by 201stars, at Reply

    Why do people like to ignore the race factor. The innocent doe eyed do no wrong stereotype has only ever been applied to white women.

    • Posted by Praxis, at Reply

      The Worm back to your safe space, snowflake. clearly facts and reality are too much for Trumpanzees to handle.

    • Posted by louson1, at Reply

      Herb615… then how do you explain the fact that lawmakers
      are now bending over backwards to change the drug sentencing
      laws because of the so called “opioid health crisis” or as is known
      on the street “broke white folks on heroin epidemic?” I don’t know
      how old you are but I lived through the “Crack epidemic” and I
      can tell you our government had a very different reaction to
      the black communities that were in the same crisis. It was basically
      a law and order approach to lock ’em all up. Now you have
      poor white people going through the exact same thing & the
      reaction is “we have to help them” or “those evil Mexican cartels
      are preying on these innocent salt of the earth people” or my
      favorite, “It’s the doctors fault that these innocent people are
      strung out.” Poor black people on crack = Lock ’em up.
      Poor white people on heroin = save them.
      There is clearly a difference in treatment that has nothing
      to do with class & everything to do with race.
      They locked up a beautiful black girl (straight A college student) for
      30 years for having some marijuana. How do you explain
      all this? Your fragility is showing.

    • Posted by D. White, at Reply

      She won’t respond to all the logical counterpoints just watch

  17. Posted by Rentonville, at Reply

    Yes I want my future surgeons to do drugs and have a passion for stabbing loved ones.

    • Posted by Ruth Barr, at Reply

      You could say she’s had some practice at the art. Seriously she needs a big fat shock not further spoiling.

    • Posted by Lone Star, at Reply

      You know, I was about to say the same thing.

    • Posted by Heisenberg's Uncertainty, at Reply

      I couldn’t agree more. I am an experienced ER nurse and one thing I have learned over the decades is that crazy sometimes has MD behind its name. Its unfortunate, but true.

    • Posted by Troy Lewis, at Reply

      They already do! 🙂

    • Posted by gavisbeech, at Reply

      Retonville right she showing all the humanity of a NHS surgeon

  18. Posted by elines acevedo, at Reply

    how is this a gender thing when rich white men are constantly getting off for worse things such as rape, torture and murder because of their wealth and “potential”? are you people really that forgetful or do you only see what you want to see? “oh i hate feminists so im gonna blame feminists for this” even though the fact that women are seen as fragile and incapable of most things is something that feminism is against. But sure, keep blaming gender and race because those are things that one cant really change but you might become rich some day and when you do you wont want all the poors pointing fingers at you.

    • Posted by Frank Dayton, at Reply

      elines acevedo your sophistry is incredible. The standards placed on women are so burdensome, that’s why when a drunk man and drunk woman have sex, it’s the woman that 90% of the time gets charged with rape, right? Or the fact that, when the cops are called to a domestic violence call, it’s assumed that the woman is primary aggressor because she is usually smaller, huh?

    • Posted by AKSBSU, at Reply

      +elines acevado Incarnation rates don’t align with your feminist bullshit. Numbers trump your feelings about it. Males are incarcerated at a much higher rate and for much longer for the same crimes. Here’s an ACTUAL gender inequality supported by statistics, and you’re going into PR mode to try to marginalize and dismiss it. Textbook example of why feminists cannot be trusted.

  19. Posted by scotty rose, at Reply

    Female privilege.If she had been s man, she would have went to jail simply for domestic.

    • Posted by xBrownGirLinTheRingx, at Reply

      I’m pretty sure if I did what she did I would have different consequences than her.

    • Posted by NaturallyHemi, at Reply

      White female privilege