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Zsa Zsa Gabor: Keepin’ It 100 About Men And Marriage


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Zsa Zsa Gabor passed away this weekend at the age of 99. She lived a very long and full life. As an actress she did get some attention for her work but she also got a lot of attention for the number of marriage she had. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Zsa Zsa Gabor, who died Sunday at the age of 99, was arguably more famous for her many marriages and divorces than she was for her acting career. The wife of eight husbands (well, nine if you count the union that lasted only one day before it was annulled), Gabor unapologetically loved, lost and left throughout her lavish life.

“Every girl should be married at least once in her life. It’s a must,” Gabor wrote in her 1970 book, “How to Catch a Man, How to Keep a Man, How to Get Rid of a Man.”

Gabor would know. In her lifetime, she wed a Turkish diplomat, a hotelier, an English actor, a Mexican actor, a Beverly Hills investor, a Texas socialite, an inventor, a divorce lawyer and even the adopted son of German royalty, who finally gave Gabor the one title she seemed destined to have: princess.

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  1. Posted by gouki4563, at Reply

    Seem some men need a safe space since they got triggered by a title.

    • Posted by Philip Morris, at Reply

      in your vagina

    • Posted by Amanda Larsson, at Reply

      Philip Morris They got triggered by a title inside a vagina?
      You need to frase your jokes better.

    • Posted by Amanda Larsson, at Reply

      Philip Morris It would have worked if the comment was “Seem some men seed a
      safe space” But since the comment continues on you’d have to frase your
      comment like
      “they need a safe space in your vagina”.
      You had an opportunity but killed it on the execution

  2. Posted by Jacqueline, at Reply

    8 or 9 marriages is quite a lot, no shame, but it is unique. She grew up in
    a different era. Different world.

    • Posted by randomnobody playthrough, at Reply


  3. Posted by Aggiesgigem, at Reply

    3 ways to not be permanently impoverished:

    Graduate high school,
    Get a job and keep it long term,
    Don’t have kids until you’re married…

    • Posted by sadetwizelve, at Reply

      You need to see the opening to Idiocracy

    • Posted by Lady Catfish, at Reply

      ……and apparently, from this video, don’t marry.

    • Posted by KING AKOO, at Reply

      Aggiesgigem you mean dont get married thats how you $olve that

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      man that’s racist

    • Posted by bigraviolees, at Reply

      +Aggiesgigem ……..never get sick, never have anyone in your family
      get sick

  4. Posted by Dylan Armstrong, at Reply

    Why is this a story? An old person no one even knows or cares about died.
    Big whop.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      ^ ^ The description on your channel shows how delusional and void of irony
      you are.

    • Posted by Lady Catfish, at Reply

      Because of the multiple marriages and divorces thing.

      Ironically, indirectly advising men to “go MGTOW”.

      Ana better hope her husband doesn’t wisen up after seeing this video…

  5. Posted by Teddy McFail, at Reply


    • Posted by Sher Zorawar Singh (Zora), at Reply

      Melanoma – You proud of this 99 yr old skank who married and stole money ?
      Is that your dream as well ?

    • Posted by Rootin' Tootin' Putin, at Reply

      +Timothy Salmon Oh, his dad is post-op? Does that make Teddy’s dad his mom
      now or does Teddy just call him Mrs. Dad? Sorry for the confusion.

  6. Posted by chris toledo, at Reply

    I hate that when people talk about this subject no one ever mentions the
    fact that There are many animals who only have one partner and if that
    partner dies they won’t look for another partner, so I don’t think polygamy
    is necessary that natural thing

    • Posted by quityellingatus please, at Reply

      nature the rain will grow your food the rain will flood your home the wind
      will sound the chime the wind will tear your roof off we do what makes
      sense to us until it doesn’t make sense at all if somebody kills my friend
      I’ll hate them forever I don’t hate all people but if my friend got killed
      by a dog I might never want one it’s what we see in others understanding is
      the key to getting lost and we are all just getting lost trying to
      understand ….. does it make sense …. is it supposed to ?

    • Posted by Malaise, at Reply

      you’re completely right. MOnogamy is “natural” because it occurs in nature.
      WHat other definition do these retards need

    • Posted by klondike444, at Reply

      +chris toledo Different strikes for different species. Nature has infinite
      variety, including in mating behavior. Anyway, polygamy wasn’t mentioned.

    • Posted by Konstantin Krastev, at Reply

      Many animals, not a lot of monkeys tho. Which are far away ancestors of
      ours. The long term relationships pretty much never last because of sex.
      They last because of children, mutual interests and buisness. You become
      bests friends at some point.

  7. Posted by PIXI Ears, at Reply

    my family are trying to get me to get marry but they’re miserable married
    all they do is fight.
    so why should i follow in their footstep?

