You Guys Are Amazing! Empirical Evidence that TYT Audience is the Best! | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

You Guys Are Amazing! Empirical Evidence that TYT Audience is the Best!


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  1. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    “Thank you, you gullible fucks, for filling my greasy pockets!” -Cenk 2017

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      +Akmal Ibrahim true. I want tyt to hire rachel dolezal !

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      +Barry Nichols lol nonsense.

    • Posted by Haseeb Gatsby, at Reply

      quaxk Get a life!

    • Posted by Victor Thomas, at Reply

      quaxk So I guess when we line his pockets, we somehow get free journalists and analysts…huh….

  2. Posted by Francesca, at Reply

    Was waiting for this post !! YESSSSSSSSSS. #TOOSTRONG

    • Posted by John Staymos, at Reply

      Democrats are a disgrace and tyt are supported by Saudi Arabia who are one of the most racist misogynistic countries on the planet

    • Posted by M A, at Reply

      John Staymos Too bad you can’t make money for being stupid…you wouldn’t​ just be filthy but filthy rich.

  3. Posted by PaperMario N64, at Reply

    Trump’s youtube literally just put up a propaganda video about how great his 100 days were, it got disliked like crazy, and they took it down. Lol.

    Edit: Re-uploaded now to try to fix the dislike ratio hahaha.

    • Posted by AlphaMikeOmega, at Reply

      ObsQ8_58V3Q <--for anyone who wants to send their "love".

    • Posted by Chris Smith, at Reply

      PaperMario N64 you do realize that tyt video as a whole, are more dis liked than virtually any other YouTube channel right?

  4. Posted by Paul Lavender, at Reply

    Hire Krystal Ball!

    • Posted by Ivy Duchesneau, at Reply

      VampireKing what does intellect have with being on the #1 show on YouTube. that just won a webby.

    • Posted by John Hillman, at Reply

      He is blaming the listener for his questionable hires.

    • Posted by John Hillman, at Reply

      Krystal could be a commentator. Replace all of pop trigger.

  5. Posted by Alexander Schmidt, at Reply

    Ur the best Cenk

    • Posted by OmegaKent, at Reply

      John X Don’t give me that. Your mom is 10x worse.

  6. Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

    I LOVE SHAUN KANG ! Where is Shaun Kang ????

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      +H so asking where Shaun kang is is now considered a waste of time? I have a genuine question.

    • Posted by Titansoftime, at Reply

      H Agreed, this dude is sadly pathetic. if your going to troll AT LEAST be funny.

    • Posted by 卍 MEIN KEK 卐, at Reply

      he’s kangz an shiet

  7. Posted by iDemandU90, at Reply

    Too strong!!

    • Posted by VampireKing, at Reply

      Only in your internet safe space. In reality, you’re all spineless, moronic weaklings.

    • Posted by Stardog32, at Reply

      iDemandU90 ‘spineless, moronic weaklings’ ironically such a weak, utterly meaningless comment. ‘Too strong’ is a sign of support for a great organization, a show of love for the work TYT do. Why are you here?

    • Posted by Kano71, at Reply

      Strong and motivated to fix the world, starting with putting Trumpy where he belongs. LOCK HIM UP!

  8. Posted by Nancy Mesek, at Reply

    Watching from Europe and respect you work. Thank you!

    • Posted by Kano71, at Reply

      John staymos we are going after your fuhrer and we won’t stop until he is in prison lol. Then we are going to oppose everything people like you love. The progressives are growing rapidly, we are here to fix the world.

    • Posted by ddd ddd, at Reply

      actually you will not stop until the population and civilisation that you have infected is destroyed and replaced
      and the fact that you exist is the proof it needs to be done
      it is simple logic and that what you see is already happening

      ideology that destroys its host can’t be the future
      as well a population tainted with disloyalty can have a future

  9. Posted by Aaron Peloquin, at Reply

    Glad that we are getting some journalism that doesn’t come from a corporation. Diversity in journalism can only help everyone on both sides of the aisle.

    • Posted by Sejez, at Reply

      What about the Russia and Al Jazeera dollars, don’t they count?

