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WTF?! In 2017 Women Are STILL EXILED During Their Periods


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The government of Nepal is LASTLY cracking down on the Hindu custom of banishing females that are menstruating, a tradition known as chaupadi. Cenk Uygur, Maytha Alhassen as well as Ana Kasparian simplify on The Young Turks. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark section listed below.

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" Nepal has passed a law criminalising the method of banishing females to huts throughout their periods.

The old Hindu tradition of Chhaupadi, wherein women are constrained to animal sheds throughout menstrual cycle to keep "contamination" from the residence, was banned by the high court in 2005.

But the practice has continued to be common in Nepal's remote west and also has actually resulted in the deaths of two teen women in the previous year.

Last month, a 19-year-old woman in Dailekh district died from a serpent bite after she was forced to sleep in a shed. In December, Roshani Tiruwa, 15, asphyxiated in a poorly ventilated mud-and-stone hut in Achham area after lighting a fire in an initiative to stay warm.

Under the legislation, presented as component of a costs focused on improving the safety and security of females in Nepal, any individual implementing the custom-made will certainly encounter a three-month prison sentence and also a fine of 3,000 Nepalese rupees." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Maytha Alhassen.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Maytha Alhassen.


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  1. Posted by TYT IS PROPAGANDA, at Reply

    WTF in 2017, Cenk Uygur still denies the Armenian Genocide!!!

    • Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

      TYT IS PROPAGANDA *Ooff coouurrssee!*

    • Posted by John Torres, at Reply

      TYT IS PROPAGANDA the TYT Reich!

  2. Posted by TexasChainsawWitchcraft, at Reply

    WTF!? Right wingers still deny the holocaust!

    • Posted by Jace Solomon, at Reply

      Eddie Smith the percentage is actually close to 20%. Right wingers are bigots.

    • Posted by GingerManGottaWreck, at Reply

      Jace Solomon I think the argument is that the Russians exaggerated the death toll of Jews and their own people. I don’t believe they’re right, but it’s more complicated than straight up denial in most cases.

    • Posted by Keith DeMons, at Reply

      Even if it was 6 million(it wasn’t, and 1.2 million is a high estimate) that’s still only 10% of the total deaths.
      No one cares that millions of germans that were displaced and starved after ww2 but you sure do enjoy the advancements that those “nazi” scientists brought to the US, where they were given cushy lives by our government.
      By the way, a great deal of “work camp” deaths occurred after allied bombings of supply lines to said camps.
      I love this country, i wouldn’t rather live anywhere else but America isn’t the hero you think we are.

    • Posted by Master Joe Kerr, at Reply


  3. Posted by Ned Flanders, at Reply

    Stop acting like you Muslim lovers care about women.

    • Posted by tek2095, at Reply

      Stop acting like you guys care about the women as anything other than a shield for your own barbaric beliefs.

    • Posted by ArchitectOfSound01, at Reply

      David Beale – You know that muslims aren’t a race, right?

  4. Posted by Not Sure, at Reply

    *It’s horrible when anyone is mistreated, but the propaganda outlet TYT will criticize every culture except the way muslims treat women, which is barbaric in muslim dominated countries. WHY IS THAT?*

    • Posted by James Salvatore, at Reply

      Dude. If you are too uneducated to comprehend a debate entirely, bother seeing things from all angles and furthermore keep a broad perspective to understand whats going on… then please dont even bother arguing online. YOu look like an unintelligent kid raging because you saw a guy speak like a tolerant being towards an entire religion of people.
      In case you still dont get it due to mental incapabilities, I hate christianity, but people who believe it without forcing it on others, not harming anyone, just choosing to believe in an afterlife, are allowed to do so.
      What you read from that based on your comment is: I defend all of christianity.
      When in truth, I defended moderate behavior that is harmless.

      But yeah. People like you have issue seeing the bigger picture because nitpicking is practically mandatory due to how low your levels of comprehension are, let alone how driven by bias and ethnocentrism you can’t help yourself being.

      Please, educate yourself before opening your mouth.

    • Posted by tek2095, at Reply

      +michaelal20 Just because it doesn’t fit your narrative doesn’t mean it never happened, sorry.

