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Would Obama Have Beaten Donald Trump?


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President Obama thinks he would've won a third term, but Donald Trump doesn't agree. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"President Barack Obama may be convinced he could have bested Donald Trump in a race to the White House, but the president-elect says “no way!”

Trump took to Twitter Monday to shoot down Obama’s claim that he could have beaten the Republican candidate in a head-to-head race had the president not been prohibited by law from running for a third term.

Obama told his former senior advisor, David Axelrod, on his podcast, “The Axe Files,” that he believes his vision of a “tolerant and diverse and open” America could have garnered enough votes for yet another victory.

“I’m confident that if … I had run again and articulated it, I think I could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it,” Obama said.

Trump thinks not and claims the president had too much negative baggage for another win. “I say NO WAY,” Trump tweeted, adding: “jobs leaving, ISIS, OCare, etc.”

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  1. Posted by Yonny, at Reply

    Only a moron would believe trump would have beat President Obama

    • Posted by Johnny Tony, at Reply

      You keep feeding the stereotype about DJT diehard supporters as not
      particularly smart.I know there’s got to be bright ones.

    • Posted by Where R Ewe, at Reply

      +Johnny Tony Of course. Not one of us were stupid enough to vote for
      KKKillary,so we’re all political savants.

  2. Posted by SupaMario81, at Reply

    Anybody would of won except Hillary.

    • Posted by chicagosbest82, at Reply

      +Jake Savin oh no that just shows how much you know about Hillary
      Clinton.She was the most unpopular Democratic candidate ever.

    • Posted by John Do, at Reply

      No matter how much Hillary is hated, people chose her to be the president.
      Electors were paid off By oil companies.

    • Posted by Jake Savin, at Reply

      Barry Nichols thanks for letting me know. Take care now,

  3. Posted by NeonR3D, at Reply

    Well duh. Trump only won by low voter turnout. Romney had better numbers
    than Trump.

    • Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

      Adam Smith they didn’t want Hillary. His popularity was far in excess of

    • Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

      Barry Nichols Obama campaigned a lot for Hillary and said that Hillary
      would be the continuation of his policies. He also said that she was the
      most qualified candidate ever. It was as much about Hillary’s problems as
      well as Obama’s policies. The rust belt is sick of the REAL Obama (not the
      Obama the MSM protrays). They don’t want TPP (which Obama and Hillary were
      for) or shitty Obamacare and they now see Obama as a huge disappointment!
      Just go back and look at 08 Obama campaigning and compare him to today to
      see this.

    • Posted by Jordan Lewis, at Reply

      Uh, Trump had 45% of the college educated women vote. 62% of the non
      college educated. 35% of Latinos, and so on.

    • Posted by Donald J Trump, at Reply

      Plant Powered Trump beat romney percentage wise as well

  4. Posted by Kiki Boo, at Reply

    No doubt Obama would’ve won. He is smart person unlike trump. Although, I
    disagree with his all foreign policies. If I had to vote again between
    trump or Obama. Absolutely Obama.

    • Posted by Larry B, at Reply

      +Kiki Boo Do you need a puppy to hug? Maybe some hot chocolate and some
      I’m not a redneck, certainly not stupid, and I’m not sure what you mean by
      deepsh’t. Deepsh’t is where a person ends up and not something that they
      are. In any case you must have missed the electoral count – +300 is “bigly”

    • Posted by Joe Truth, at Reply

      +Kiki Boo Obongo has been the laughing stock of the world for 8 years.

    • Posted by Rob Vollat, at Reply

      I Hope this is a troll! Seriously I do!

    • Posted by Charlie Bell, at Reply

      Oboma is a lying conservative puppet of the central banks, it doesn’t
      matter who would’ve won, the people have already lost. There’s no choice.

  5. Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

    I love how Obama triggered Trump and made him run to his safe

    • Posted by Larry B, at Reply

      +jarjon76 – I love that Obummer is gone gone gone. ( I think Trump is
      triggering Obama – Obama legacy soon to be vanished ).

    • Posted by Joe Truth, at Reply

      +jarjon76 I love how Trump will destroy Obamas little legacy.

    • Posted by Ray Menendez, at Reply

      I love how Obama’s record on violating the constitution with his pen and a
      telephone will be reversed.

