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Women Greeted With Cleaning Supplies At ‘Wonder Woman’ Screening


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Females were a little dishonored by the gift bags they got at a screening of 'Wonder Female.' John Iadarola, Hannah Cranston, and Kim Horcher, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you why they were annoyed. Inform us exactly what you assume in the remark area listed below.

" Wonder Woman includes a badass female heroine, was routed by a lady, and also is eliminating it at the box workplace– however leave it to good ol' misogyny to still get a couple of stabs in, right?

Attendees at a women-only June 6 testing of the film at a Belgian cinema supposedly received bags full of sponges, diet plan pill handouts, squeegees, delicious chocolate, noodles, as well as chips as a "gift." (Truthfully, we are shocked the bags did not include Bic's "For Her" pens.).

The bags (visualized listed below) state "Awesome things inside," yet, sadly, things inside are not cool down. Instead, they're awfully sexist! And audience participants were not delighted.".

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Hannah Cranston, Kim Horcher.

Cast: John Iadarola, Hannah Cranston, Kim Horcher.


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  1. Posted by Jesse C, at Reply

    Maybe don’t have a segregated screening? Kinda misses the point of the movie…

    • Posted by Meninonas, at Reply

      Jesse C you missed the point mawma

    • Posted by Jesse C, at Reply

      ok explain the point my friend <3

  2. Posted by Jaxx Heuit, at Reply

    Women’s only? And women complain about gender discrimination.

    • Posted by krono fogden, at Reply

      Jaxx Heuit hahaha

    • Posted by VanChichaRooney, at Reply

      its such great banter. I laughed pretty hard when I read the title lol

  3. Posted by 𝐡𝒢𝓀𝒢 π’ͺ𝓅𝓅𝒢𝒾, at Reply

    The bigger question was why was there a female only screening? No one talking about that eh?

    • Posted by VanChichaRooney, at Reply

      If men excluded women from a movie screening feminists would be losing there minds. Secondly its hard to sleep with a lot of girls but its really easy for a girl to sleep with a lot of guys. A key that opens many locks is a master key but a lock that is opened by many keys is a shitty lock.

    • Posted by VanChichaRooney, at Reply

      Are you denying that men generally have to pursue women. For example, when I first met my wife I hit on her. I asked her to go on dates (and paid). I proposed etc. Of course women have sex drives but men have to work to get women while women tend to be gatekeepers.

  4. Posted by Harry Christofi, at Reply

    Do the people who did this not wanna get laid? XD

    • Posted by s h a d ΓΈ w b a n n e d, at Reply

      Harry Christofi Who is getting laid at a movie theatre? That’s not how this whole social life thing works.

    • Posted by Syrup Forever, at Reply

      Harry Christofi That’s not true. Women work less hours and at less dangerous jobs. That’s why they earn less on average.

    • Posted by Harry Christofi, at Reply

      +s h a d ΓΈ w b a n n e d Not in the movie theater lol…AFTER the movie is done πŸ˜‰

  5. Posted by Kall Zorki, at Reply

    Pretty evident Hannah never had to clean anything in her life.

    • Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

      You mean ((Hannah)) the (((executive producer))) for TYT who (((somehow))) got into duke even tho she’s a dumb feminazi b!tc*h

    • Posted by Don Pendejo, at Reply

      The jews have it easy, don’t they?

    • Posted by Y2K, at Reply

      Have you ever considering *not watching TYT*? Seriously, you’re supporting TYT and (by proxy) the Justice Democrats just by watching and leaving dislikes.

  6. Posted by WeeItsNookies, at Reply

    Oh the irony, this dumb blonde skank calling it sexist when THEY ARE HAVING A SEXIST WOMEN ONLY EVENT. Jesus her lack of self awareness..

    • Posted by Ezequiel Zambrano, at Reply

      WeeItsNookies shes a blondie what do you expect

  7. Posted by havoc467, at Reply

    soory, but if a guy recived one of these with protein bars, shave cream, deoderant, a mens fitness mag, men wouldnt be up in arms about it, its really is a non issued thats made into an issue

    • Posted by Trickius, at Reply

      That isn’t equivalent. Men were never denied access to basic human rights, education, the workplace, etc. etc. because they were men, or because they were ‘supposed’ to be working with tools.

      The actual equivalent would be giving black people tools for cotton picking.

    • Posted by Nijastan K., at Reply

      Yeah, imagine a bag full of video games or whatever stereotypical guy thing you can think of. No guy is going to think “sexism.” In fact, they’ll be happy

  8. Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

    hilarious. Every feminist should get this gift package. Hannah’s should also come with a gag to shut her up.