    • Posted by vampireguy92 Ryan, at Reply

      the key word you need is extremist Muslim countries to which there is our buddy Saudi Arabia. turkey doesn’t have this problem, Yemen doesn’t either, nor does plenty of other Muslim majority countries. in fact there are more christian nations that hold more violence against women…..TL;DR religion has nothing to do with it its just assholes

    • Posted by Dumb Cunt, at Reply

      I was watching it.
      Then I watched the 10,000 videos of Cenk making apologist statements for Islam.

  5. Posted by Raiku Anime II, at Reply

    Muslim women are. The ones you cucks always apologize for.

    • Posted by John Myers, at Reply

      GingerManGottaWreck great way to generalize, never knew you were the spokesperson for all Muslims, my Muslim wife has never heard of you.

    • Posted by millionfish animation, at Reply

      The same could be said about Hindus judging by the amount of rapes commited in India, but I’m not a fuckwit who generalizes whole groups of people.

  6. Posted by abscondam, at Reply

    *Liberals live in such a big bubble that they are stunned non western cultures are backwards LMFAO*

    • Posted by hazel eyes, at Reply

      They are poor because there is no innovation, no progress and they uphold backward beliefs.

    • Posted by l156a21, at Reply

      abscondam I’m sure believing in ancient fairy tales, discriminating against people of different race, sex or culture, being against science and believing conspiracy horseshit is not backwards in any way now, is it?

    • Posted by Mister Mood, at Reply

      you never made an argument to counter. you made an opinionated statement, so did i.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      In Pakistan raping you boys is okay.
      In Asia eating dogs and tigers is ok.
      In Africa marrying young girls is okay.
      In India shitting in public is okay.
      In Islamic countries beating women for being rape victim s is okay.
      Some cultures are better than others, The West is the best.

    • Posted by l156a21, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad Yes, I’m sure the poor oh-so-innocent Western civilization has never oppressed anyone with their imperialism, no siree!

  7. Posted by mhamadac, at Reply

    Did you guys know, that in fact this exists in Christianity as well

    • Posted by abscondam, at Reply

      mhamadac nothing in there talks
      about exiling women. It’s just saying that you can be exposed to their blood, which is human waste, and is unclean. Not the same. Interesting none the less.

    • Posted by mhamadac, at Reply

      I agree with you. It doesn’t say that. But they use that passage to exile the women (i.e. because everything she touches, regardless if it”s touched by blood, just her physically touching anything becomes unclean)

      Hence they removed the women from the home,
      And it was a practice done in christianity for thousands of years.

      A very extreme understanding of the Bible
      But surprisingly very common, until the enlightenment

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      Leviticus 15: 19-33

    • Posted by John Myers, at Reply

      abscondam women aren’t allowed to talk in a church either and people with disfigurements aren’t allowed in the church either. Last one sucks for you.

  8. Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

    Seriously? This is the norm in backwards third world countries that TYT is forcing into Europe with mass immigration.

    • Posted by Brent Luder, at Reply

      First lady Princest Ivanka this story was about the government of another country?.. You just go through YouTube comment section hating on Trump? Do something about it other than hating gays and spreading rape culture

    • Posted by Mandy Christensen, at Reply

      The Fruitcake clearly the majority don’t see it as the norm anymore, since it’s been outlawed for over a decade… but whatever. Make your dumb arguments.

    • Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

      +Dachusblot TYT has advocated for mass refugees while downplaying the negative social, economic and criminal side effects. I’m referring to backwards cultures that don’t belong in the first world. Also I don’t care about the bible but I care about cultures clashing over societal differences.

  9. Posted by Dante the Infidel, at Reply

    M U S L I M S

    • Posted by Danksmoke Bong, at Reply

      sorry but Muslims, are a RELIGION not a Race….. To think that they are a race is well, racist.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Home-schooled contard.

    • Posted by noahj 457, at Reply

      Dante the Infidel Islam does not support this act and neither does the Quran itself but the Bible does support this act read Leviticus 19

  10. Posted by Myia Christine, at Reply

    I wish Cenk didn’t derail nearly every topic like this to talk about himself and the fact that he doesn’t believe in any religion. How many times does he have to say it? We get it.

    • Posted by David Gutowski, at Reply

      Awww does that trigger you snowflake?

