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You’ll Never Guess What Grade Trump Gives Himself On Foreign Policy…


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… unless you have actually ever before heard him talk for oh, state … thirty secs. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us exactly what you assume in the remark section listed below.

" Meanwhile, Trump claims he's been "obtaining great marks in diplomacy" so far.

" People would certainly not think of me because light," he told Time. "I'm just claiming, and also you review the very same things I read. I'm getting A's and also A+ s on diplomacy. And nobody thought of it."" *.

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  1. Posted by Magnumanxl, at Reply

    #MAGA (Morons Are Governing America)

    • Posted by Alfred Hollis, at Reply

      Magnumanxl I feel like that statement has been true since uhhhh, forever.

    • Posted by Angel Rojo, at Reply

      +Magnumanxl That’s friggin awesome, Bro! Well Done!! Well Done!! I hope you don’t mind if I use it.

    • Posted by Batfleck Forever, at Reply

      Magnumanxl Love it! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  2. Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

    If Trump was getting a report card, everything would be marked with F.

    • Posted by Steven Anchundia, at Reply

      No it an F- – –

    • Posted by Philly Irish, at Reply

      What would you give Obama?

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      Philly Irish Who?

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      RandomRobin actually he’d be put in the “special” class for “special” people lol

    • Posted by Mathias B., at Reply

      Trump “I dont deserve a F”

      Me “Yes butย I can’t give you a worse one”

  3. Posted by Trump The Fraud, at Reply

    I love how I played all my brainwashed supporters, they believe everything I say! I love my brainwashed trump supporters!

    • Posted by Elf Grzia, at Reply

      Trump The Fraud you created a new cult trumpanzees is the bew thing

    • Posted by Boy Blue, at Reply

      I’m surprised none of his supporters commented: “yes sir Mr. President we’re easily fooled…wait something seems different about you”

    • Posted by Sean Afsar, at Reply

      Boy Blue Rofl. Trump supporters were expecting to hear a great piece like Mozart’s or Vivaldi instead they got Rick rolled !!!

    • Posted by nafaidni, at Reply

      Ned Flanders “Islam loving commies” LOL

  4. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    Trump spews so much bullshit it’s a wonder DC hasn’t died from the stench!

    • Posted by BloodMoneyLLC, at Reply

      You could use it as fertilizer, except some of it might be so toxic that nothing can grow in it.

  5. Posted by Cyber Billy, at Reply

    That would be a Trump university A+

    • Posted by Sean Afsar, at Reply

      Tristan bar Avraham rofl
      Trump supporters were expecting to hear a great piece like Mozart’s or Vivaldi instead they got Rick rolled !!!

    • Posted by Tristan bar Avraham, at Reply

      Sean Afsar ha ha ha! No kidding. I am still in a daze. They managed to nominate the only person in the country who could make me vote for Hillary and now **gasp** I may actually end up on Rosie O’Donnell’s side! I’m so glad I quit drinking 17 years ago.

    • Posted by Tristan bar Avraham, at Reply

      But but he only started out with a measly 10 mil, right? I mean I inherited a 78 Cordoba with a bad transmission so I can only hold my head in shame over squandering that fortune. I must admire all the money he made. Heck, if he would of just put them in CDs and never declared bankruptcy 4 times he’d be worth … uh … well anyhow, he wouldn’t be prez.

    • Posted by BNNTV, at Reply

      Cyber Billy
      Yeah but only if you give him $25,000…๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Posted by Elpresador's Race Card, at Reply

    Spoder man is a degenerate cuck

    • Posted by Elpresador's Race Card, at Reply

      chris dee SAD

    • Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

      Elpresador’s Race Card lmao this is true

    • Posted by Long duk dong, at Reply

      May or may not be a cuck, but he certainly is a pathetic no life loser who clearly has nothing better to do than troll TYT day and night. Sad.

    • Posted by Elpresador's Race Card, at Reply

      Thomas MacKelly he is a sad soul

    • Posted by IheartChiroptera, at Reply

      Spoder Man, you make my heart sing
      You make EVERYTHING… groovy, Spoder Man
      Spoder Man, I think I love you
      But I wanna know for sure…
      Come on, and hold me TIGHT
      I love you.
      (screaming guitar solo)

  7. Posted by CapitalFProductions, at Reply

    Him giving himself an A is the most predictable thing ever. You’d really expect him to get reflective and honest?

    • Posted by Vanessthebest, at Reply

      + Listenbuddy1 – Loser Trump humper still can’t provide evidence that Trump can read.

    • Posted by Septimus - Prime, at Reply

      I don’t know much about that, but prepare to lose more with Trumpcare, your prices are gonna go skyhigh.

  8. Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

    I know we all laugh but Trump is deeply and severely mentally disturbed. Deranged and very dangerous. The Republican self anointed Jesus party are in dire straights. It’ll be decades before they have any chance to rebuild. It’s over RepubliDICKS. OVER.

    • Posted by wiseass 5000, at Reply

      +Jack Hirschlerโ€‹ anybody who follows a political party is a Fool.

    • Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

      +clariola Poor thing. Come back it’s not worth it. Lol

    • Posted by Elpresador's Race Card, at Reply

      sun dial You sound super angry man

    • Posted by pvztv, at Reply

      Elpresador’s Race Card on hey you watch elpresador? I thought this would be the last place an elpresador fan would be lmao.

  9. Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

    A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    • Posted by Alex Cuellar, at Reply

      Long duk dong you’re a war criminal

    • Posted by Long duk dong, at Reply

      Nice reply bud. Very well thought out.

    • Posted by Murph Reed, at Reply

      Anthony Rock you will suffer the same fate as Kennedy. President has no influence over the military industrial complex.

  10. Posted by Sir Gerbil Macintosh, at Reply

    To be fair when he dropped some bombs, which apparently wasn’t even his decision actually, he did get a positive response, because we’re Americans I guess. It’s what we do We like the bombs, and i’m a gerbil.

    • Posted by Agent Washington, at Reply

      Sir Gerbil Macintosh, you’re pretty goddamn smart for a gerbil

    • Posted by Izz Venegas, at Reply

      Agent Washington all gerbils are smart

  11. Posted by Unknown Prodigy, at Reply

    The scary thing, is TRUMP CANT LEARN ANYMORE. Literally. His mind is addled. It was damaged to begin with… but now he has beginning stage Alzheimer’s. And he CANT LEARN. He cant process new information, and is literally incapable of changing his behavior.

    • Posted by xXOpticBeefXx, at Reply

      you got a point there. thanks for the feedback.

    • Posted by h g, at Reply

      Unknown Prodigy. Remember, America first.

    • Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

      which pretty much describes his supporters – they have severe cognitive dissonance and a number of them are just barking insane rotted out with conspiracy theories.

    • Posted by TrumpU Gradguate, at Reply

      Trump’s supporters (traitors to America) are just as dumb as he is, too. But their problem isn’t dementia, it’s propaganda and willful ignorance.

    • Posted by Martin Speed, at Reply

      +TrumpU Gradguate Don’t hit his supporters with terms like “willful ignorance.” You’ll panic them into believing they’ve got a pre-existing condition.

  12. Posted by Kayla Barker, at Reply

    it’s so weird to think people are still gonna support him

    • Posted by Elpresador's Race Card, at Reply

      That is how cucks behave

    • Posted by TrumpU Gradguate, at Reply

      Most still support him for the same reason they voted for him – they don’t really pay attention to details. The most effort they put into understanding politics is looking at a few facebook memes.

      On the other hand, his hardcore supporters are traitor racists and misogynists who want a white man dictator.

  13. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    Donald Trump can’t even spell foreign policy! he spells it fourin policie.

    • Posted by Vanessthebest, at Reply

      it would be both and if he is dyslexic then he should just come out and admit it.

  14. Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

    I give TYT a “D” for Dumb@$$ Democrats and F for F**king stupid.

    • Posted by Boobalopbop, at Reply

      Ray Fire So why do you watch their videos? Too much time on your hands?

  15. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Who’s grading his work? Professor Putin?

    • Posted by Sean Afsar, at Reply

      Hal Jordan rofl Putin and kisliyak

    • Posted by ArsynZ, at Reply

      Fret not! Betsy Devos is on the job!

    • Posted by Brian Nyole, at Reply

      Hal Jordan , Lmao.

    • Posted by fkujakedmyname, at Reply

      putin is an honorable man unlike cheetolini and hitlery rotten clinton KYS you saudi lover

    • Posted by 1958jac, at Reply

      Hal Jordan ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  16. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    *Lock him up and throw away the key!*

    • Posted by Fukk nwo, at Reply

      Alex da Vinci for?

    • Posted by Jordon West, at Reply

      It’s not our job to catch you up with facts and current events. Catch up son.

    • Posted by Alex Cuellar, at Reply

      Fukk nwo kill yourself

  17. Posted by Queen Queen, at Reply

    Run the bloody country and stop embarrassing your citizens with your self absorbed ego!

  18. Posted by Native Centre Idiomas, at Reply

    He even grades himself like he’s in school.

    • Posted by Stev MTS, at Reply

      I would think he would give himself a gold star as well. He likes gold.

    • Posted by TheLEGENDofTydo, at Reply

      I hate Trump as much as anyone, but I mean, to be fair a lot of things are graded using that scale.

  19. Posted by The Government, at Reply

    4:50 “unmanned” what type of missiles would even be “manned”?

    • Posted by James Alala, at Reply

      Nothing in the US arsenal, I think they meant that they were ship fired cruise missiles at long range instead of shorter range bvr weapons from manned aircraft like f/a-18’s. It would take several aircraft to fire that many missiles.

    • Posted by uberdude25, at Reply

      Asking if them missiles were unmanned is possibly the most stupid question I have ever heard in my life.

    • Posted by Rechenmaschine, at Reply

      Animal rights got out of hand, so using cats for tracking had to be discontinued. Now they use midgets.