  6. Posted by Trey Young, at Reply

    Is this even a question? Obama would’ve damaged Trump’s ego forever.
    Wouldn’t even be close.

    • Posted by Joe Truth, at Reply

      Trey Young White America would of never gave loser Obama a third chance.

    • Posted by Withdreday, at Reply

      +Sourrags Part time jobs aren’t counted in employment statistics.

    • Posted by Rob Vollat, at Reply

      95 million Americans are not participating in the labor markets that’s the
      only statistic you need to state.

    • Posted by Rob Vollat, at Reply

      Um more self identified blacks and Hispanics voted for Trump than any
      modern Republican candidate. It wasn’t “white America” that elected trump.
      I say self identified because we all should mark OTHER OR NONE

    • Posted by Miriam Rosario, at Reply

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  7. Posted by Marak Lia, at Reply

    Obama would’ve made orange juice out of Donald Trump.

    • Posted by Larry B, at Reply

      Donald would have obliterated Obama. Hillary lost because of Obama’s
      failures. Had HRC run a campaign attacking Obama legacy she would have won.
      She chose to run as an Obama 3rd term and was rejected.

    • Posted by Larry B, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump (cough cough loser)

    • Posted by mydogatemyhomework., at Reply

      *98.1% sure.*

    • Posted by Joe Truth, at Reply

      Marak Lia Trump would of beat the brown monkey turds out of Obongo. He
      would of been crying like the rest of you miserable losers.

    • Posted by Kevin Black, at Reply

      Yeah. Far right created the fictional villan Hillary too! She actually
      dodged sniper fire, and tried to save our ambassador, and fully cooperated
      in the investigation of the Clinton fondation, and never deleted emails
      etc… The real Hillary is preparing to run in a marathon, and the real
      Obama cares about the survival of Isreal! (By the way “alt-right is another
      fiction created by the queen of fake news Hillary Clinton.)

  8. Posted by Raymel peoples, at Reply

    well I think he would have but I don’t know this Year has been weird

    • Posted by kevin willems, at Reply

      that’s a statement we can all get behind

    • Posted by camelshit, at Reply

      Yeah.. almost surrealistic

    • Posted by dramatish, at Reply

      Raymel peoples it eas wierd also because of Hillary clinton !

  9. Posted by JoshⓋ, at Reply

    Hell, Bill Clinton would’ve won against Trump.

    • Posted by Kelly Boyce, at Reply

      ssuuppeerrbbooyy You seriously underestimate Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is
      a charmer and would have beat the snot out of Trump.

    • Posted by Joe Truth, at Reply

      Bill Clinton is spent. He would of never won.

  10. Posted by dramatish, at Reply


    • Posted by philster611, at Reply

      +Tom * Never underestimate the stupidity of the masses. – George Carlin.

      She never sold secrets to China. There is not one ounce of evidence. You
      are yet again making fake news with every word you post.
      Still you have not revealed any of the content of these “emails”. but you
      conveniently ignore Trumps calls for Russia to interfere with the election.
      An act of treason…
      But your imagination is more fertile tha your reality. She had no relation
      to the Syrian uprising, nor Libya.

  11. Posted by Golden Voice, at Reply

    No doubt about it Obama knows how to run a campaign unlike Hillary.

    • Posted by Popeye's chicken, at Reply

      Golden Voice that’s the difference. He’s a much better at campaigning
      unlike hillary who only campaigned in two states.

  12. Posted by sackeshi's broadcasting channel, at Reply

    Term limits need to be put in place for congress. 2 terms! That way we can
    get rid of career politicians.

    • Posted by Jtrain21, at Reply

      No more of these outrages Pensions either, they are public servants, not
      Elon Musk.

    • Posted by Rob Vollat, at Reply

      Austerity is not the answer.

    • Posted by onytay75, at Reply

      sackeshi’s broadcasting channel like Bernie sanders

    • Posted by sackeshi's broadcasting channel, at Reply

      onytay75 there are 2 that I know of that are for the people everyone else
      is for there wallet

  13. Posted by TechMack, at Reply

    Kanye West would have beaten Donald Trump any one but Clinton

    • Posted by Kathleen Prudhomme, at Reply

      Ray, You are the one who said that black people voted for Obama just b/c he
      was black. Remember? He could come down from Mars and kill your neighbors
      and set your dog on fire..oh how one forgets. You are the racist. I give
      black people WAY more credit than you. They would have supported Herman and
      Ben no matter what cause ya know..the black thing.