    • Posted by AussieGirl, at Reply

      PIXI Ears – Never let your family pressure you into a marriage that YOU are
      going to have live with and deal with the consequences of. You come across
      as some sort of ethnic and I know that ethnic parents can be very
      controlling and put a lot of pressure on making their kids marry just
      anyone just because it’s the thing to do. Don’t let them pressure you. The
      whole point of marriage is not for love or companionship, it’s for
      legalities. You are basically placing your life in the hands of the person
      you marry once you sign that legal document. NOONE has the right to
      pressure into this huge legal decision, not even your family.

    • Posted by 677htg hgbn, at Reply

      PIXI Ears MGTOW

    • Posted by Mickel Smickle, at Reply

      PIXI Ears because you can learn from there experiences and mistakes and be
      a better husband

  8. Posted by SirGooglinMort Smith, at Reply

    This woman sounds like a horrible human being and you act like shes

    • Posted by Nicholas Péti, at Reply

      She WAS awesome, she would let no one run over her, and always spoke her
      mind. She was magnificent in every way !!

    • Posted by SirGooglinMort Smith, at Reply

      +Nicholas Péti Nicholas go give your house away then if that’s what your
      into. I’ll be magnificent and take it from you if you like.

    • Posted by meeg_2005, at Reply

      +SirGooglinMort Smith .. I’m guessing nicolas is gay so no worries

    • Posted by monkeycan8, at Reply

      You mean like Trump?

  9. Posted by Victor Savo, at Reply

    She had a great European sense of humor.

    • Posted by fai365day, at Reply

      Victor Savo wish women had the same sense of humor and they expect me in
      the have

  10. Posted by insanic1, at Reply

    jew female being a jew female

  11. Posted by Barry Stamour, at Reply

    smart men do not get married or father children, in the US it is not worth
    the price you have to pay when the women gets board and leaves taking the
    kids, house, and part of your paycheck for years.

    • Posted by 677htg hgbn, at Reply

      Barry Stamour exactly, girls like ana throw that bullshit of “making you a
      better person so that we can grow” bahahahahahahah! Yeah remind her of that
      in family court and she’s trying to get your house and half your paycheck.
      Or what about the “get to know someone in a deeper way” bahahahahahahah
      girls are delusional man

    • Posted by kestrel archer, at Reply

      Barry Stamour glad more man beginning to realize this by now 🙂

  12. Posted by BraniusBalki, at Reply

    Ugh …. get that sound board outta there. Anna was funny.

  13. Posted by imnodog, at Reply

    I’ve tried being in an open relationship, my fun did not last long… My
    wife got tired of that quick, it was either her only or divorce. I do miss
    the chase and reward game, but I’ve found that I much more like being in a
    stable relationship, having someone who really does care about you is kind
    of what drives me to want more out of life on a day to day basis. Yeah, sex
    went back into being once a week (sometimes two), but it’s whatevs, I’ve
    lasted ten years ’till now, perhaps in a couple of years we’ll want to try
    that again…

    • Posted by Cis White Male with extra privilege, at Reply

      “PS. She does what to have sex, just not WITH YOU”

      Another liberal who is bitter they have had nothing but meaningless sex
      with several people who they never knew, and has attached their ego to the
      number of these meaningless encounters.

      This person sees another who is happy in a real relationship, and feels the
      need to lash out in anger. Misery loves company after all.

      Tell me, how accurate was I?

    • Posted by 677htg hgbn, at Reply

      Cis White Male with extra privilege get married friend, see how truly
      wonderful and magical women are lol, I’m not liberal, idiot

    • Posted by 677htg hgbn, at Reply

      Cis White Male with extra privilege tell me what does a male get out of
      marriage, if you convince me I’ll apologize

    • Posted by Cis White Male with extra privilege, at Reply

      Just don’t get legally married. I plan on getting married, but without
      signing any legal contracts.

      You get a meaningful relationship with another person, instead of worthless
      sluts who you don’t care about.

    • Posted by imnodog, at Reply

      +677htg hgbn the funny thing about your posts is that they’re all marked
      with plus 1’s, even the ones marked as spam, which means you’re probably
      doing that yourself. oh, how insecure are you?

  14. Posted by Tasin Al-Hassan, at Reply

    “Gabor” actually means “Cow dung” in my language- Bengali.

  15. Posted by fandaal, at Reply

    what a boring banality. It was all described 2000 years ago and before,
    read some greeks and latins.

  16. Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

    She was a great camp character. RIP

  17. Posted by remoney, at Reply

    She’s why I used to watch Match Game. Her wise cracks are legendary.

  18. Posted by Emmanuel Salgado, at Reply

    it’s called alimony, you turds.

  19. Posted by Michael A. Robson, at Reply

    … Ana is f’n cold…