    • Posted by quaxk, at Reply

      You’d need a special duck face gag though.

  9. Posted by TheRealSerio, at Reply

    whinny cunts

    • Posted by Stacy Jackson, at Reply

      Ha! Agreed!

  10. Posted by SpurnOfHumanity, at Reply

    Hannah literally ruins every single video she’s in.

    • Posted by Stacy Jackson, at Reply

      Thank you! πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Posted by DiabolicalApostle, at Reply

      Smaakjeks K The truth hurts sometimes. Deal with it rather than resorting to ad hominems.

  11. Posted by facefister69, at Reply

    The Irony of the situation…

    These free gifts are sexists, also no men allowed.

    • Posted by TheUhhoh, at Reply

      +Hal Jordan

      What does a veterans screening have to do with this?

      You do understand the difference between choice and biology right?

      Why should anyone be denied access to something by accident of birth, that logic undermines nearly all progress we’ve made in the last century.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Biology is irrelevant to this. Both are select groups, given select screenings, so as to raise funds for charities. ‘Progress’ is not being undermined here. That is simply hysterics.

    • Posted by TheUhhoh, at Reply

      +Hal Jordan

      So you’d be perfectly okay with a Caucasian-only screening? You know, since biology isn’t a factor…

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      A one-night screening that helped to give money for a white charity? If a white charity exists, then sure. Have at it.

    • Posted by TheUhhoh, at Reply

      +Hal Jordan

      Fair enough, but i’ll disagree with you on a basis of principle…

      I don’t believe its morally right to discriminate against in-born and hard-locked biological traits as I find it disturbingly close to years of old.

      I personally think the charity drive would be served better by welcoming all peoples of all diversities, but I respect that you’ve maintained an unbiased stance even if I ultimately disagree with it.

  12. Posted by Nex Russ, at Reply

    Like ok Hannah is pretty hot, but man when she opens her mouth and starts spewing all that feminist bullshit relentlessly it’s such a disappointment.

    • Posted by FLUFFER FACE, at Reply

      She’s too thin.

    • Posted by E. M. Fisher, at Reply

      Nex Russ She’s the 1% and she doesn’t understand real issues. Her family is loaded so she thinks this is news worth reporting on that women got free products that werent name brand.

  13. Posted by VanChichaRooney, at Reply

    “sticks and stones may break my bones but there will always be something to offend a feminist”

    • Posted by Friedrich Marx, at Reply

      VanChichaRooney Recently watch a naked ape video too aye?

    • Posted by E. M. Fisher, at Reply

      VanChichaRooney Bahahahahahahhaaha

  14. Posted by Kevin Hodgson, at Reply

    Anyone else see the title and immediately know Hannah was going to be covering it?

    • Posted by Rob England, at Reply

      Kevin Hodgson LOL She’s so annoying with her imperfect Julia Roberts mouth,..

    • Posted by Zachito15, at Reply

      I think she’s pretty hot, nice body, fit.

  15. Posted by C dee, at Reply

    lol someone send me a Dyson I won’t get pissed.

    • Posted by Stigmata Martyr, at Reply

      C dee Right? πŸ˜‚ those things are expensive as hell. πŸ™

  16. Posted by Phlebas, at Reply

    And as always, people in the comments pretend to be unaware of social context and act like these women are offended for no reason because that fits the reactionary narrative.Β  It’s not ignorance, it’s intellectual dishonesty.

    • Posted by dimoned123, at Reply

      Phlebas the thing is the video makes it sound like the person who took this picture was offended. So we won’t know how they actually felt unless they say it.

    • Posted by Phlebas, at Reply

      Firstly, what does it matter what the person who took the photo thinks? The story isn’t about her, specifically. Secondly, if you’re referring to the photo at 0:08, notice the @LDelbar/Twitter in the lower right? Google it and see what comes up. She wasn’t impressed.

      So, now that you know that the original photographer isn’t being misrepresented, I’m sure you have no issues with this story and will change your opinion accordingly, right?

    • Posted by dimoned123, at Reply

      Phlebas I wouldn’t have had issues if it was just the food products that were included in the bag, but having cleaning products included is pretty questionable to me especially if they are handing it to an only woman screening of Wonder Woman.

  17. Posted by Stigmata Martyr, at Reply

    They were trolling. πŸ˜‚ I’m sure if they did a male-only show for an action movie they would troll them with Rogaine samples, tools, and pamphlets for erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement.

  18. Posted by Crynx, at Reply

    how you can be triggered by free, useful stuff is truly baffling to me

    • Posted by Zacc, at Reply

      Crynx you probably just don’t see the second degree message. You’ll understand as you grow up