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Workout Fail Nominees: FailArmy Hall Of Fame (April 2017)


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Look into FailArmy's preferred exercise falls short of all-time, and please elect your favorite in the remarks to be included in the end of year Hall Of Popularity induction ceremony and also video clip. Remember to send us your own amusing fall short videos to!


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Exercise Fail Candidates: FailArmy Hall Of Popularity (April 2017).

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  1. Posted by FaZe Ptr, at Reply

    I’m fat

    • Posted by FaZe Ptr, at Reply

      Ventis Im 15 and I really want to get some muscles but it is hard to me to work out, some tips?

    • Posted by Ventis, at Reply

      FaZe Ptr I do body weight training , so I don’t hit the gym. I started with 13 and at the same time I started with boxing , after 2 years I had to stop boxing because of school. But I always continued with my body weight workouts. My body is pretty normal , I don’t have problems gaining muscles nor fat , even tough my metabolism is nice. In my opinion the key of success is routine and discipline . I’m working out 3 times a week , for the last 4 years now and every now and then I made my training a bit intensive . Ofc sometimes you just don’t have the time or you are too tired but I never stopped for longer periods. My advise : patience .When I started I was fat and my dream was to become normal, I did sport and stopped eating too much unnecessary high calorie things (sweets bla bla bla). After , let’s say , 9 months I reached my goal but I noticed that I built muscles too and I continued. Additional sport is in general fun too me. I think a lot of people want too much in a too short time and then they are dissapointed and demotivated when they realise that there are no fast ways (except steroids). So have patience, stay motivated and always remind yourself of your goal.

    • Posted by FaZe Ptr, at Reply

      Ventis WoW your text motivated me to do more training. I think my problem was that I was disappointed when it didn’t go well when I was training track and field. Thanks!

  2. Posted by Dat Scary Boi, at Reply

    I thought the thumbnail was blood coming down the guy’s ear

    • Posted by Jacob Camp, at Reply

      Dat Scary Boi lol same

    • Posted by Elias Johansson, at Reply


    • Posted by Jack Chapman, at Reply

      Dat Scary Boi clickbait

    • Posted by Edgar Gallardo, at Reply

      Workout gone sexual!

  3. Posted by Vadim Maksykov, at Reply

    Looks like a plan 2:30

    • Posted by Rasta Requs95, at Reply

      Looks like you”re……Fu.ked *o*

    • Posted by Rafał X, at Reply

      Vadim Maksykov i

    • Posted by Virdi Purbakala, at Reply


    • Posted by Cameron Baron, at Reply

      Vadim Maksykov I

  4. Posted by Dylan Johnson, at Reply

    I’m tryna work out, betch.

    • Posted by Santiago Barragan, at Reply

      That one got me 😂

    • Posted by DragonMaster _17, at Reply

      Dylan Johnson my favorite lol

    • Posted by MrYfrank14, at Reply

      dog was attaching him because he couldn’t stand the lisp any longer.

    • Posted by Charles Dickens, at Reply

      Oh my gahd, thith betch ith like thoooo homophobic.

    • Posted by Wafflez Yup, at Reply

      His dog is a homophobe I guess😂

  5. Posted by Stephen Rebar, at Reply

    2:05. Watch out! Watch out! Look at him slitheren! RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!!!

    • Posted by Its Jordan, at Reply

      Stephen Rebar omfg that made my day 😂😂😂

  6. Posted by kamimi974, at Reply

    This should be named “Dumb ways to die” 😂

    • Posted by A clown that DOES NOT want 1,000 subscribers, at Reply

      kamimi974 Especially this 4:40

    • Posted by Abel Villa, at Reply

      A clown that DOES NOT want 1,000 subscribers and 4:54

  7. Posted by HD_HaJaMaL, at Reply

    The last clip xD This voice

    • Posted by Ken Bone, at Reply

      HD_HaJaMaL lmao. couldnt even get the 50

    • Posted by xCrushax, at Reply


    • Posted by NetRat Studio, at Reply

      50 xD How can he do a handstand? Or anything 😀

  8. Posted by Dawid Gniewek, at Reply

    *20 is the best XD*

    • Posted by WhatAmIEvenDoing, at Reply

      Dawid Gniewek can you even call that working out though?

    • Posted by Ali AL SHEHHI, at Reply


  9. Posted by Zoomer, at Reply

    4:38 This guy probably saw death flash before his eyes..

    • Posted by Björn Quek, at Reply


    • Posted by Marcos Metra, at Reply

      Zoomer ii

  10. Posted by A clown that DOES NOT want 1,000 subscribers, at Reply

    If anyone ever asks me, *_”Why don’t you workout?”_* I’m gonna show them this video.

    • Posted by Scylla Lockser, at Reply

      3:06 – 3:29. Thats why XD XD XD XD

    • Posted by Matias Sandoval, at Reply

      Scylla Lockser because you are gay??

    • Posted by MrYfrank14, at Reply

      how do you scuff an ape?

    • Posted by Bob of Astora, at Reply

      That’s a shitty excuse

  11. Posted by AdaM R, at Reply

    4:13 is a win B)

    • Posted by Zjedz Snickersa, at Reply

      AdaM R jebac polske

  12. Posted by Numit0r :D, at Reply

    all the germans tuned in? 😀

    • Posted by pony pops, at Reply

      +Th3UprightMan du bist doof und itiotisch

  13. Posted by Virtuosek, at Reply

    I think the last one was a fail guys

    • Posted by Kosto, at Reply

      You made me laugh so hard man! like 10 minutes it was so good! x)

      I’m so happy you see you in comments I subs to your channel dude ^^

    • Posted by TheBraveZombies, at Reply

      Why would you say that? His hat was already off.

    • Posted by ryan miller, at Reply

      Could see the fear of death in his eyes.

    • Posted by NetRat Studio, at Reply

      Wooow, I have a question to you, Sebastien. Why did you do that back then?? 😀

    • Posted by Sebastien Doat, at Reply

      Back then I didn’t know the proper workout technics so I decided to push myself while I was bored to test my limits:)

  14. Posted by Stevelow, at Reply

    Number 30 was so f**king risky, damn.. –> 4:38

    • Posted by Patrick Thompson, at Reply

      Stevelow yeah because he was alone

    • Posted by zac cru, at Reply

      Stevelow must have got some strap muscles injury. .

  15. Posted by Ulf Vildström, at Reply

    *A man’s got to know his limitations…*

    • Posted by A clown that DOES NOT want 1,000 subscribers, at Reply

      Ulf Vildström 4:10 *I think that guy already knew*

    • Posted by SubFeed Sub, at Reply

      Yep, he stayed in his lane, and aced it.

    • Posted by Nicholas Emmanuel, at Reply

      A clown that DOES NOT want 1,000 subscribers e

    • Posted by Erick Camacho, at Reply

      Ulf Vildström feeling paranoic, true enemy or false friend?

      oh, your not singing sweating bullets… oh… ok…

  16. Posted by MDT_Dimitry, at Reply

    4:03 WTF Why does he looks like a dummy.

    • Posted by A clown that DOES NOT want 1,000 subscribers, at Reply

      MDT_Dimitry Well, he’s a dummy for failing so hard.

  17. Posted by Satyrox, at Reply

    4:10 What a boss

    • Posted by Zero Reverse, at Reply


    • Posted by Od Tsogtbaatar, at Reply

      looking for this!

    • Posted by Ernst Lustig, at Reply

      He’s my soulmate!