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You’ve Heard Of Same-Sex Marriage, How About Same-PERSON Marriage?


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Self-love has currently taken an extreme turn. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, clarify sologamy. Tell us exactly what you think in the comment section listed below.

" PHILADELPHIA (CBS)– A "self-marriage" motion is expanding throughout the nation.

They become part of a growing partnership fad called sologamy.

Erika Anderson, a 37-year-old from Brooklyn, New York, planned a formal ceremony with a white gown, blossom bouqet, as well as walk down the aisle. Only, no one was waiting for her and that was simply the means she wanted it.

Anderson claims she wearied of individuals asking why she was still single, so before friends and family, she wed herself."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Jeremy Cheng, at Reply

    I bet Trump would have done this if he didn’t marry Melania.

    • Posted by ursaltydog, at Reply

      He married himself long before the women.. πŸ™‚

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      @just browsing no……trump can always cheat on himself if he wants to. he’s a billionaire and anyways i doubt himself would care if he cheated on himself. lol

    • Posted by 9lives lie-cat-lie, at Reply

      i disagree, no one cheat on the Donald trump not even Donald trump

  2. Posted by kitkat26, at Reply

    With the way my love life is going, this might be my solution πŸ˜’

    • Posted by atheist zealot, at Reply

      Honestly though, just keep searching outside the box. Maybe the area you’re in is a crap-hole. Many American woman nowadays are stuck-up, arrogant, demanding bitches that expect the men to be perfect while they are no where near perfect. I’m in a long-term relationship with a girl that is perfect for me. She is from a small town and didn’t grow up with the terrible influences that there are currently. Maybe you’re just looking in the wrong places…

    • Posted by TheHunkIsSprunk, at Reply

      atheist zealot

      It seems like you are describing women in general πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Nella J, at Reply

      πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― me too smh

    • Posted by Woke Minion, at Reply

      No shame. If the president could live with himself, you can too!

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      @atheist zealot the ones i know act like they want to be in a concubine. πŸ˜€

  3. Posted by Melony Harper, at Reply

    I wanna be supportive…. but I just can’t

    • Posted by Zahra Q, at Reply

      Hardly anyone is actually doing this for real. They’re only doing it because they know if they do something ridiculous, media companies will pay them for stories. It’s the same reason “reality TV” is a thing.

    • Posted by Sonny J, at Reply

      Melony Harper this is for women who passed the normal marriage age and they are anxious to go through the ceremony

  4. Posted by Colon Powell, at Reply

    Alright people, i’m gonna marry my right hand

    • Posted by AzuleΓ© IΓ±aki, at Reply

      Colon Powell
      I already did

    • Posted by gerard bain, at Reply

      Colon Powell If I did that my left hand would get jealous.

    • Posted by Jesse Cole, at Reply

      HAHAHAHAHA …that wasn’t funny.

  5. Posted by Prince of Somalia, at Reply

    Now all you forever alone losers have someone to marry.

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      With over 50% of marriages ending in divorce, i’m not so sure this is a social advance. Think of the Property Division problems?

    • Posted by Crystal_ignition, at Reply

      or not want to marry? you know AT ALL!!!
      its possible to have some fun without going through THAT
      if i dont want kids i dont have to!!
      i care so little about the post below that i edited this one…. i care so little i actually forgot what it said for a second

    • Posted by Humpty Dumpty, at Reply

      +Crystal_ignition You better have kids. I’ll find you.

    • Posted by Ina igaal, at Reply

      Lol. I never thought I will hear something like this in my life. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

    Natural Selection finds a way.

    • Posted by Austin Eggiman, at Reply

      Whytebio One of my newest favorite forms of natural selection, it used to be religous people rejecting blood transfusions.

    • Posted by nigling, at Reply

      Liberalism is a mental disorder

  7. Posted by Bobby Butler, at Reply

    This is dumb -.-

    • Posted by Dima S, at Reply

      not dumber than gay marriage

    • Posted by αšΎα›α›α›Ÿ αšΉα›αš·α›–α›’α›Ÿ αš αš±α›αšΉα›Ÿα›šα›ž, at Reply

      Dima S

    • Posted by Michelle Michelle, at Reply

      Bobby Butler Dumb is an understatement

    • Posted by Ailor Pewpew, at Reply

      capitalism at work. How to milk last penny from every loser we can find?

  8. Posted by Prince of Somalia, at Reply

    I was gonna propose to my right hand but it insisted it only wanted to remain friends

    • Posted by Premium fuel only, at Reply

      Well atleast divorce wont be an issue.

    • Posted by Heat Seeker, at Reply

      Prince of Somalia You have 2 top comments? Nice

    • Posted by Free Your Mind, at Reply

      Me too but mine was too busy.

    • Posted by Christian McNellie, at Reply

      What about your left hand?

    • Posted by IshtarNike, at Reply

      Christian McNellie IT IS OF THE DEVIL!!!

  9. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    isn’t that just another form of gay marriage?