    • Posted by Snape Nightmare, at Reply

      Aaron Peloquin hate to break it to you. Tyt is not a cooperative run by the workers. It’s just another faceless corporation backed by investors like Buddy Roemer. Oldest trick in the book by fooling people they are fighting against the system when they are literally dictatorships run by the top.

    • Posted by Andy Fruth, at Reply

      Snape Nightmare which is exactly what ALL right-wing “news” is

  10. Posted by Katie Johnson, at Reply

    We luv ya all too.

    • Posted by Bücherregal Domi, at Reply

      you are really beautiful! but i don’t mean in it in a sexual way because i know nothing can happen between us, so that’s not the intention, i just really thought you are pretty xD

    • Posted by Katie Johnson, at Reply

      Bücherregal Domi Thanks! 🤗

  11. Posted by knocon, at Reply

    So many paid trolls/basement dwellers in the comment section.

    • Posted by Titansoftime, at Reply

      +Chunk Oooger Sad. Baby.

    • Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

      where is wigger Shaun King they hired with your chump money? Genk won’t explain what happened to him

    • Posted by monkeygraborange, at Reply

      Shaun? You mean *TALCUM* *X!*

  12. Posted by dipojones, at Reply

    Even the trolls are amazing ?

    • Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply

      Gotta thank them trolls for the number of views, so yeah😁

  13. Posted by Seamus Callaghan, at Reply

    The trolls are out tonight…

    • Posted by AmethystEyes, at Reply

      Seamus Callaghan they left from underneath the bridges to troll through the streets of YouTube. Lol

  14. Posted by Courtney Durham, at Reply

    OMG the troll hater comments on this video are hilarious. You bitter? You scared? Yes on both counts. I can’t wait for the investigative news stories to come rolling out. With all these new reporters on staff, TYT will be able to expose corruption like never before. I checked my ActBlue receipts summary, I gave a total of $194 over the last 100 days to this campaign. Worth every penny.

    • Posted by jungle305, at Reply

      thank you for watching tyt and for spreading the popularity of the channel among your foolish friends. please tell that to your alt right trolls and help the cause. thank you again and you are welcome to watch tyt 24/7.

    • Posted by Sejez, at Reply

      Someone has too keep the circus/zoo going, glad to be of help 🙂

    • Posted by L B, at Reply

      Don’t worry about the trolls. They are a mix of petulant children who are unable to process the serious issues and so they come with dumb comments, and mainstream media shills who are looking to cause unrest in the comments section among several independent media outlets, TYT being a main target.

    • Posted by Phish N' Chimps, at Reply

      Armenian Genocide

  15. Posted by worldgate989, at Reply

    TYT is why trump got elected.

    • Posted by John Staymos, at Reply

      Regressive is definitely the right word for these liberal retards

    • Posted by Titansoftime, at Reply


    • Posted by Kedi Stars, at Reply

      worldgate989 thanks for giving them more views right now!!

    • Posted by NaturallyNathalie2, at Reply

      your a idiot

  16. Posted by CarlRyds, at Reply

    I’m British and I even donated because they do great work that not only helps America but the whole world to understand what’s really going on.

    • Posted by BlackHateMatrix, at Reply

      +CR I’m from UK and also donated as well for the same reason … Keep it up TYT

  17. Posted by Akmal Ibrahim, at Reply

    The trolls are really coming in hard on this video. That’s a great achievement right there, TYT.

    • Posted by NaturallyNathalie2, at Reply

      Russian, and other assorted foreign troll bots.

    • Posted by Omar Omokhodion, at Reply

      >Seen VampireKing comment three times.
      >All three times he has one thumbs up.
      >Guy thumbs up his own comments.

    • Posted by NaturallyNathalie2, at Reply

      Vampire King, Wow! you’re re really clever catching on to gender binaries.

    • Posted by Spaxx1001, at Reply

      VampireKing clearly whacks it to cartoon characters. Sad!

  18. Posted by Dreikoo, at Reply

    TyT audience has hired more people than trump.

    • Posted by AmethystEyes, at Reply

      Dreikoo and actually paid them for their work.

  19. Posted by Carson k, at Reply

    I wish I could watch tyt but you guys are way too sjw