  11. Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

    Feminists: *silence*

    • Posted by Ana, at Reply

      Where did that come from?There ARE Women’s rights groups in Nepal – specifically targeting practices like this., But they face a lot of opposition – especially when LABELLED a feminists… in that context the word ‘feminist’ has become a dirty word that implies a woman is ‘anti-tradition’ and ‘loose’, and that makes it really hard for them to fight against backward practices like this. In other words – sometimes being ‘anti-feminist’ can actually halt important progress for women… so maybe you had better check yourself and ask yourself if comments like that hurt or help women who need it, or is the issue that you don’t want to help women who face oppression?

    • Posted by PEEKABOO !!, at Reply

      Feminist including TYT are curiously quiet about 17 ‘Abduls’ on trial for raping/grooming of 278 young white girls in Newcastle UK. But they somehow find the misery of women in couple of village in extremely rural Nepal.

  12. Posted by jaspersureshot, at Reply

    Anyone who believes in a magical all powerful man in the sky who watches and judges everything you do is clearly is delusional and needs some mental help.

    • Posted by Michael Woodard, at Reply

      jaspersureshot said the man with little life experience, and no soul!

  13. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    bitchy Ana has decided to behave like she’s on her period all the time

    • Posted by justagirlsd 007, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger gfy

    • Posted by Blue Eyed, at Reply

      I think it’s a case of very early menopause…

    • Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

      Sell Out Ana works for an organization named after those that genocide her own people, she hates her own people so much she had her nose mutilated in hopes of looking the White beauty standard, what a horrible person.

  14. Posted by n3Cr0ManCeD, at Reply

    Tradition for the sake of tradition is mental illness.

    Treating women as second class citizens and treating them as dirty while menstruating is the sign of a weak man. And no I am not female. I am the father of 3 daughters. Treating anyone this way is repugnant.

    • Posted by flashpeter625, at Reply

      Then please teach your daughters not to treat unattractive men this way, because vast majority of millennial women were raised to treat them just like that, and to enjoy “getting rid of the uggos”.

    • Posted by Ted, Just Admit It, at Reply

      Right on. Thank you. We need more men like you. šŸ™‚

    • Posted by utube, at Reply

      flashpeter625 …..and whats your opinion on unattractive women?

    • Posted by flashpeter625, at Reply

      +utube I have no preconceptions about individuals. In general, my personal experience is that uattractive women tend not to be as vulgar and hostile as the attractive ones, I guess they are just conditioned not to be as vocal about it. But they still treat unattractive men like crap. This is obviously because there’s more males than females in every age group from birth up until about 50 years of age, and thus even the least attractive women usually can live normal lives within the society, having friends and relationships, and never get the taste of the insane ostracization the “redundant” men have to face. Starting with the first generation that had access to social media in their puberty, all women have synchronised and narrowed down their standards of what constitutes a man too unattractive (as opposed to men whose strandards of attractivity have been diversified and broadened by the new outlets), and thus all of them now ostracise the same men.

    • Posted by xXRockXLobsterXx, at Reply

      Kinda like circumcision…

  15. Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

    Wow I can’t believe it’s the current year and this still happens.

    • Posted by Sweggin Beggin, at Reply

      You would faint of you saw Islamic societies lol.

    • Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

      But its the current year.

  16. Posted by heythatsgangrelated, at Reply

    Wtf its 2017 and different countries operate differently than the us? WTF??? so crazy

    • Posted by Rick Rudimentary, at Reply


  17. Posted by mostliberal, at Reply


    • Posted by S Al Ameri, at Reply

      At least muslims don’t exile women during their periods. Plus muslim widows can marry while hindu widows can’t.

    • Posted by tmichael25, at Reply

      S Al Ameri muslim women need to have four witnesses if they are raped

    • Posted by waterandafter, at Reply

      Before America dragged korea into the 20th century, widows had to give their children up for adoption when they married a new man as the new man didn’t want his blood line ruined. Not sure if this changed in north korea though.

    • Posted by micky mccoy, at Reply

      Can Muslims insert a tampon? Isn’t that adultery?