    • Posted by злюка, at Reply

      Ever heard of genderbending Alinka? I could change my gender within a matter of seconds

    • Posted by 9lives lie-cat-lie, at Reply

      a first i would be great idea, like Rimmer (red dwarf bbc) living with himself. It would ending shouting and bitter tears. lol

  10. Posted by GreatAetherBoss, at Reply

    Pfft. I’m so ugly even I wouldn’t marry myself

    • Posted by Michelle Michelle, at Reply

      GreatAetherBoss Awwwww don’t say that

    • Posted by emily herrera, at Reply

      GreatAetherBoss I laughed out loud and now people are staring at me

    • Posted by Vaiva Vaicekauskaite, at Reply

      Story of my life!

    • Posted by aditsu, at Reply

      What, you proposed to yourself but you said no? :p

  11. Posted by Child of Persia, at Reply

    You know what else $200 buys you? Therapy

    • Posted by Farrah Hall, at Reply

      Child of Persia πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Posted by WWZenaDo, at Reply

      Hell yes. This whole self-indulgent spectacle yet again shifts the attention from developing the inner person (which is what it should be about) to shallow glitz, superficial appearances, & profit$$$$$$.

    • Posted by JAKtms, at Reply

      High end sex toy.

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      has anybody ever seen zoolander 2? lol

  12. Posted by Ro Ban, at Reply

    Cenk was having way too much fun with this story haha

    • Posted by LabTech, at Reply

      Cenk’s willingness to have fun with something is directly correlated to how little he understands it.Β  Thus, since he doesn’t understand this at all, he finds it hilarious, when in truth it’s amazingly sad.
      Just bear that little rule-of-thumb in mind when you watch him, and it’ll give you a great deal of understanding into what kind of a person he is.

    • Posted by Stephen S., at Reply

      Well, cenk is an idiot

  13. Posted by Jesse Simmons, at Reply

    I can’t marry my self cuz it would be a abusive relationship.

    • Posted by Jesse Simmons, at Reply

      If I was a female I wouldn’t even want to marry my male self.

    • Posted by Khaotic Twist, at Reply

      I’d beat myself daily. But I just keep coming back.

    • Posted by H. Ellis, at Reply

      Khaotic Twist πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Kitta12320, at Reply


  14. Posted by Kri S, at Reply

    Salty CONSERVATIVES be comparing this to gay marriage now lol! Get a life! Liberals are not responsible for this self marriage thingπŸ˜‚ we believe in science and reality unlike your fairy tales which are baseless lol

    • Posted by David Cedillo, at Reply

      Communism is superior is liberalism

    • Posted by Arthur Che, at Reply

      David Cedillo WTF?

    • Posted by Kri S, at Reply

      Scalpking47 you’re highly uneducated! Everyone has a right to live their life without hurting anyone else! Gay people don’t hurt anyone in the process! So if you think getting married is only having children then you’re again uneducated

  15. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    Same person marriage lol? Welcome to Trump’s America. Civilization falls as we devolve into a reality TV show.

    • Posted by Brendan Nicholas, at Reply

      I can’t believe people still actually take this dude’s comments seriously lol

    • Posted by Rock Johnson, at Reply

      Brendan Nicholas He’s joking but at the same time he’s not. Liberals do believe everything is Trump’s fault or a result of his presidency, even the stuff that’s been going on long before Trump took office.

  16. Posted by Generic Scout, at Reply

    makes as much sense as gay marriage

    • Posted by BadWebDiver, at Reply

      Peekaboo – you presume to know a lot about liberals behave without actually being one. How is that? Stereotypical much?

    • Posted by TheEnsakz, at Reply

      The general idea behind the marriage is to have kids. In homosexual marriage, you cant have a kid

    • Posted by Sweederland Johnson, at Reply

      TheEnsakz lol that is not true at all. Thank you for writing the dumbest thing I’ve read all day.

    • Posted by Arthur Che, at Reply

      TheEnsakz Marriage was created for property reasons not to create children, you imbecile. Plenty of people procreate outside of marriage and I bet you’ve had premarital sex so quit acting like you’re the holy one.

  17. Posted by imnotmike, at Reply

    The divorce is going to get ugly…

    • Posted by L Narcissus, at Reply

      imnotmike hahah

  18. Posted by Andrew Church, at Reply

    If I marry myself and have sex with other people, am I cheating on myself?

    • Posted by STORMY NATERO, at Reply


    • Posted by Tychoxi, at Reply

      Andrew Church I want my divorce!

    • Posted by lcyw20, at Reply

      What if you catch yourself seeing someone else?

    • Posted by Black Cat, at Reply

      yes and then you have to take half your money and possessions out to your back yard and set them on fire

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      only if your marriage to yourself wasn’t an open marriage. lol you would have to work that out with yourself though. lol

  19. Posted by faris omar, at Reply

    What Next ? Dildo Marriage

    • Posted by Kiki Boo, at Reply

      faris omar I know, right. These people you think they can’t get any weirder, then they surprise you.

    • Posted by tytyx4, at Reply

      faris omar A few months ago I read a story about a woman who is married to a tree. In the interview she did, she explained how she fell in love and how they (her and the tree) make love. She also said that she can look at other trees but she can’t touch them since that would be cheating ! I wonder which of the two is weirder!