    • Posted by Kathleen Prudhomme, at Reply

      Yes Eve, YOUR community.

    • Posted by Kathleen Prudhomme, at Reply

      I think that’s what we’re working out right now. Sadly, this country is
      going to go into ruin for us to come together, if ever.

    • Posted by Josay AK, at Reply

      +Ray Menendez The only people bringing up race are you and the other
      trumptards deflecting lol. Even if you aren’t racist you’re aiding it by
      ignoring the fact that the other trumpsters are here pushing their racist
      rhetoric based off of what you said. Boriqua? Yeah that explains A LOT

    • Posted by Eve Aso, at Reply

      +Rob Vollat ahhhh, sorry to disappoint you but whites are not human! stop
      being in denial

  14. Posted by Links Loki, at Reply

    I don’t get your love for Obama. He did nothing for the black community,
    did drone attacks in Afghanistan, invaded American privacy and didn’t
    revoke the patriot act.

    • Posted by MoppyPuppy, at Reply

      +Emery Kennedy Obamacare could have been single payer, but Obama caved to
      Republicans in more than one area allowing them to pick away parts of the
      Affordable Care Act.

      Obama was president when Osama Bin Laden was killed but apparently knew
      where he was the whole time, the Pakistanis were holding Bin Laden
      prisoner, the raid was just an execution.

      What I’m getting is that Obama sucks at messaging, while Trump is currently
      going on tour to brag about his accomplishments Obama is silent when he’s
      needed most because he’s a simpering weakling.

    • Posted by Emery Kennedy, at Reply

      +MoppyPuppy Obama did good just to get as far as he did with healthcare
      considering what he had to deal with. 5 presidents before him tried and
      failed. 20 million people have healthcare that didn’t have it before. His
      stimulus stopped the 800,000 job lost a month free fall and he did these
      things despite having a shaking 4 month majority. Once Ted Kennedy died and
      we fluctuated from 57 to 60 seats in the senate things got worse and harder
      to pass and then to top it off 80% of Americans didn’t vote in the
      midterms. The American Citizens are the number ones at fault here as the
      put the full load on President Obama shoulders and he alone had to fight
      the Barry Goldwater infested Republican party. While black people Democrats
      alike sat around listening to booty shaking rap music.

      Trump spent his whole life coning people out of their money. He just flat
      didn’t pay his workers after they’ve done the work. The american people
      first didn’t vote in the midterms so this whole mess is their fault and
      then they vote in Donald Trump as he hires nazi supremacist, Steve Bannon,
      and the rest of his donners in the white house.

    • Posted by MoppyPuppy, at Reply

      +Emery Kennedy *Name me three faults you see in Obama.*

    • Posted by Emery Kennedy, at Reply

      +MoppyPuppy Gladly, He is a bit too naive extended his hand to the racist
      Republican party as they knife him in the back. Obama humbles himself too
      much instead of bragging about his accomplishments and I don’t agree with
      his decision with the TPP, but not stupid enough to frame his whole
      presidency around the TPP unlike the lazy Americans that don’t vote in the

  15. Posted by DarthCipient, at Reply

    Obama would have fucked Trump easily.

    • Posted by Dashed Ham, at Reply

      +DarthCipient Keep living in a fantasy, it works wonders for us Cons.

    • Posted by Joe Truth, at Reply

      +DarthCipient Because Obama is gay.

    • Posted by Rob Vollat, at Reply

      I think the wording states that Trump was the willing party.

  16. Posted by Kyle Williamson, at Reply

    Drain the Swamp by electing swamp thing. okay america 😕

    • Posted by Hobo, at Reply

      If Trump is keeping the swamp why is he getting hate from Hillary
      supporters? He’s doing what she would do lol

    • Posted by Joe Truth, at Reply

      Kyle Trumps getting rid of Obongo the boogeyman.

    • Posted by Rob Vollat, at Reply

      Drain the wall street swamp!

  17. Posted by Scott Lowman., at Reply

    Who cares!! Quit playing the what if game!