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Zip Line Fails | Funny Fails Compilation


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HOLD ON! Check out these funny zip line falls short from AFV! Bear in mind to maintain those electronic cameras securely rolling!

Zip Line Fails|Funny Falls Short Compilation


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  1. Posted by Haylee Doyle, at Reply

    1st to comment

  2. Posted by Airil 1001, at Reply

    *Lucas zipline then do a backflip*
    Mom: “Good Job Lucas!”

  3. Posted by Steven Wright, at Reply

    I will never Zipline it looks embarrassing if you mess up

    • Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos, at Reply

      But hey – at least you get a hilarious video out of it!

    • Posted by Steven Wright, at Reply

      America’s Funniest Home Videos true I like watching people embarrass them selves though lol

  4. Posted by DCAV DB, at Reply

    Not bad

  5. Posted by Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH', at Reply

    “Jenna you just push his face into the ground” lmfao

  6. Posted by Gemini Enki, at Reply

    0:07 This is the reason why many Americans turn into “Winner-even-if-I’m-last” special little snowflakes.

  7. Posted by Doris freediving trials uncut, at Reply

    cool ! #GoogleThisHashtag

  8. Posted by stella 121, at Reply

    Let it go.
    Let IT GOOOO….Son… might as well have sung like ELSA

  9. Posted by Asma & Kara, at Reply

    At a little play ground in Seattle I fell on my tailbone on a mini zipline for kids