  18. Posted by MajorThudly, at Reply

    TYT doesn’t explain in detail:
    In parts of nepal and india people still live in huts in the jungle. when a woman menstruates tigers will pick up on the smell and get EXTREMELY aggressive and will hang around the area and stalk the woman trying to EAT her. Therefore in these areas where they dont have proper housing the woman needs to stay safe. NOTHING TO DO WITH HINDUISM. Also only tribal people do this if they live in the jungle. Out of 1 billion hindus only the tribal shut off people do this. 0.000001%. TIGERS ARE HUGE AND EXTREMELY POWEREFUL. can kill an entire family. Its not done because of superstition or because they hate women.

    • Posted by Zach Duncan, at Reply

      They state that it’s only being done in a remote region by a minority of Hindus that live there. Also, so women should be sacrificed to tigers then to protect the family? I assume the rest of the family is probably in the residence they occupy where it’s actually safe from tigers.

    • Posted by MajorThudly, at Reply

      They say its a ‘Hindu custom’ in the comments and in the video they link it to Hindusim. Once again, I am not talking about the practice, that is up to them how they deal with the situation BUT ITS NOT ANYTHING TO DO WITH HINDUISM. I also live just outside the jungle. Thankfully my family are well off and live in a house but TWO of my pet dogs and one cat has been killed by jaguars/tigers. A man five minutes away had his face eaten off while he was sleeping outside and killed himself because he was disfigured for life. THIS IS NOT THE WEST SO KEEP YOUR NOSE AND PREJUDICES TO YOURSELF AS IT IS A DIFFERENT SCENARIO HERE. this is a real threat for us

    • Posted by MajorThudly, at Reply

      btw no one i know does this. they are just cherry picking and acting like everyone does this

  19. Posted by Faolan Van Garrett, at Reply

    *WHITE RACISTS defaming other cultures when they themselves don’t even have any culture & live in countries which are imperialistic, warmongering & full of free market greed! But muh white genocide! But muh confederate statues!*

    • Posted by Russell Subedi, at Reply

      Don’t pretend that you know the states of people living in Nepal and about their culture. At least these “White Racists” did some research before making a video about it. Why don’t you do the same before writing a comment in bold?

    • Posted by Kevin Jesse Pearce, at Reply

      YEs, only the whites do that. Despite literally every single white country being a first world country with higher living standards and human rights. Despite it only being in the cesspits of Africa and the Mid-East that you even find this type of degeneracy, which, spoiler alert, are not white countries.

    • Posted by Mister Mood, at Reply

      *literally every single white country being a first world country*

      lol moldava croatia and russia aren’t first

  20. Posted by Imasillylady, at Reply

    It’s not that pork has poison it’s because they’re scavengers. They are the garbage cans of the earth and unless you cook them really well there are larvae that live inside of pork and hatch inside of human muscle.Trichinosis. It’s not just Islam that believe pork is bad to eat. It’s Jewish and Christian beliefs as well.

    • Posted by Good Wolf, at Reply

      You are right about trichinosis. That said, it is found in other meat sources that humans have been known to consume. Also since the late 1800s/early 1900s we have known how to kill it to safely consume pork (i.e. cook it thoroughly). I get it, it takes a long time for tradition to catch up with science…

    • Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

      Imasillylady, I think the “poison” Cenk was referring to was Salmonella, which isn’t technically a poison but is wrapped up in the phrase “salmonella poisoning”. Plus two thousand years ago they knew nothing of salmonella, they just linked the eating of pork with untimely death following an “illness”, and so logically decided to ban eating pork.

      Both chickens and pigs naturally scavenge for food because they can’t really hunt or grow arable crops, that only leaves scavenging. Regardless of what humans decide to feed them on.

    • Posted by Mulloway Man, at Reply

      InfectedByEli correct my friend

    • Posted by Imasillylady, at Reply

      InfectedByEli but there are schools of thought of clean and unclean meat. There are scavengers created purposefully to clean the earth. Many religions say not to eat these animals. Chickens are not unclean. Pork on the other hand are advised not to be eaten in the Bible and and other religions. Eating leaves, insects, and bugs are one thing. Eating actual trash is another. Go to a farm that raises pigs. It’s not that they scavenge the grass of the field. They eat literal trash. It’s the same thing behind not eating seafood that doesn’t have fins or scales. It’s proven science that less pork is better for your health. You’re eating garbage second hand. Whose healthier? Those who eat more pork or less pork?